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Announcement!!! New Packing with new Name while formulation, effectiveness and healing power is same like previous. Please recite "Ha Meem Layunsaroon" in large numbers for the protection and help of Hazrat Hakeem Sb, his generations, and Ubqari organization. Recite and spread. Important Change: Earlier, the Halqa e Kashaf ul Mahjoob (The Circle of Revelation of Veiled) used to held every month after Salat Maghrib. Now it has be rescheduled to morning soon after the spiritual glow of the Great Name of Allah, so that the travelers can go back to their homes conveniently.


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What can we send in the Letter to Editor Form?

Letter to editor form is only for sending your write ups for ubqari magazine, spiritual healers and your personal observations and experiences. Kindly do not use this form to contact Hazrat (db), sending Emails or messages for Hazrat (db) from Pakistan and abroad. No response is mailed to the sender for posting in this form. However, they are only sent to the concerned publications unit.

How can i get Ubqari Laboratories Medicine abroad?

We are sorry to inform you that we are unable to mail orders outside Pakistan at the moment due to Mailing Rules, as established for medicines, by the International and Local Customs. Mailing Books, outside Pakistan through Value Post (VP) is not available by the Pakistan Post as well.
You can have these products through a friend and family visiting Pakistan, carrying it for you in their personal baggage. Or they can call at our office numbers from 09:00 to 18:00 hours and have the medicine mailed to them through Value Post.

Can anyone practice the Aamal told in the Lecture on Peace and Spirituality?

All Aamaal e Shifa and faith healer (Wazaif) told in the Lecture on Peace and Spirituality of Hazrat (db) have open permission for anyone to practice them. However, those who have taken any special Aamaal for their unique circumstances shall practice the given Amal by Hazrat (db) as the primary Amal and give most priority to it, instead of adding another one and reducing the time and concentration for their primary Amal. They shall only add Musnoon Aamal E Nabwi such as Faraiz (Prayers, Zakat etc), Reciting Quran (as your daily routine), Sunnah, Musnoon prayers such as entering and leaving a washroom prayer etc., Rohani Ghusal, three sips of water after ablution (Wadhoo) and abstinence.

How shall we seek help from Allah Subhan O Wa Tallah and pray from him?

As said by Elders, “Prayer (DUA) isn’t a collection of words instead a collection of emotions and feelings”. Suffering creatures usually don’t have any special prayer (DUA) that provides them with an immediate relief from the Divine. It is their oppressed emotions and undivided resort towards Allah Subhan O WA Tallah as their only savior and relief provider that gets the “Divine Help” in action.

Do we need an Ism e Azaam (An absolute Quranic verse or name of Allah Subhan O Wa Tallah, that is known for an immediate relief)?

As said by the Sheikh (RA) of Hazrat (db) “whatever Amal (faith healer) I am giving to anyone is an Ism E Azam (An absolute Quranic verse or name of Allah Subhan O Wa Tallah, that is known for an immediate relief) for him, he shall just add (Yakeen E Azam) absolute trust in it”. Thus we shall all practice the Aamaal with absolute trust in them, as they all seek Allah Subhan O WA Tallah’s permission to make an effect in our lives. Thus all these Aamaal are just means to seek Allah’s decree in our favor.

I am practicing a Faith Healer’s (Aamaal) for so long now, but they don’t work?

And it is said by Hazrat (db) that when one start digging for a well (to seek water), he shall continue it for the full depth i.e. required to reach the water table. Instead if he loses hope in the middle and after a few meters abandons it and starts with another spot for the well, he would never reach the water, and would just have numerous gouges in the earth. Thus we shall all practice the primary Amal with full trust in it and don’t lose hope in the middle of it, instead go the full length and reap the bounties. If we would have numerous Aamal (similar to numerous dig sites) neither of them would result in the ultimate relief that we were supposed to get and then we would also lose hope (Naozo bil LLAH ) in Aamal E Nabwi  as well. Thus we should take one Spiritual Healer and practice it with full confidence and show Allah Subhan O Wa talah our effort and sacrifice. So that He decrees his benevolence in our favor.

Are the Articles and faith healer’s (Aamaal) by independent authors representing the opinion of the Ubqari Trust?

