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Greying of hair before time and its solution

Ubqari Magazine - April 2019

To change the wheatish colour into whitish: after bath apply lotion mention below hand and face. Almond oil one part, glycerin half part, rose water 2 part, few drops of lemon juice.

In the past, henna and natural hair dyes were used to dye the hair. Henna is still widely used today, but synthetic hair dyes have taken over the natural ones. Synthetic hair dyes are available in various shades and colors; normally it consists of two compounds a dye and hydrogen peroxide.

To dye your hair, many materials are not required, but care is necessary and z you have well practiced dying your hair then you can easily dye your hair. If care is not taken while dying your hair, normally the dye can also be mistakenly applied to the face and neck. This dye should immediately be cleaned from there with a piece of cloth. Apart from this when dying hair old or used clothes should be worn so that if they are damaged much harm is not done. Avoid dying your hair with new clothes on, because if the hair dye drops on the clothes their colored stain never goes away. If possible, it is better to wear plastic hand gloves before starting this process, also it is better to cover the floor with waste paper, or unusable pieces of cloth so that the floor also does not get stained, a towel or a sheet of cloth should be spread on the shoulders. Firstly, apply the hair dye in the roots of the hair. Then spread it on the remainder of the hair. Then wash your hair with simple water after the specific time listed along with the instructions listed on the hair dye packet. When all the residue of the dye is eliminated from the hair then shampoo your hair with some good quality shampoo, and if required you can use a conditioner as well. Some women also shampoo their hair before dying their hair, they should know that it is not necessary to shampoo you hair before dying. It is okay to shampoo before dying if your hair are dirty or if your hair are stiff due to some spray, but immediately after shampooing the hair, the hair should not be dyed instead when the hair dry then the dye should be applied, although it is better to dye your hair 24 hours after shampooing. Dye should always be applied with a thick bristled comb, and apply some cold cream or petroleum jelly under the forehead hair so that the forehead does not get stained. Keep in mind that if you have rashes on the skin of the skull, or there are some pimples or some wounds or any other skin related disease then you should not even think about applying hair dye.

Hair Colors for hair dying: In the past, henna and natural hair dyes were used to dye the hair. Henna is still widely used today, but synthetic hair dyes have taken over the natural ones. Synthetic hair dyes are available in various shades and colors, normally it consists of two compounds ; the dye and hydrogen peroxide. If the mixture created from these two compounds is used to dye the hair, the dye is so strong that in any condition it cannot be removed, before applying the dye completely on the hair, it should be confirmed that this dye does not have an effect on your skin or hair. Before using and shade you should test it on your skin first so that it does not have a side effect on your skin, it is not necessary for the reaction to take place immediately as the reaction can also take place after one or two weeks. So after applying the dye on your skin wait for 2 weeks if the dye has no effect on the skin then you can use it on the hair otherwise consult an expert. The process to test any dye is as follows: Take some dye on a teaspoon, add hydrogen peroxide in it, and mix the mixture. Then take a cotton ball and soak it into the mixture and then keep the cotton ball in the back of your ear and let it dry. Leave it open for almost about 24 hours. Then examine your skin, if there is redness or swelling on your skin then understand that dye is not suitable for you. To dye the hair constantly there are such compounds available that are not purely chemicals, but a mixture of plant extracts and chemicals. The dye in such compounds come from the plants whereas, the other compounds are chemicals.

Greying of hair a symptom of mental weakness :-  Nowadays, a common problem faced alongside hair fall is the greying of hair before time, in the present time hair have started greying of kids from 8 years to teen ages. Small kids suffering from this problem perhaps can be controlled after some care but the teenager girls are the ones who to face this problem as their hair grey before age, and then it is said that using so many hair dyes at a young age will further grey hair. That is why they do not use hair dyes but they are also in a state of confusion as to how can they get rid of their grey hair. To keep the hair healthy it is necessary to wash the head with cold water and while washing one should massage the scalp with his/her fingers, doing this makes the hair healthy. After shampooing, sink the hair in cold water for at least a minute and massage the scalp with fingers properly and also simultaneously keep on tugging the hair. This will enhance and boost the blood circulation to the head. If you make this process your routine you will feel that your hair have got a new life. Cold water for your hair is like water of life, and massaging is very beneficial. Due to the heat of the sun and the lack of nutrients in the hair the hair turn grey. Sometimes also due to mental weakness or flu the hair turn grey. That is why such diet should be taken which is abundant in iron eg. Spinach, leafy vegetables curry (Saag), tomatoes, carrots and radishes. Also if the jam of hemaj (Harar)  is used the darkness of the hair remains. It is better to use gooseberry jam instead of taking expensive iron tablets on doctor’s prescription, if one or two hair turn grey then take gooseberry, (sikakai), and Valerian crush them and soak them in water in a metal bowl, in the morning cook this and mix it well, apply the thick liquid in your hair now and wash your hair with simple water after 15 minutes, doing this one to two times will reduce the greying of hair. Apart from this to darken the grey hair again a tested remedy is that roast some henna and then reduce it to very small pieces and decant them. Then add the water of black grapes in it and then sieve it. The regular use of this will start darkening the grey hair again even though it seems impossible to darken the grey hair forever again. The experts say that the only solution to this is dying the hair. But this tested way….. 

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