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Strange court, strange case, strange decision

Ubqari Magazine - February 2017

One king when came out with the intention of invading world so he went from such town of Africa which was far from noises of world and was very peaceful. The tribes of here hadn’t even listened the name of war and they were unknown with the name of winner and win-upon. The people of town took the king with them as guest to the quarter of their leader. The leader welcomed him with much good will and served the king with fruits. After sometimes two tribes entered in the quarter of leader with their ease. This quarter of leader used to work as court also. The first one said that I bought a piece of land with him. During ploughing, a treasure came out from it. I tried to give this treasure to this man but he is not taking. I say this that this treasure is not mine because I bought the land only and gave him the price of land only, not of treasure. The second one replied, my conscience is alive right now. How can I take this treasure from him? I have sold this land to him. Now whatever came out from it, this is his luck and he is the owner of it. Now I have no relation with this land and things present in it. The leader pondered and said to the one who bought the land that do you have any son? Yes I have. Then he said to the one who sold the land that do you have any daughter? He also nodded his head in yes. So you both should marry them both and gave this treasure to them. This decision made the king surprised. He started thinking by becoming worried. The leader looked to the worry of king and asked him, aren’t you satisfied with my decision? No, there isn’t such thing. The king replied. But your decision is surprising to me. The leader asked that if this case would have been presented to you so what decision you would make. The king said that first of all if this case would happen in our country so the fight between the seller and buyer of land would be like this that the seller would said that I have sold the land to him and have taken rice of land from him. Now when the treasure has come out, I haven’t taken the price of it. That’s why it’s mine. The buyer would say that I have bought the land from him. So now whatever is inside it that is in my ownership and my luck. The leader asked the king then what decision you would have told. The king quickly gave answer according to the thought present in his mind. We would have taken them under arrest and would give the treasure under the ownership of government and would have been added in royal treasure. In the ownership of king the leader asked in surprise, do you see the sun in your country. Yes! Why not? Does rain happen their? Of course! Very nice. The leader was surprised. But tell one more thing, are animals found in your place, which eat grass and straw. Yes, said kind of many animals is found in our place! Oh nice. Now I understood. The leader moved the neck in a way as if any difficult thing is understood by him and said: So on this land of injustice, maybe because of these animals only the sun is giving light and rain is giving water to fields. (Muhammad Safiullah Hamdani, Attock)

Dum Challa:

Many years before, one poor man lived in one village with his daughter. He used to make thread on with cotton. He kept on going to the castle of king. One day he said to make the king happy: “O King! My daughter is very talented; she can make the thread of gold by moving straw on charga”. The king said after believing on him: Ok, this is very good thing. You bring her to the castle. If really she would make the straw into gold so I will marry her. Otherwise, she would be killed. Next day the father and daughter came to the castle. The king gave that girl one charga and one bundle of straw and said: Girl! In night, make gold from this straw. If you couldn’t make, then you would have to die”. The girl knew that it’s impossible work. She was sitting and crying that she listened one voice. Why do you cry? When girl saw, one dwarf was asking from her. When the girl told her problem so he said: Is this a difficult thing? The girl gave her gold ring to the dwarf. In same time, the dwarf changed whole straw into the gold thread and he got lost. When the king saw at morning that instead of straw there is gold thread, he became very happy. But he said that today night, you have to change more straw into gold so that we would believe that it isn’t some magic. The girl started crying again. The dwarf came again and said by calling the girl: Today if you give me price, then I will do this work. The girl took off her gold necklace and gave it to the dwarf. The dwarf again made the straw gold and lost before morning. The king again saw the circles of gold thread instead of straw. On third day, the king locked the girl into a big room with straw with saying this that “This is your last exam. At morning, if there will be gold instead of straw, I will surely marry you”. The girl was worried because this time she has nothing to give to the dwarf. The dwarf said to the girl: I will do your work today also but the condition is this that after your marriage, you will give me your first child. The girl thought in her heart that she won’t give her child at all but in worry, she did promise with the dwarf. Next day, the king married that girl, according to his promise. After one year, one very nice girl was born so that girl was very happy. The days were spending very nice. The king was also very happy. One day suddenly that dwarf came in room and said to the girl: According to the promise, give this girl to me. After listening this, that girl, who was now queen, started crying a lot. She cries this much that the dwarf felt pity on her. The dwarf said: O queen! If you tell my name, so I won’t take this girl. Right now I am going. I will come back again after 1 week. If you will tell my name, so this girl remains yours. Otherwise I will take her. After saying this, he got lost. The queen thought of many names but she couldn’t understand anything. At last she gave call in whole country that whoever will tell the most different and weird name, gift will be given to him. After 3 days, one pioneer came to the queen and said that I was passing from the forest that I saw that one small weird faced and appearance dwarf is dancing around fire and was saying, the queen can’t get to know my name because till today, no one knows my name. My name is challa, dum challa. Hahaha!!! The queen gave gift to the pioneer and made him return. According to the promise, the dwarf came and asked his name from the queen. The queen said jokingly: your name is Atkan Batkan, right? The dwarf said: No! The queen again said: Ok your name is Agram tagram? The dwarf again said: No, no. you don’t know my name, give me this girl. Then the queen said in last, your name is challa dum challa, right? The dwarf got very surprised and hit his foot in so much anger, to the ground that he himself fell and then suddenly got lost forever. The king, queen and their daughter princes started living happily. (Chosen: Sanwal Chughtai, Ranjhu Chunghtai, Amma Zebo Chughtai, Bhural Chughtai, Ahmed pir Sharqiya)

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