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A Letter of a Restless Wife Who Betrayed Her Husband

Ubqari Magazine - June 2019

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I am tired of the circumstance as I beg for death from Allah. I am losing my passion as feeling of sins committed keeps me awakening in nights. My other husband is a flirty guy having illegitimate relations with other women. Now I am living a deprived life.

Tail of a Helpless Person

 Honorable Shaikh ul Wazaif, Assalam Alaikum! I am reading the Ubqari magazine since last year. I am living a helpless life. My name is J.R. I belong to Rawalpindi. I had a pleasant married life being mother of four and having a very caring husband. He would fulfill all desires of children.

Then Satan misguided me as I left the right path. I developed illicit relation out of wedlock. I started creating problems for my husband. I would keep conflicting with him and left the home. Then he would come to my mother’s home to woo me for the sake of our children. But after a few days, I would repeat the same practice. Situation turned worst as I demanded divorce. Eventually I parted my ways from that gentle guy by getting divorce. Then I lodged a legal case against my ex-husband for taking custody of my children which I had eventually won.

I was very happy those days. I informed my lover who was also very happy. Then I contracted marriage with him after completing my seclusion period (Iddat) and shifter in his house along with my four children. I was very happy that I fulfilled what I had wanted. Eight years gone.

A Tale of My Ruined Life

My children hate me. My elder son has passed matriculation exams and completed a diploma as well. He has sent his CV to several places bout could not find a job. Next son is addicted of drugs and alcohol. My third son is giving matriculation exams but he abuses me.

They guy for whom I ruined mine and my children’s life is financially well settled. He earns around two hundred thousand per month and runs many businesses for millions. But he rarely visits us since last five years. He visits after several months just to fulfill his specific desire. He gives me very little amount to spend which is not sufficient for us. I ask for money with him like baggers but he doesn’t have mercy on me.

I Pray for Death from Allah Almighty

I am tired of the circumstance as I beg for death from Allah. I am losing my passion as feeling of sins committed keeps me awakening in nights. My other husband is a flirty guy having illegitimate relations with other women. Now I am living a deprived life. My children are disobedient. Neither my husband nor my children pay me respect.

Now I offer Salat, cry during Salat Tahajjud to woo my Allah. Time once passed never comes back. I have learnt that my ex-husband has contracted another marriage and living a happy life but I am burning here. May! I had not ruined my Eden myself for the sake of money. I am facing the music of what wrong I had committed. May! My children escaped this torment.

I have a humble request with Ubqari readers. Your life partner might have some bad habits but please always keep an eye on his/her good habits. Today I feel like a fly who left a healthy body and sat on a dirty wound and defeated. (Name Hidden, Rawalpindi)

Hopefully Ubqari Readers will learn a Lesson:

Honorable Hakeem Sahib, Assalam Alaikum! I feel extreme pleasure while reading Ubqari magazine. This is not an ordinary magazine, instead it offers treatment against several diseases and comprises several prays. I pray to Allah Almighty to reward you more strength of serving the humanity. Amen.

I would like to share a true incident with Ubqari readers. I hope readers will learn a lesson. I was in factory. One day we were heading to offer Salat Jumua. My colleagues told me that they asked a foreman to offer Salat Jumua. The guy rudely replied as he had offered several Salat Jumua but got nothing (We seek refuge in Allah). He just said these words and received a call from his home informing him that his wife is sick and admitted into hospital. The foreman was surprised as he left his wife healthy when he resumed his duties after holidays last day. Our In charge recommended him to leave for home.

Your Wife Has Cancer!

When he reached back to his home he found that his wife was really sick and admitted into the hospital. He asked with doctor about the disease who told him that his wife has fallen in cancer and her chances of survival are very rare. Eventually his wife passed away with in two to three days. 

Be Witness! I Would Never Use These Words

After finishing funeral of his wife, the foreman admitted the dissenting words which he said on that day about Salat Jumua. He admitted that what he had faced with the result of those dissenting words. He sought repentance from Allah Almighty in front of people and made those people witness of this repentance that he would never use such words and never leave a Salat.

I therefore recommend all readers to always give preference Salat on your daily working. May Allah Almighty reward us will to offer Salat regularly and bless Hazrat Hakeem Sb, Amen. (Anwar Ali, Shour Kot)

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