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Do people really age after 40 years?

Ubqari Magazine - April 2019

Treatment for Diarrhea: The patient should keep intact a small bowl of milk with his mouth while another person squeezes and stirs in lemon juice into it gradually. The effected person should keep on drinking that milk mixture.

Even after so many years, science has failed to give any concrete view on aging. According to the general point of view of scientists, the prime purpose of the existence of aging factor in human body is to keep the human generations on going.

If we drink water in teenage, we feel really good. Sunshine, shades, everything feels more pleasing. “Walk. Walk slowly” This feeling does not lets one sit down. Mountain ranges give a welcoming view. One’s heart feels like working hard and exercising. One feels like reaching out for the stars. But when one’s power and strength starts to diminish and body organs start to weaken, then all of these desires come to an end.

Someone told him that the one who drinks the holy water of immortality stays forever young. Since he was an empowered man, he believed on the principle that if the person searches for it, he will definitely find it too. So, he went in the search of that waterfall and reached it under the provision of Hazrat Khizar A.S. But he wasn’t able to drink that water after looking at the condition of those people who drank it before him and came back. Even though all of them were alive and breathing, they were just lying lifelessly like pieces of meat on the floor from decades. It was the best of that water that even though there is a presence of movement and the river of life keeps on flowing but then why does the river of youngness stops away. This question is as old as the existence of humanity itself. Different magicians and doctors have stated their various perspectives and point of views on this topic and even if most of these are considered tales, some of these still hold certain value. People with recent perspectives have gained their guidance from them. Good health and strength can be developed with the use of good diet, exercise, medicines and food by strengthening the inner bodily functions and organs. This advanced perspective is the one, which serves as a foundation to modern medicine as well.

Even after so many years, science has failed to give any concrete view on aging. According to the general point of view of scientists, the prime purpose of the existence of aging factor in human body is to keep the human generations on going. In regards to this the time and duration of our life is dependent upon intercourse meaning when new lives come into existence with the union. In terms of fertility, we do not remain well abled after the age of 40. However, in regards to social terms, the elderly people of the society who have gone through the up  and down  of life can be very beneficial for the new generations due to the experiences and intelligence that they have in them.

Why do we age? In this regards, perspectives given related to cellular and molecular terms can be divided into two categories: According to the first, one aging is a definite and ultimate process and according to the second one, aging is an accidental process. The views that were stated previously had their basis of the essence that the growth and nourishment of humans is controlled by the durations of life from the time of birth till death. This duration then determines the time at which other changes would occur in life. Examples of this includes: the changes that occur in vision, calcium deficiency in bone, differences in hearing ability and reduction in the strength and functionality of lungs. The accidental view of aging proposes that the body weakens due to the changes that occur in the body suddenly. For example the damage that occurs to the DNA due to the action of free radicals or stressed out lifestyle. It would be better to evaluate these ideologies before analyzing the different perspectives related to the knowledge aging.

Aging: A definite process. As age increases so does the maturation and strength. Likewise, we do not grow with time and age but due to the growth and development that occurs within. According to time and age, a person who is eight years old can have equally same bodily functionality to a forty five years old or the person who is fifty years old can be equally weak and ill like the one who is eighty years old.

Differences in aging: There is an existence of differences In terms of aging and diseases. For example  a person can develop diabetes, arthritis or dissolving of bodily tissues and bones before a certain time and at an early age. Genetic factors play an important role in this. However some of the diseases are linked with aging such as cataracts which is a disease that is normally encountered by older people.

Longer life-A Gift of 20th Century: Due to the development and availability of injections for different diseases, insulin, invention of  high potency medications, better surgical procedures, selling of hormonal medicines and ways to treat deadly diseases in this century have made the possibility of increasing human life possible.

There are four main factors and perspectives that have gained attention for research: 1. The degenerative perspective. 2. Endocrinal Perspective. 3. Genetic Control Perspective. 4. Free Radicals Perspective.

Degenerative Perspective: In 1882, a German expert Dr August Vezemen proposed a perspective that we can damage our body by developing habits that are harmful of its nervous system and by overburdening it. Our liver, stomach, kidneys and skin get effected and weak due to the presence of harmful and poisonous substances present in out diets and the environment. The most notable substances includes fat, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine (tobacco) and the UV rays of sun. Besides these, the body can also get damaged due to taking physical, mental and emotional stress and this damage reaches to the nervous system level. This degenerative process occurs even if the person is not careless. The difference that comes into existence is that with all the previous carelessness

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