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Announcement!!! New Packing with new Name while formulation, effectiveness and healing power is same like previous. Please recite "Ha Meem Layunsaroon" in large numbers for the protection and help of Hazrat Hakeem Sb, his generations, and Ubqari organization. Recite and spread. Important Change: Earlier, the Halqa e Kashaf ul Mahjoob (The Circle of Revelation of Veiled) used to held every month after Salat Maghrib. Now it has be rescheduled to morning soon after the spiritual glow of the Great Name of Allah, so that the travelers can go back to their homes conveniently.

Only two cloves are enough to cure the disease!

Ubqari Magazine - June 2019

Blood Piles: 6 masha acacia bark, grind it and eat after mixing with yoghurt. It will reduce the effects of blood piles. Use the freshly made medicine for one week continuously.

Dear Readers! Break your state of Miserliness, If you have used any medical formula or philter in your life for your physical problems and you got benefit out of it or you have witnessed any incredible incident or heard about it than you can write in UBQARI magazine. Do not think that your experience is insignificant it can help someone in difficulty and it will be a perpetual charity from your side. Please write even if you are not good at it we will do the editing for you.

Thanks to my husband for bringing Ubqari Magazine

Respected Hakeem Sahib Aslama-O-Alaikum! i do not have words to complement Ubqari magazine, may ALLAH always keep you happy. I am reading Ubqari Magazine since last four years, thanks to my husband who brought me ubqari magazine. Before this i used to read four digests every month and never thought of leaving them. my poor husband used to advise me not to read those digests and start to read Islamic books. he is ALHAMDOLILAH an alim himself, i do not know how to write it was my wish that i could write something in my favorite monthly magazine as well.

i use lot of ubqari remedies, since i am connected with Ubqari, our home is free from all the medical store's medicines and we do not require to visit the doctors anymore. We immediately get the remedy from Ubqari when we get any medical issue.

Make him to eat delicious sweet thing and see his health

Its summer, my brother was born after seven sisters, ALHAMDOLILAH now is a father himself but when he was small one night he started to have blood with loose motions. My mother was very worried, she went to the neighbors and started to cry and told our neighbor aunty "I do not know what has happened to my child, he is having motions with blood". She smiled and said why you are getting worried? She told my mother to give my brother beverage (it is prepared with carbohydrates) my mother said: it’s too late, how i can get the beverage at this time of night. aunt brought gluten and told my mother to cook that gluten with water and add sugar in it after its on normal temperature add cold water and give the kid two spoons, if the blood motion stop otherwise give the same after two hours. INSHALLAH the kid will be cured. by using this remedy my brother was completely cured. my mother used to do lot of duas for my aunt. After this i gave this remedy to who so ever, he or she was cured. Use this remedy only in summer. Beverage is available easily in summer. Long live Respected Hakeem Sahib and Ubqari.

Two cloves are enough for this disease, tested!

My younger daughter suffered from lose motions, she used many medicines but was not cured. She used to attend the bathroom immediately after having food. i was also tired of this, what did i do? i picked Ubqari magazine and read about the clove remedy. Hua Shafi: boil one clove in two spoons of water, when the clove color is changed give the water to the child (remove the clove cap), i gave this to my daughter three or four times in a day ALHAMDOLILAH my daughter was cured. i am so happy. Give this medicine after every two hours if the kid is older than take two cloves. Now I invite every person I see to read ubqari, ALHAMDOLILAH people are getting a lot of benefit.

Acidity patients should prepare this and get healthy

Since start my stomach was very healthy, other used to tell me that they get eructation, due to acidity etc. I used to tell them that I am always fit; whatever I eat I do not get effected. I used to say this all the time and also used to think that ALLAH does not like my behavior in this matter. My stomach started to get bad, I used to get so much acidity that even if I ate something a little it turned into a huge problem for me. I used to get upset due to this issue; I was not used to such problem with my stomach in my life. I apologized to ALLAH for my misconduct with a true heart, after that I used a remedy from Ubqari magazine, now AHAMDOILAH with ALLAH’s blessings I am well and fit. The condition is that I should use it regularly. Hua Shafi: soondh 50 grams, raiwand sugar 50 grams, baking soda 50 grams, grind the soondh and raiwand sugar mix baking soda in it, take this powder half spoon after food with normal water, INSHALLAH it will be beneficial. This is beneficial in lack of hunger, lack of blood, gastric problems and for big stomach issues.

Severe itching! Prepare absolutely free ointment and be cured  

Some days back I was affected with severe itching on my legs, I used to enjoy itching on my legs after this I used to get lot of burning on my legs. Its my husband’s tested remedy. Whenever I used to sit for itching my husband used to say why I have not applied oil and water. I used to mix water equal as oil together, when it becomes like an ointment I applied on the affected part and used to relax for the next two hours. But after two hours it started again, again my husband said smiling why I am not applying oil and water on my skin, do you have to pay anything for it? I said please buy me some medicine; he used to say it is our custom not to buy any medicine, use the same medicine and INSHALLAH you will be cured. Same thing happened I mixed the mustard oil and water equal in weight and applied on my skin and ALLAH blessed me with cure. My itch was completely cured. My husband said when we have ubqari in our house why we have to pay for any medicine; the amount you have to give to doctor you should give as Sadqa. I saw my husband using this remedy for this issue even you can apply it on your wounds. 

