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Effective treatment of physical

Ubqari Magazine - April 2016

Physical Advice

For attention seeking issues, send reply back envelop with written address and the address should be prominent. If there isno reply back envelop than the query will not be answer. While writing, do not add extra  glue or tape and do not use staples, privacy will be ensured, write your name on one side of the page. Do mention name, city’s name and complete address in end of the writing.


Why she left me? I am narrating you my story that my wife has left me, It was our love marriage and for 16 years, she lived with me and now she got divorce from me and I am suffering from this worry. I want to do second marriage but I am very weak physically as I cannot cross 4 feet stairs, my breath becomes fast. Suggest me any inexpensive and simple remedy that I could get married again. I will pray for you all my life. (Ain,S)

Advice: Take one dried date, make pieces of 3 apricots and soak in milk, eat them empty stomach in morning and drink the milk. Use this remedy with consistency for some time and then get married happily.

My Issue:Respected hakeem Sahab, Assalamoalaikum! I am suffering from spermatohorea for a long time, kindly suggest me any effective remedy for this. Thanks. (Hidden)

Advice:Take Behroza dried, roasted chikpeas and pealed off. Grind them in equal weight and take with milk in morning and evening. It is the best remedy for your issue.

Enlarged Belly:

My issue is that after 2 normal and one deliver with operation, my body has become fat and belly has become enlarged. I have used green tea with lemon and cinnamon Qehwa but nothing gave me relief. I feel much hunger. Suggest me any prescription that could give me fast and easy relief. (K. B)

Advice: Take black seeds and Sana Maki in equal weight and make a powder and take three times in a day by making its Qehwa.

Need Treatment of Tumors:

Some friends invited me to read monthly Ubqari and I read in January 2013 and I become happy. My father is 78 years of age and he has tumors in different parts of his body, on back side of his head, one on his chest and 2 on leags. There is a rod in his foot finger which is also in bad condition. Kindly suggest treatment of these issues. (F, J)

Advice: you should get “Gilti Rasoli Course” from Monthly Ubqari office for your dad and take it to him for some time with consistency. InshAllah, you will get relief.

Cracking Knuckles:

I am 33 years of age and my knukles crack and there comes noise from joints. Kindly suggest any solution that could resolve this issue. (Muhammad Ilyas, Karachi)

Advice: Take Almomds, roasted Chickpeas and Kishmish in equal weight and take in spoon morning and evening with milk. Do take 8 full glasses of water in a day.

Urination on Bed:

Respected Hakeem Sahab! My neice is 4 years of age and she urinates on the bed. Tell any remedy for it. (Uzma Abdul Sattar, Sakkur)

Advice: You take sesmi seeds and Gurr in equal weight, grind them and make small Ladoo of and give her a ladoo at night to her with milk and make her sleep. These are very tasty and she will eat happily. Continue this regularly and she will stop urinating on bed.

Dried tangled hair:

My hairs are so dried and I have used different kinds of shampoos but nothing gives me relief. My hair is like dried grass. Suggest any solution for this. (Shakoor Ahmed, Chakwal)

Advice: often guys have such hair, you should stop using shampoos and instead of using shampoo, you should use a good soap and if you take a bath while sleeping than it is better and after bath massage hair with olive or coconut oil for 10 minutes. Try to keep the length of hair for 2 inches. Pure coconut oil makes hair very soft. Before taking bath, add little water in mustard oil and massage in your hair. Then take bath after half hour. All of these are tested remedies and practice this for some time with consistency.

Mucus issue:

I am 20 years of age and for last 4 years; there is mucus in my throat. Earlier, it was there only when I woke up but now for 2 years, it is there all day whether I wake up or take rest after meal. For 24 hours, the mucus is there and when I try to take it out than it does not come out. Only a few amount come out in morning. Due to this, my teeth are also not strong and moving. What should I do? My mouth stinks and due to which I stay silent, I am suffering from inferiority complex and I am far behind in every work. (N, SH)

Advice: You should use the following prescription and by using it for some time with consistancy, your mucus and mental weakness will go away. By using it, your teeth and gums will also become strong and there will be no stinking in your mouth. Huwalshafi: Maghaz Lamonds, Sonf, Khashkhash, Tarphala (Amla Baihra) and Hareer take in equal weight and grind them all and use with warm milk one spoon in morning and evening.



My Brain doesn’t work:

Readers! I am 26 years of age and one part of my brain doesn’t work, I got it checked from so many doctors and they say they have no treatment for this, they only give medicine and I am taking it for 4 years, I have weakness and forgetfulness I feel difficulty while talking and I fell down suddenly. I am much worry. Suggest me any prescription. (S, Lahore)

Advice: Your issue is very old and you should use these things for few months with consistancy. Almonds, roasted chickpeas and kishmish all in equal weight and grind them and take one spoon in morning and evening with warm milk.

Cough Flu and Cold:

My son is suffering from cough, flu and cold for 5 years and the mucus fells in throat and he cannot sleep all night. There is constant sneezing. I tried all treatments but nothing gave relief. (Sardar Ahmed, Peshawar)

Advice: You should give the following remedy to your son for some time with consistency InshAllah, after sometime; all of his issues will be resolved.

ھو الشافی: give one fourth tea spoon of Turmeric powder 2 times in a day with milk to the kid.


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