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Memorizer of Quran was smiling instead of dead body in temple

Ubqari Magazine - October 2018

Abu Ul Hassan mardani , Balagari 

Ibn e Batoota 703 Hijri almost year 1304 was born in Marakash. His name is Muhammad bin Abdullah ibnne batotta. Ibn-e-batoota was fond of travelling from childhood. He started his journey at age of 22 years, so technically this youngster started his journey in month of Rajab in 725 hijri, First travelled towards Holy Makkah. He commuted for whole 30 years to every country, city and neighborhood and tasted all the tastes and went to all populated places of world and covered 120,700 kilometer and returned to his country in 755 Hijri. In the age of 75 years this courageous tourist went to world thereafter leaving this existing country. 

His book the travels of ibn e batoota are included in world’s bestselling books. Including Urdu, French and English almost in all languages it has been translated. Our many references of history are from this traveler’s tale. In this above mentioned travelling book he has written an incident under the heading of acceptance of Islam regarding the island of Maldeep in which he mentioned the miracle of Quran. In which there are hints of inspiration for people who deviate from Quran. So he writes that many scholar and trustworthy people such as faqih Essa, yamini Faqih Mulam Ali and Qazi Abdullah etc narrated it to me that the inhabitants of this island worshipped Idols of stone. 

They worshipped God were made of stone. They did not have much familiarity or fondness with Muslims. They came under the wrath of a monster by the will of God. What used to happen was that every month a Ginny used to come from the side of sea. Its face was like of a big ship which has been lit with the help of torches. The rule of country was that that when they saw it, then they used to dress a virgin girl and in the shape of a bride and put in a carry able conveyance and in evening they used to leave her at a temple near the sea. Where she used to stay all night and early in morning when her family returned at dawn then they used to find her lying dead. So they used to pick up her dead body and took it with them. 

The way we play raffle In the same way whoever used to get his name, he had to send his daughter one way or the other.  Every month one of the parents had to lose her loved one, her daughter. These people were sick and tired of this bloody custom. Due to this genie, most of these islands were deserted.  They left their native land and started to live somewhere else.

Finally due to a Hafiz e Quran they got rid of this great tension and this became the reason of acceptance of Islam.

What happened was that one westerner (person was from Indulus) whose name was Abu al barkaat.,  He was traveling on sea  and landed on this island. All praises for God that this person was a memorizer of Quran. He stayed as a guest in the house of an old woman. One day from this house started the sound of screams and sad cries of as if they were mourning. Old women and her relative were screaming and loudly crying. When she asked the reason, he was told but as he was unfamiliar with the language so he did not understand. Finally translator was summoned. The translator told the entire story and said that actually the name of this woman has been drawn and she is the only hope of her life and sparkle of her eyes.  Now she will send the daughter and that genie will kill her. He said to mother do not be sad I will go there instead of your daughter. It is God’s grace that this person was beardless, just the way roman people usually are. When the evening came those people decorated her with jeweler etc and left her at the temple.  In evening he did ablution there and started to recite Quran in a loud voice. As the night started to get prolonged and everything started to get silent then there was a lot of ripples in the sea and then what happened was that the genie appeared and came near him but could not resist the  God’s true narration and ran back towards the sea and vanished. In the morning when the old woman and her relatives came to pick up his dead body as per routine then they saw that he the roman was standing alive and well and reciting Quran. They brought this Hafiz in front of king named Shenoraza, tell the whole story to him, he was amazed and impressed also. The westerner told him to revert to Islam. King said not now after a month when they see him alive from genie then they will revert to Islam. Westerner live over there, then before a month they all King with his companion come to him and convert to Islam. After the same date when the monster come the people prepare Hafiz again to the place where the genie come but again Hafiz was reciting Quran he ran back towards the sea and vanished. After that mandir was demolished and all people of the Island became Muslims. Later on the rest of the Island near to them people return back to their homes and convert to Islam. Everyone respect this Westerner and they follow the religion of Imam Malik. They built a Masjid and one of the wall it was written “Sultan Ahmed Shenoraza wo revert to Islam on the hand of Westerner and give one third of the economy to the benefit of travelers because the whole Island became Muslims due to a traveler. Due to these geneies the Island became empty, when I came to this Island I saw on one night people were gathered and recite Kalma loudly, beat brass plate, children were taking Quran on their head, I was surprised to see and I asked them. They show me to see the sea, I saw a big ship coming to them having lots of lantern on it, and this happen once in every month and we did like this, it vanished without harm us. The end. 

“The good behavior of Prophet with non-Muslims” Read all those incidences in the form of a book do read and gift also the book of non-Muslim’s worshipping places. Their rights and our responsibilities in Urdu and English are available don’t forget to read.

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