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Modern mothers, young children and the tips of old ladies

Ubqari Magazine - October 2018

Fatima noorulain, Faisalabad

This is a truth that your children adopt only those habits which use to be there in the environment of house. Those same habits get transferred in to our children and we keep the blame on the society and environment although in the outside environment there is much part of your training also.

On the health of a young child, there use to be much effect of the mothers food and by ignoring the food of mother, child gets involved in different problems. As a result of ignorance of care taker those incidents are not hidden from anyone then why not every mother may give special attention on her health from start so that she may get safe from the problems. After the birth of the child, the mother should keep special care of his health and food. From the first day she should make him drink her milk and if May god forbid, the child gets sick so do not stop making him drink the milk. Along with that do the weight of the child also so the health of the child may remain maintained. The child should not be given the bottle milk and neither the habit of nipple should be given. The bottle can become reason of stomach problems in the child. The ways of coming life of a child is upon the better health therefore do make your child get the injections of the lethal diseases and in one year get him take all important injections. When the child would be of four months, start giving him solid food also. For it in the start of solid food you can give the kheer of sooji, porridge, sagu dana, kheer of rice, paste of potato, half boil egg.

These are those days in which with the irregularity of food, the bones of children get weak and the complain of tashanji diseases gets produce in children or else there gets the problem in digestion and the health of child becomes bad forever. Apart from this if in this time the care of child would not be done in proper way and with regularity so the senses of child becomes weak forever. There used to be much little difference in between the health and loss of health of children and with weak senses quickly the diseases get produced. Sometimes in the time of teeth production or in digestion, the children get high fever but with care the temperature comes down quickly. In this age when the child gets the teeth so the gums of children gets pain and they try to chew hard thing. Some mothers hang teeth ring in the neck of children which they keep in their mouth or keep sucking them. You may rub one spoon honey in one pinch of finely crushed suhaga for the painful gums so there will be improvement in pain. Like this the eyes of few children gets in pain therefore for it mix little salt in Luke warm water and wash eyes with it. If may god forbid due to any reason the pimples may come out to children so boil the neem leaves (in water) and wash the effective areas every day. When your child may become of 7 months so at that time make him get the injection of black cough and tashinj and make him drink the polio drops. Some children become the victim of motions. Mix the egg yolk of one egg so much that bubbles may become then mix one pao of boiled water in it and make him drink time to time after cooling down. Do take care of this thing that one pinch of salt and one spoon of sugar shall be mixed in it so that the taste would become better and the child may drink it nicely. When the age of child may become of ten or 11 months so give him such food along with the milk which will may become the reason of his physical strength. For it you can give broth and juice also.

When the child becomes of ten or 11 months so he starts walking and he tries this that he may reach till every that thing which he sees. Therefore in this age there use to be the need of more care. When few children learn to walk so at that time they start eating sand or lick the wall, by eating the sand the insects get produced in the stomach of children and by licking the wall, different germs gets stick on their lips and all of this use to be much harmful for their health. Do get the treatment of stomach insects quickly. In this age keep every medicine away from the child reach specially the insecticides and dangerous things. sharp things for example knifes, scissors, keep them away from children and hidden from them and even this that to keep the soup of face and cloths or dish washing soup also away from them. Do take care of this thing also that do check a sleeping child that whether he has not passed the urine or waste material because in start due to the intensity of sleep a child do not cries. In the condition of ignorance, on the sensitive areas of children red pimples come out which are said as rashes, there treatment has to be done. Wash the child every time from water and sprinkle the powder and tie the napkin. Clean it with luke warm water or with the soaked cotton. By doing like this not only the child gets comfort but the child remains safe from those pimples also. Do not kiss the face of a sleeping child with this few children gets the allergy and the pimples come out on their face. Your action and every single word that comes out from your mouth searches new paths for the child’s future. That is why make your conversation and action exemplary so that their treatment can be done on proper way. it used to be the wish of every mother that wherever her child may go he may become the center of attention of people but few sisters do not take any practical step for this wish. This is the point to worry, it may happen that many sisters of ours may become resented but this is the truth that your children adopt those habits which use to be there in the house environment. Those same habits get transferred in our children and we keep the blame on the society and environment although in the environment of outside there is much involvement of your training. Which kind of environment you will give to the child, the child will get transformed in it. The child of today is very much big thing and the talent of learning in him is much sharp. You can turn this talent of learning in whichever direction you want.

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