No, Ubqari Trust publishes these articles in a good faith for the benefit of the Ummah.

Our Spiritual Healers lose their effectiveness once we share them with anyone?

The person who feels for the pain and suffering of the creatures of the Allah subhan o wa talah. And shares his personal beneficial acts with them, so that they also earn the benefit through it. Such a person would never be adandoned by the Creator. He who thinks and makes an effort to improve the world and hereafter of the humanity is highly regarded in the distinguished Court of Allah subhan o wa talah. And his acts wont lose their effectiveness and he would continue to enjoy the bounties through them. insha Allah

Can we recite the Spiritual Healers in any state?

You can recite Two Priceless Treasures No. 2 in any state. However, any Verse or part of the Noble Quran can not be read when one is in need of Wudhu (Ablution) or a Bath (Ghusal).

How do we practice the Two Priceless Treasures & Surah Kausar Spiritual Healer?

The practices for the Two Priceless Treasures and the Surah Kausar Healer are given in their booklets.

We need a spiritual healer from Hazrat (db)?

Hazrat (db) suggest spiritual healers to everyone based upon their unique circumstances, thus it is necessary that you mail your letter to hazrat (db) with your complete details and situation for receiving a spiritual healer. In the meanwhile, you can benefit from the general spiritual healers that are discussed in the talk on peace and spirituality in the audios section or the spiritual healers section. Kindly do not use the letter to editor form and the feedback form for sending emails and messages for Hazrat(db).

Dont feel like praying, practicing Masnoon Aamaal, and Zikar (repeating prayer)

One should talk to himself regularly. you can get rid of several illnesses and failures in your life through it. One can conquer laziness in the his religious duties and prayers. Our Sheikh Hazrat Syed Mohammad Abdullah Hajveri (RA) used to recommend to his devot to talk to themselves alone for an hour and to some, for the whole day, and to someone in the dark. This heart and soul wont agree to you on the life on piety and religion you would need to make it. Even the companions of the Prophet (SAW) used to talk to themselves and make their hearts and souls acceed to their life on piety and religion.



Why Appointments are not available earlier?

Hazrat (db) meets over a hundred physical & spiritual visitors from Monday to Thursday by prior appointment. Hazrat (db) charge neither expects any fees or Hadaya from spiritual visitors. Hazrat (db) is an Editor of Monthly Magazine (Ubqari), that is being published in print and online as well, he is an author of more than 170 books. At the same time he delivers a Lecture on Peace and Spirituality every Thursday night from Maghrib till Isha followed by Zikr and Dua at the Tasbeeh Khana for reviving the Islamic spirit in the hearts of Ummah. Hazrat (db) is continuously working on several books in the field of Sunnah, Amaal e Nabwi, and drawing closer to Allah Subhan O Wa Tallah. Hazrat (db) visits far cities of Pakistan to deliver lectures on Peace and Spirituality as a share of his Fikr E Rasool (SAW) i.e. to make an effort for the benefit of Ummah for their world and hereafter as well.

Why can’t we meet Hazrat (db) without an appointment?

Appointments for visitors were started to provide visitors from far places of Pakistan an equal opportunity to meet Hazrat (db) and discuss their physical and spiritual matters without waiting for long hours. Unlike before the visitors from Lahore, Pakistan used to take all appointments on arrival and visitors from far cities had to wait for long hours for their appointments.

Hazrat (db)

Hazrat (db) 

When Online Books will be available?

Soon, an online books section is being placed on the ubqari website. You will be able to read, download and print the online books.

Ubqari Laboratories Medicine are expensive?

Medicines prepared at the Ubqari Laboratories consist of pure extracts and herbs. And in the present time of rising inflation it is very hard to provide the sufferring patients with the medicine that constitute their constituents in the proper and purest form. In order to continue producing the medicines the prices are the least possible.

Making a donation in Ubqari Trust

To make a donation in the Ubqari Trust Registered, contact our office. Kindly mention if your donation is a part of your Zakat (obligatory alms), Sadqa (Voluntary alms) or a gift. As each one of them have a separate distribution rule, specified in the Sharia (Law) of AnHazoor (SAW) The Prophet.


