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At the time of difficulties and worries; the experienced wazifa

Ubqari Magazine - January 2016

Respected Hazrat Hakeem sahab, Aslam-o-alaikum! I have used a wazifa, whenever someone faces a difficult situation in any kind of place may it be at work or at home then use this wazifa to find a solution. I am giving this advice for the readers of Ubqari magazine. The wazifa is:
Every verse in the Quran with the prostration sign on it must be prostrated to, if a problem arises, in every para. The prostration verses (recites this dua in prostration and then pray). Every prostration verse must be recited while prostrating and after that you should pray. Allah Almighty loves it when you prostrate before Him. If you do not remember the verse then recite it from the Quran and then prostrate. To make things easier the prostration verse number and in which para and surah it is found in has been written below:
1. Para 9, surah Al A'raf, verse number 205 to 206
2. Para 13, surah Al Ra'd, verse number 14 to 15
3. Para 14, surah Nahl, verse number 49 to 50
4. Para 15, surah Bani Israel, verse number 108 to 109
5. Para 16, surah Maryam, verse number 57 to 58
6. Para 17, surah Hajj, verse number 17 to 18 
7. Para 19, surah Furqan, verse number 59 to 60
8. Para 19, surah Naml, verse number 25 to 26
9. Para 21, surah Al Sajdah, verse number 14 to 15 
10. Para 23, surah Sad, verse number 23 to 24
11. Para 24, surah Ha Mim Al Sajdah, verse number 37 to 38
12. Para 27, surah Najm, verse number 61 to 62 
13. Para 30, surah Inshiqaq, verse number 20 to 21
14. Para 30, surah Al 'Alaq, verse number 18 to 19

Besides this, at the time of difficulty, after praying the sunnats in Fajr namaz, recite surah Fatiha 41 times in such a way

that is to link the last letter of

with the first letter of م with ل When you recite the verse

then recite it three times and finish the surah. At least so this for seven days consistently. Inshallah Allah Almighty will help you. Difficulties and unhappiness will be erased.

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