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A sister’s prayer (Dua’a) solved her brother’s problems

Ubqari Magazine - June 2019

I hope the visa term extends to 5 years

Respected readers! Uqbari is an amazing magazine, I have been reading this since a year, I myself practice and recommend to others the spiritual healers that are published in this magazine. I have lifted the pen in the wake of approvals of supplications (Dua’a). Here you go.

This is the story of a few years back when my brother was in South Korea, his visa term was 3 years, by Allah’s command he was well off there, our household matters were quite worse then but when he went to South Korea everything became fine, time passed and so did his visa term, whenever he called me he used to ask me to pray that the Korean government announces an extension in the visa term and it increases to 5 years. His words that the visa term be extended for 5 years sat in my mind and I started to pray and practice spiritual healers for the extension of his visa term.

It was a sister’s supplication why wouldn’t it have been accepted

I kept on praying to Allah that O Allah! My brother’s visa be issued for 5 years. During this time his visa expired and he started living there illegally but my Allah had accepted my supplication, because this was a sister’s supplication. Whenever I used to supplicate I used to say O Allah! For the sake of the true love between brothers and sisters, O Allah! For the sake of the true love between Hazrat Aisha (R.A) and Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A) accept my prayer for my brother. Surprisingly, he worked normally while living illegally and he faced no problems, it could be quite possible that my supplication was not accepted and he could have normally worked there for years while living illegally, but it was the effect of my supplication that he worked there for 5 years and returned with dignity and respect and when he reached back home it had been exactly 5 years on that day.

Brother calls from Saudi Arabia and makes me cry

Similarly, there is another incident which is related to my younger brother, currently he is in Saudi Arabia, around 2-3 years he was in Pakistan when the government of KSA announced that every expat should provide confirmation, he immediately went back to KSA and confirmed himself with a Saudi company, he was driving a company vehicle, and he had to pay 170 riyals daily to the company, those days the conditions in KSA were very unstable. He could not manage to make 170 riyals to pay to the company, whenever he used to call he used to make me cry by saying that he had no money for food, and he has not anything from so and so day. Alas, one day when he got really frustrated he left the company’s vehicle and ran off to live with one of his friend.

Now even my dead body won’t reach Pakistan

His passport and other documents were with the company, the company had declared him wanted, he called us and said that now if something happens to him then even his dead body won’t reach Pakistan. I cried a lot, and I supplicated while crying            and kept on saying this that O Allah! Elder sisters are also like mothers, I am his elder sister, I spread my hands in front of you, please don’t return me empty handed, for the sake of your prodigious mercy may my brother’s documents be completed.

O Allah! May Allah ease my brother’s problems

Then the mercy of the Almighty began to descend and the Almighty said Kun (be) to my supplication, because I used to call him as the Absolutely Capable, you just say Kun and my brother’s misery will be solved. The Lord listened to my prayers, as there was no hope, because my brother’s sponsor used to say to him that why are you living here miserably, return to your country. One day my brother was talking to one of his friends and he told him that if you give me this much money I will talk to my sponsor and your residence visa will be applied, my brother gave the money. His sponsor talked to my brother’s previous sponsor in whom we had lost hope that he will give the documents of my brother to the new sponsor, but all Praise to Allah that he gave all of my brother’s documents to him and now his residence visa is pasted. Now whenever he calls me he says it is only the effect of your supplications otherwise this was not possible.

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