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Best tested remedy of insomnia (when you cannot sleep)

Ubqari Magazine - April 2015

Best tested remedy of insomnia (when you cannot sleep)

This issue can come when you leave drugs after its constant use or being in tension for a long time, but stay away from sleeping pills in this disease, because these pills brings sleep in start but you have to increase the quantity afterwards and finally a situation cones when even after a lot of pills you cannot sleep. these pills are dangerous for health, so, do this wazifa Insha’Allah Allah will show his mercy, before sleeping recite with Drood shareef verse number 56 of sora Ahab 40 times and recite 11 times drood shreef in the end, you will feel sleepy in 5, 10 minutes. of it for some days then sleep will come according to routine,

To get rid of insomnia

In old days the onion was used for its remedy, so the person who is unable to sleep should eat onion or take it boiled and mixed in milk, good sleep will come but remember to wash your mouth thoroughly until the stink of onion gets finished.

Because it haram to enter in mosque when your month is stinky.

Tasty drink which gives sleep

add 6 masha ( 6 grams almost) of fennel seeds in half kg water when water remain 2 chatang then add 250grams of cow's milk , one tola, (12 grams) ghee of cow and sugar according to taste or honey of small bees, use it after mixing, you will sleep well. (Jamshaid Hayat, Attaok)

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