I had blotch! Immediately put the pipkin on the stove

For blotches: my daughter was very young when she had blotches at the lower part, she could neither straighten up nor sit down, and she could only lye upside down. I was very worried, what to do? At evening our neighbor female came, I told her about the situation, she was a wise lady, said to me daughter: take seven to eight spoons of flour and put it in a grinder with half spoon of turmeric, half spoon of salt, three spoons of mustard oil and some water.

For noble offspring: any married couple who recite AL KHALIKO الخالق  , only one thousand times INSHALLAH will be blessed with noble offspring.

Cook it on the fire with low heat, stare the spoon in it, when its becomes thick and start to look like pudding take it off the stove and let it be a little cool down, meanwhile take one spoon of sugar and grind it. The warm ointment that is being prepared take it and put it on a piece of cloth and make into a big pill. Put the grinded sugar first on the blotch and tie the warm pill depending on the bearing of the patient. This ointment should be a little warm the cold one will be not be any beneficial at all. Tie at night and open the bandage in the morning. The puss will be removed with the first bandage itself otherwise the second night, do the same practice. ALHAMDOLILAH! My daughter was cured with that bandage, after that my son had the blotch at the same place, both used the same remedy. ALLAH blessed both with health. I desire to write a lot for ubqari but leave it for some other time. (Gazala, Rajanpur)

Respected teacher told me about treatment of my very old disease

Respected Hakeem Sahib Aslama-O-Alaikum! I am reading your Monthly Ubqari magazine since last six months. I was very happy to see that you are all the time busy in the wellbeing of Muslim ummah. I have some experiences that I want to send to Ubqari with your regards. My respected teacher told me the treatment of constipation with water, its was 2008 when I was disappointed with doctors treatment I went to visit our Masjid’s qari Hafiz Muhammad Akram and complained him about my constipation. He told me son! We will tell you the treatment of constipation but do not ignore it by thing its worthless, I promised my teacher to use that remedy

Drink one sip of water with every bite of food

He told me to fill your belly with water in the morning with empty stomach, then whenever you eat drink water according to the sunnah of Rasool ALLAH ﷺ at the start of your meal, now drink a sip of water with every bite of food but do not drink water with the last bite (eat the last bite without water and do not drink water after it). I used this remedy for only three days and was surprised that the word that was not accomplished by the medicine of doctors was done by water remedy. After that I did not regularly practiced this remedy but I made three things as my practice. 1) One glass of water empty stomach, 2) one glass of water before eating food, 3) do not drink water after the last bite of food. With this remedy from 2008 to now in 2015 I never faced constipation in these seven years. I am very grateful to my teacher; I read about the saying of an elder person in a book that to drink water before eating is like gold, in the middle is like silver and at end is like disease. (Muhammad Asif)

I went to my mother house for vacation and my luck was awakened

Respected Hakeem Sahib Aslama-O-Alaikum! Today I want to tell the ubqari readers about the benefits I tested while reciting ayah no 114 of Surah Maidah. I am reciting this ayah when I did not know about ubqari. One of my sisters that live in Multan came to my mother’s house I also went for my vacation, during our discussion my sister told me that there is one moulana in Lahore who goes to different places to deliver lectures. He came to Multan and we went to listen to his lecture (Dars), he told me this thing yu should also read it. She had some papers, she gave me those papers, and after I came to know Ubqari I also knew that those papers were “Do Anmool Khazana” booklet.

I read this and got three story houses what else was achieved read further!     

I am reading this since then, the second wazifa she told me was of Surah Maidah Ayah 114, recite eleven times and blow towards the sky and you will get whatever you wish for, I started to recite this ayah after coming back home that used to look like a box that you close after putting the chickens inside. Today ALLAH gave me three story houses with the blessings of this Ayah. Dear Readers in today’s age when a worker can only provide three times food to this family can never think about building a three story house but ALLAH has blessed us so much with this Ayah that we are amazed ourselves. How we did this, this is not possible in these expensive and difficult times. This is the blessing of the amaals that we did that ALLAH blessed us with all this otherwise we do not deserve it. It’s the blessing of our amaals and duas of our murshid that today we have so much. AHAMDOLIAH may ALLAH rewards respected hakeem sahib Ameen! (N, Multan)

How the waziafs lost their effects?

Now a days we arrange for the quranic wazaifs but unable to get the maximum benefits from these wazaifs the reason is that we do not care about the pre conditions of these wazaifs. By not following these conditions the wazaifs become less effective.

First Mistake: remember if any wazifa or amal is not giving you the required benefit it’s the mistake of the doer of that wazifa. Doubtful and unlawful actions also reduce and lower the benefits of these wazaifs. Kalam is beneficial for sure.

Second mistake: we read wazifas a lot in numbers but do not do it with our heart and total attention, but instead think more about how much is done and what is left. This lack of attention reduces the benefits of the wazaifs that is required.

Third Mistake: is that some people (Remaining on page 52)

Received selected writings of the readers

The writings sent to Ubqari will be published on their turn; do not be in hurry all the writings are in our records

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