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State of the Heart

Ubqari Magazine - November 2019

From the Pen of the Editor

State of the Heart

What I saw, Heard and Thought

Effect of Tone and Behavior on Health

A Harsh Tone is Unbearable

In the life of a human being, the tone is more effective than the words. Harsh words can perhaps be tolerated, but a harsh tone is unbearable. And this harsh tone makes the life of a human being so harsh and hard, ask this to the one whose heart has had to suffer from this. Even a small child understands the tone of a mother and understands the rise and fall of the words. For example, the mother sees that the child is being mischievous and the mother says with a specific tone that, “I am coming”. The child understands this coming of her and knows that what will happen when she arrives? Certainly he will be punished. If the same child is crying and he needs help or if he is finding something, then the mother says with a specific style, “I am coming.” The child understands this “I” and this is that “I” that is of help and assistance.


The Rise and Fall of Tones is Breaking Homes

Shouting, screaming, harshness, crudeness and the rise and fall of words is breaking homes. It is making lives difficult. And it is taking the society towards doom. We shall have to be careful in our behavior and tone. This lesson is for me first of all. I am in need of it at every moment of my life. Whether that behavior or attitude is with children, wife, parents, and neighbor or with the society, we shall have to be extremely careful. And this care is not about one day, we shall have to be careful continuously/ otherwise a time comes when the tone of a person becomes permanent. Then even if he/she wants to speak softly, he/she cannot do so. Even if he/she wants to adopt a soft behavior, he/she cannot do that. Then he says himself that I am helpless. Although he has become helpless, he was not helpless to begin with. Why did he become so harsh? Perhaps it was because of someone’s company, due to someone’s influence? For example, a person said to me that after coming to the Tasbih khana I realized that my tone is harsh. I asked: What is the reason for this? He said: My whole life, on a small mistake, my father scolded me a lot. And then he beat me a lot. I saw myself, my mother, my siblings being beaten my whole life. I heard dirty and filthy abuse.

The Society Severely Dislikes This Behavior and Style

I feel that its effect is on me. I am working very hard on this and I am concentrating a lot, that somehow its effect vanishes from me. Because I feel that the society does not like this behavior and style. And if it dislikes this style, then how would it like me? Apparently they speak gently, listen to me politely, and endure me. But in reality they are fed up of me. If they are more powerful than me then they have this emotion of revenge in themselves about me. If they are equal to me, then would like to stay away from me. And if they are weaker or lesser than me, then they want to abandon me or are scared of me.

Come! Let’s Keep an Eye on Our Behaviors and Tones

He said: I am myself fed up of my tone and behavior. He said again: I read a research that the harshness of behaviors and tones is a cause of damaging the heart, lungs and memory. A person becomes a heart patient. And becomes engulfed in incurable problems. Even though he is being harsh with other people. But this harshness for others is affecting him and making him upset. And it is continuously perplexing him. Come! Let’s keep an eye on our own attitudes and tones. We should try to develop softness in our temperaments, words and in our mood swings. Let’s come out of harshness. Because harshness takes a person away from the society and even from the Lord. So much so that it distances us from our selves and a person does not remain capable of himself even. 

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