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Born Friend of Jinnat, Allama Lahuti Pur Asaraari

Ubqari Magazine - October 2018

Satanic saliva in Food:

Once she was having her food but had not recited Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem and I joined her in having food and ate few spoons and put my saliva in the food and came back. This pious lady did not feel a thing. The way, our putting of our hand is poisoness, our touching is poisoness, similarly our saliva is also very poiseness and dangerous and whoever gets in touch with this poisoness and dangerous saliva, he can never have peace and harmony in his life, and with whichever intention we add it in food and in his body, the same happens. I had put this saliva in the food of this pious and sincere lady with the thought of sins and she ate the food but immediately upon eating this food, her looks changed, her thoughts, her emotions, her ways changed, then her days changed into nights, suddenly she started abusing and the holy acts of Namaz, Tasbih, Recitations, Darood Pak, Tahajjud, Sajood, Sadqa, Charity, suddenly started reducing rapidly.

Non doers of good things got everything:

And all this happened in such a way that she herself did not realize it and started saying herself, I am poor, I did a lot of prays and recitations, what did I get? Look, that person is rich, neither does he offer Namaz nor Tasbih, nor recitations, neither good deeds, but has money, wealth, house, vehicles, servants, I did not get anything in life by doing pious deeds, he did not do anything good but got everything. All these thoughts of hers started, because of my poisoness saliva and I was getting happy, that her life has changed, her thoughts are getting mean, she threw away the prayer mat on one side (Nauzubillah) started disrespecting Holy Quran, her thoughts and way of thinking towards the Sustainer (Allah Almighty) became strange, her thoughts started getting negative, people were getting amazed by looking at her, her family was surprised that the lady who use to say Allah Khair and Subhan Allah with every word, now has started abusing and cursing and then after some time she started talking big, she became getting proud.

She went crazy:

Before there was humility, love, thoughtfulness, truth, faithfulness in her temperament, now Azan would not have any effect on her, people use to offer Namaz but she did not feel anything, rather she would say that she is right about not offering Namaz, she would tell to other people that you can pray as much as you can, I also did it a lot but did not get any benefit or gain. Don’t offer Namaz, don’t do recitation or tasbihaat and then she would start evil poetry in which tasbih and recitation was prohibited and she would utter such words due to which there was a danger of losing faith, no one knew where her faith had gone and she did not even realize it and ultimately the lady lived for some more years and then she was surrounded in worries and illnesses and after some time she became mad and finally she was locked in a room of her house, she would not wear her clothes with open hair and bad smell use to come from her body, finally she died. She was very pious before, people started calling her mad, was treated, given medicines but treatment did not give her any relief, finally she died in her madness. The Jin made of black smoke further said, I led many young, religious people, honest people towards dishonesty, made many young people attentive towards rebellious thoughts. There are many such people to whom I gave evil thoughts and mean thoughts and these people got ruined and more ruined due to these negative thoughts and their lives became from bad to worse and their circumstances from bad to worse.

Strange life:

I was listening to this talk of the black Jin and perhaps only few times it so happened in my life that some Jin had expressed her ill doings before me so explicitly that he use to mislead people and would trouble them, he would take the people far away from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی  and his Holy Prophet ﷺ, from religion, good manners, honesty, truthfulness. This was a strange such life that I got amazed and then I realized that Holy Prophet ﷺ of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی  use to seek refuge of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی  from these Satanic things, after all, why are these prays? Factually, they are because the Satan and followers and their evil has a lot of impact in the life of humans and to spread the evil life, these Satanic things are worse than even worse limits, to learn this strange lesson in Ramazan I really got depress and I think people have gone far away from these Masnoon (Prays of Holy Prophet ﷺ) prays and due to this have got involved in sins, illnesses, pains, troubles and problems.

 I also have been misleading people:

After a while another Jin stood up from the crowd and started staying: As per my experiences even if Jinnat made of black smoke are not there, and only Jinnat made of fire are there, still they become a big mean of causing difficulties, problems, worries and failures in life. He said: I am a Jin made of fire and I also use to cause problems and worries for people and then pointed out towards the same personality about whom I realized afterwards, that he is a big spiritual leader of Jinnat, pious spiritual leader due to whom factually not hundreds, thousands but hundreds of thousands of lives of Jinnat were changed and due to which, happiness came, blessings came, successes came and failures ended.

