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Ubqari Magazine - October 2018

Marriage is not just related to coming together of two people, it is the reunion of two souls and two minds and the reason why only those married people will lead a successful life are those who have immense love and understanding between them. There are only 35-75% of couples who have the same likes, dislikes and hobbies and so every time they are together, those moments are full of happiness. So how do couples maintain their love in the highs and lows of life? Some people would answer that it depends on their luck. However after a lot of experiences and research the following principles of how to lead a married life full of love and happiness have been concluded below: 

Consider realities:

In order to make your relationship better and strong, you need to consider realities. Love your significant other as you will be spending the highs and lows of life together and you will be facing those situations too so it is important that both of you stick along each other and never let your partner go through anything alone, ever. 

Understand each other’s problems:

If we stop taking care of a particular garden then there will be growth of such plants and grass that will eventually destroy other plants. Likewise, human relationship are also prone to destruction if they are not taken care of. The same reason that destroys great plants is the same reason that destroys human relationships. Then the relationships are either broken or disturbed. This is the reason why it is so important to understand the problems of one another. If any kind of misunderstandings develop, they should be immediately resolved by talking to each other about it so that betterment can be achieved. Some people believe that the relationship is established naturally but the truth is that in order to make relationship worthy, we need to take care of it continuously. If we stop taking care of the relationship and ignore it, it will soon start to deteriorate. 

Spend time with each other:

There is no comparison to the feeling which is achieved by spending the time with your significant other and so it is important that one time of your day is fixed to be spent with your partner only. That time should only be attributed to one another and no-one else. Children, pets and birds, everyone should be excluded at that specific time. This will give rise to the compassion that will make the most difficult paths of life easier together. You can help one another in each other’s tasks, go out to enjoy, play a game or go out for food together. 

Have a separate room:

Have a separate room for yourselves where you can talk to your partner, share experiences of one another and plan about different things. Decorate the room considering the likes and dislikes of one another and remind them why are they so important in your life and how your life will always be incomplete without them. 

Ignore disagreements:

Pause and rethink what were the qualities that used to attract your significant other at the beginning of your marriage? Try to ignore the disagreements that occur in between and try to understand the situations. Either way, support each other no matter what the situation is. This way, you will have a stronger relationship with them. 

Do not expect your partner to change:

If you and your partner stops trying to change each other then there will be no disagreements. Rather the best way to direct this situation is to tell your significant other of how do you want to see them. For example if you do not like how your wife leaves the kitchen sink uncleaned, then do not ask or complain to her about it. Clean it yourself rather than complaining. This way, your love and respect will be awakened in your wife’s heart and for the next time, she herself will try to keep everything neat and clean. This way, if will do the tasks yourself for the first time and guide her through, you will be successful in winning her heart and your wife will also do the household tasks with interest and happiness. 

Respect your partner:

The way you will take care of your partner and respect them, you will receive the same respect and care from them too. In order to make your relationship stronger it is important to give respect to one another, confess your love to each other and make them believe how they are important for you. When you will confess your love to your partner, your partner will be thankful for having you and will love you back. These are the secrets to happy and successful relationships. Relationships are just like those small plants which are very small in the beginning but as we continue to take care of them and protect them, they turn into a big tree over the period of time. In the same way human relationships are very weak in the starting especially married relationships which are quite weak and difficult but they just need extra care and attention. If we work hard on these principles and make them a part of our lives, a married relationship can be made successful or otherwise our inattentiveness to our relationships can also lead to their breakage.  

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