Be a Part of Ubqari Team

Numerous volunteers make an effort every day at ubqari, with their time, wealth and self. Those who would like to join our team in this great charity with their knowledge and skill, shall contact us. They can put in their share with their convenience.

What is discussed in the Lecture on Peace and Spirituality

It is unlike a literary discourse; instead it is focused on reviving the Islamic spirituality and Sunnah of AnHazoor (SAW) among the hearts of Ummah. Drawing us closer to Allah Subhan O Wa Tallah and enabling us to once again enjoy the endless bounties of His benevolence.
It is aimed to provide the suffering humanity with easy practical ways through Quran, Sunnah and Aamal e Nabwi of AnHazoor (SAW) to not only to step out of the present misery and despair and also to earn a better hereafter as well. It will give you a new ray of hope in the prevailing darkness of violence, unrest, stress, anxiety, hunger, demons, animosity, household conflicts and mental & physical torment.

What is discussed in the Talk on Kashaf ul Mahjoob?

Is a commentary by Hazrat Hakeem Mohammad Tariq Mahmood Chughtai (db) on the famous book Kashaf ul Mahjoob by Hazrat Ali Hajveri (RA). Hazrat (db) has been taught Kashaf ul Mahjoob by his Sheikh Hazrat Syed Mohammad Abdullah Hajveri Majzoob (RA).
Kashaf ul Mahjoob is known as a prerequisite for those who want to draw near to Allah Subhan O Wa Tallah. And would like to learn and tread on the path of Tasawuuf under the guidance of the Elders. Hazrat Ali Hajveri (RA) in Kashaf ul Mahjoob gave the true meaning of Sufism, the nature of divine love and the correction of the doctrines in Tasawuuf that prevailed and nonetheless are prevalent in the current times as well.
For those who would like to learn the true spirit of Tasawuuf and Sufism as established by the Elders, shall join us for this unique learning experience. Halqa Kashaf ul Mahjoob is being held once a month on Sundays from Maghrib till Isha (as per sunset in Lahore) at Tasbeeh Khana, Lahore, Pakistan. It is taught one chapter at a time.

How can we get discipleship from Hazrat (db)?

Discipleship (Bayet) is in essence repentance (Tooba), and a commitment going forward that one shall practice the Obligatory (Faraidh) and try for the life of  Prophet (PBUH) and abstain from sins (i.e. not to commit the acts that are prohibited by Allah Subhan O Wa Ta Allah).
And just like one needs a guide / instructor when starting an unseen journey similarly a spiritual mentor (or a Sheikh) is beneficial for the new life on religion. And when one takes discipleship (bayet) with some Sheikh he shall keep in touch with him to seek guidance on this new journey in which Satan and the circumstances would try to make him go astray.
Any one seeking bayet with Hazrat (db) shall join us for the weekly Talk on Peace & Spirituality by Hazrat (db) at Tasbeeh Khana (Ubqari Institute Complex), and he/ she will have an opportunity to for discipleship (bayet) after Salat ul Isha (Isha Prayer). Those who are unable to join us, can use the form below for discipleship. They will be emailed the Discipleship confirmation at the Email address provided. Later, keep in touch with Sheikh (db) through letters, giving their personal spiritual accounts on a monthly basis. And to continue the Aamaal told to them and listen to the weekly talks in person or Live at Ubqari Live Stream (www.ubqari.org)

Why the commentary on Kashaf ul Mahjoob is not avilable for download?

The commentary on Kashaf ul Mahjoob is an in-person session. And is not available for download as well.

Telling a lie to your Sheikh and sharing your spiritual accounts

One should only share his spiritual accounts and observations only with his Sheikh. If Allah subhan o wa talah has shown him secrets from his divine knowledge, then it is only a matter between him and the Creator. Thus, you should only share it with your sheikh. And there is a chance that if shared with someone else, Allah subhan o wa talah will take it back from you. And while telling your sheikh about it dont exaggerate it, only narrate what actually happened, you observed or have been granted. Anyone who tells a lie to his sheikh there is a grave chance that he would lose his piety and his heart would go astray. And his income would lose barkat or his generations would turn poor and dejected.