I was totally towards bad and evil:

He said: I am a Jin made of fire, I am not made of black smoke but due to some bad friends I also went on the bad ways in my life, on these ways I went so far away in my life that I use to understand that perhaps I am on the right path, towards truth but afterwards I realized that I was not towards goodness and truth rather was totally towards bad and evil

Back biting of parents: If I do back biting, then would do it of my parents as they are more deserving to get my reward of good deeds (Khawaja Abdullah Bin Mubarik رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)

He narrated an instance: Once I was travelling on a boat, lot of humans were in this boat and I was also sitting with them, a thought came to my heart that there is lot of peace in this boat, lot of harmony, people are travelling happily, so why not there should be such an unpleasant happening due to which they face a big trouble and difficulty and irritability and these people are involved in it. I became an insect and from the head of a person I reached his neck and bit him hard, when I bit hard, he suddenly tried to shake me off with his arm and throw me in river but, his arm struck another person badly, this person held his arm and twisted it and started saying bad things to him, as I had bitten him, so he became furious and trouble had to start, now they started quarrelling, so much so, that it increased so much that some people in the boat became towards one person and some towards the other and a strange beating up started.

And they all drowned:

I was watching all this happily and was enjoying this fight. Now, the fight started in whole of the boat and the sailor was shouting that the boat will drown, do not do so, but no one in the boat was ready to listen to the sailor, two men fell out of the boat and drowned, but still no one felt bad nor shouted to save them and the fight was still on. Jin further said: The person in the neck of whom I had injected my saliva and poison became strong like 50 people, he was fighting with every person and was hitting every person, there was sort of glass before his eyes, his heart became like a stone, he was abusing badly, his body was trembling, saliva was coming out of his mouth and his hands had become like that of steel and stone, people were hitting him but there was no effect, he was hitting more to people, he was quarreling and fighting with everyone, suddenly a corner of the boat broke and all the boat drowned in water, sailor could only save one child and rest all at boat drowned and its traces also disappeared and people drowned shouting and crying.

I was happy upon death of everyone:

I was feeling bad about the sailor and the child who were saved and was happy upon death of everyone else. The Jin took a cold breathe and started looking towards the pious personality and by clapping his hands he said that he gave me the proper way to lead the life otherwise, I had become totally mad and wild and I had decided to lead the days & nights of my life like this, I myself did not know that what is life?

This is the name of life?

 I was leading my life badly, my days & nights were thorns, there was a storm all the time in my thoughts, of fights and of evil, of staying in sins and putting others in sins,

Till Now, not hundreds of thousands but tens of millions of people rather more than this would be such who got effected by Jinnati and Satanic creations and many people till now are such who become a part of their evil doings and how dangerous is the attack of evil Jinnat that a human being does not even realize it

I had realization in my life that whatever I am doing is absolutely fine and this is called life, besides this, I had no realization, I had not felt pity or had mercy on anyone neither did I had mercy on someone, there was only one thought that I had to lead the life like this and I was leading the life like this, but suddenly I met this pious personality and he led me to change the way of my life.

Alhamdulillah, I am a Muslim:

After a while during his talk, the pious personality said, Alhamdulillah, I am a Muslim, a Momin and one of faith and keeping complete faith and taking care of it in my heart is part of my faith and through you I want to give a message to human beings that if you have to lead a life of truth and blessing and want to keep your life away from bad doings, bad habits and have to save your life from problems, difficulties, irritants and failures then quietly take a decision that from today will never take your attention away from Masnoon prays (prays narrated by Prophet ﷺ) and acts of protection.

I have thousands of Jinnat:

These two instances have been narrated before you, I have thousands of such Jinnat who are related to such deeds and putting humans as well as other Jinnat into sins, bad doings, evil, illnesses, problems and worries and they were only living like this and were totally involved in this and were happy in it but when the light of faith comes then the eyes move away and then the eyes open up and then there is a realization that life was on wrong path and life was something else, such life which we had ignored for a long time and actual life was only that which we had ignored. I was hearing all this quietly, was amazed that how deep is the medaling of Jinnat in our lives and how much is it and I had a worry in my heart that till now it will not be hundreds of thousands but millions and millions of people rather more who were affected by Jinnati and Satanic creation and how many such people will be there who became a part of their evil doings and how dangerous is the attack of evil Jinnat that humans don’t even have realization and starts getting sinking and stuck in their such acts and then perhaps eyes never open, as the Jinnat do not allow eyes of such people to open up and their victims finally get lost in the valley of death.

Locks of Black and evil Jinnat:

I thought came to my heart that how many people are such who do not get Kalma while dying, they have the locks of Kufar upon them, actually these locks are these black and evil Jinnat and they have made them stuck in these locks and to open up these locks, the way and the only way, a destination is the Holy Quranic verses and the spiritual words of Hadith (sayings of Prophet PBUH), there is no other destination besides this, neither there is any other way and only this is the destination and the way and actually we have today lost this way and destination, have ignored it, so why not we turn back towards our destination and our way, there is no other way besides this. During Ramazan I went to many people and over there I did the pray of completion of Holy Quran, but these completion of Quran and these instances of completion of Quran were not only amazing and strange for me but, carried sorrow too (continued)

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