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Effective treatment of physical

Ubqari Magazine - April 2017


Medical AdviceFor attention seeking issues, send reply back envelop with written address and the address should be prominent. If there is no reply back envelop than the query will not be answer. While writing, do not add extra glue or tape and do not use staples, privacy will be ensured, write your name on one side of the page. Do mention name, city’s name and complete address in end of the writing. 

Less Contact: 

Respected Hakeem Sahab Assalamoalikum! I am 33 years of age and I got married 7 years ago, Alhamdulilah I have 2 kids. My issue is that in last seven years of my marriage, I only enjoyed a few times in loneliness. I do forcefully with myself and do not want to give marital rights of my wife. If I do so, my legs start shivering. I want to get the strength in me again, suggest any prescription. (H, Kh, Islmabad)

Advice: Use this prescription with consistency. Jawarish Shahi, Kahmeera Gao Zubah simple, take one spoon of each four times a day with thin milk 4 times a day for 2 months. With this, use Ubqari’s Majoon MUrad and Quwati according to the written description.


Deprived of Human Beauty: Respected Hakeem Sahab Assalamoalikum! My cousin id deprived of human beauty since childhood; his teeth are not complete in the mouth. He has become young now but has no hair on body, only brown hair on head. When the summer approaches, it leaves worst effects on him and he has no sweating even. Kindly suggest any solution and guide me for all of these diseases. (Qari Mukhtar Usmani, Kamalia)

Advice: Use seasonal fruits; take a glass of warm milk and night with two spoons of honey added in it. Besides this, take Ubqari Akseer al Badan and Johar Shifa e Madina according to the written prescription with consistency for some time. Do morning walk. InshAllah after some times, his health will go towards betterment.


Suffering from Hepatitis B: Respected Hakeem Sahab Assalamoalikum! I want to share some of my issues with your. I am 32 years of age and having 63 kgs of weight while I am suffering from Hepatitis B and I am completely zero due to mistakes in my childhood. I stay tired all the time and cannot lift weight, there is pain in legs and muscles are weak due to which sometimes my hands shiver and cheeks are going inside. Hair has turned grey and beard is also turning grey. I look much aged and use eye sight glasses. I am getting married after 4 months, kindly suggest any solution. (M, B, A, BOraywala)

Advice: Rose water Atisha, Arq Sonf Asli half cup, pure honey one spoon, take in afternoon and night after meals. Use only vegetables and grapes in diet. Use Hepatitis Nijjat Syrup of Ubqari. Besides this use Ubqari’s JOhar Shifa e Madina, Thandi Murad and Roohani Phakki, mix all of them together and preserve in a big jar and take a tea spoon after evey two hours with water.




Too Hot: Respected Hakeem Sahab Assalamoalikum! My issue is that for almost 4 and 5 years, I feel much hot, my hands and feet stay hot all the time and I am unable to wear closed shoes and there is sweating on my face. Sometimes, while cleaning sweat from face, it gets injured. I cannot tolerate the sun light. If go into sunlight, than I get sun burn. Kindly suggest me any remedy to get rid of this issue as summer is approaching and I am worried. (Madiha Farooq, Lahore)

Advice: Take best quality of pure Khameera Gao Zuban Ambari Jawahirdaar 6 grams in morning. With this, use Ubqari’s Thandi Murad and Khoon Safa with consistency. Write after a month.


Daughter unable to speak: Respected Hakeem Sahab Assalamoalikum! My daughter is 2 years of age and she is unable to speak and calls mumy or papa with difficulty and tell other things with different signals. We are much worried, tell any easy and fast solution . (Babar Saaleem, Pir Mahal)

Advice: bring duck’s eggs and give it to your daughter after every 2 days. If it is severe summer than give on egg in a weak. Besides this, get Ubqari’s Sattar Shifayain and give here five times a day making it a tablet of a pepper size. InshAllah, Allah almighty will give you relief.


Issues and Issues: Respected Hakeem Sahab Assalamoalikum! There is dental caries in my teeth and all of the teeth have the decay in them and some are broken from outside, I took many treatments but nothing gave me relief. My eye sight is very weak, eyes remain red and painful all time. Stomach is upset, all time suffering from fever, if I take medicine than there is no difference. There is anxiety with feelings of weak heart. I stay in anger and there is less tolerance. There is pain in bones and issue of leukoria. (Poshida)

Advice: give complete attention towards your diet, use milk and more things made up of milk. For upset stomach, use Ubqari’s “Islah Maida o Jigar Package”and use for some time with consistency. Put three drops of rose water with a dropper five to seven times a day in eyes. Do morning walk. For leukoria use this prescription. Huwalshafi: Mazo, Raal white, Phitkari barian, take all in equal weight and grind it, use half tea spoon with milk in morning and evening with consistency for some time. Avoid spicy, warm and fried foods completely.


Allergy, Blocked nose, sneezing, flu and cold: Respected Hakeem Sahab Assalamoalikum! Allah Almighty keeps you safe from any kind of hardships and problems. I want to say that I am suffering from this disease for last 15 years, my nose remains blocked, there is sneezing and severe kind of flu and cold and my sense of smell stops working. Doctors call it allergy due to which the nose glands increase in size which causes blocked nose. I got many treatments but nothing gave me relief, kindly suggest me any prescription, remedy, I shall be grateful. (Muhammed Boota, Choonian)

Advice: Respected, you should take Itreefal Istakhdos one table spoon and black seed powder one fourth spoon. Take both mixing together or take like mixing in a cup of warm water in morning and evening. If the disease is severe, than it can be used thrice a day, besides these, use seven figs in morning and evening and use this for at least 3 months and avoid un suitable things. Make pure desi ghee warm and put in a dropper and put a drop in each nostril and take it towards brain. It is tested remedy for allergy again and again.



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