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Perfect intellect and perfect love are both successful

Ubqari Magazine - Monthly Ubqari Magazine October 2020


Perfect intellect and perfect love are both successful

From weekly dars

Sheikhul Wazaif Hazrat Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzobi CHughtai (دامت برکاتہم العالیہ)


For four days in the life of our elders, we straightened their shoes and shared some secrets. It doesn't make sense at first, but while walking with the people of Allah, it became clear that the poor have no purpose in anything. Hakim-ul-Ummah says that two men can walk with me and the third man cannot walk. Someone asked which two men said that the person whose intellect is perfect and 2nd who passion is perfect. Because if the intellect is perfect, then what I will do will not give them any logical reason Therefore, he said, "What is this? If the intellect is not perfect, then love will be perfect. “Whatever friend said is the truth.

Whether I understand or not, what the dervish said is right. Hakim-ul-Ummah said that there was no other way with me except these two. Bring a system of supplications around you, O people of Allah, and begin with the supplications of the Prophet (ﷺ).I repeat that there is no prayer for anyone other than the prayers of the Prophet (ﷺ)By Allah, no one's prayer is more than the prayer of the Holy Prophet ﷺ .

A man had tied up his house with money and jewelry but when the water came, he forgot to pick it up, so he ran for his life, when water dried up. He came to see that roof of his house had been fallen. Then he started to search for his sack in which jewelry and money were kept, after searching he found his sack of money and jewelry. People begin to ask how you found your sack. Alhamdulillah I pay Zakat in full and whoever does his duty honestly, then nature will protect him like this and if everyone is thinking of bad intentions then what difference does oppression make, then the result is in the form of earthquakes and floods.



Devotion is the most delicate process. Be careful!

Hazrat Syed Mohammad Abdullah Hajwary (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ) used to say that believers are like some threads. If the work is done then it’s "your welcome" and if work is not done then they say the opposite. If someone has seen or heard any miracle then they say SubhanAllah, if they have seen or heard something different than usual then they say استغفراللہ. People with Devotion are like threads, the companions of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, saw his miracles as well as his problems. On the other hand, there are miracle in which the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) had a pebble in his hand it started to speak and recited Kalma as well. An Arab and Jew came to Prophet ﷺ and gave roasted dish

They pointed to it and said if he is prophet ﷺ, then tell it to say you are a prophet then they threw it in front of prophet ﷺ. Aa soon as it was thrown it gave shahadah and said this is the prophet of Allah Almighty. 

This is the miracle of the Prophet (ﷺ) and his Companions

There were also situations in which the blessed teeth of the Prophet (ﷺ) were martyred in Uhud, Gaza and bleeded. 

In Gazwa Tabook, Prophet ﷺ poured his hand in a bowl and stream of water began to flow from it

Whole tribe drank till they were full.  Prophet ﷺ gave a sack to his companions’ رضی اللہ عنہ, the sack was filled with dates and for 3 generations this sack didn't have empty. Companions of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ has also seen that prophet ﷺ had tied up 3 stones to his stomach. When this belief is perfect, whatever the situation is, the tongue says Alhamdulillah, and if belief is not perfect, it is a matter of faith and belief, then if you give victory and help, when you see the test and the pain, they back off


Allah Almighty accepts pure words

Corruption has come all over the world because of whom it has come because of me Ink and social mood are not forgotten until one thing comes from within it is not to be uttered physically but in sight of Allah almighty only purely uttered words gets accepted. Until this matter comes from within, people till that nothing can happen. 


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Respected Hakeem Sahib, Assalamo Alikum! I have been joined to Ubqari since last 5 years, amazing and awesome magazine. In this magazine amazing tips and prescription are there. Allah Almighty gives you reward to you and your generation. Ameen. I have written letter with answer envelop, in the answering envelop you give me a wazifa or tip and also said to listen 40 dars. I took dars memory card from from the office of Ubqari Lahore and put it on continuously at my home. The masnoon aamal (act) I have been started and all family members also started the act given in the dars. Our strong problems was going to be resolve and our home come in peace. My husband attitude was not good, every time he was angry, if I asked any question he showed his anger, but after listening dars and its blessing he become humble and kind. My husband business also increasing.

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