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It is possible to grow tall. Latest Medical Research Reveals

Ubqari Magazine - March 2016

(Faryal Kashif)

Every human carries a gland under the lower part of his neck, called the Gland Sheet. The nature has rewarded this tinny clot with the strength to control the growth of human body.

One of my cousins used to be thin boy until he got his fourteenth year. Surprisingly, he started growing tall rapidly even he become taller as high as six and half feet. His teachers and friends were looking like dwarfs standing with him. He got attention of people and became an eye-catching because of his unusual height for a long time. The mystery become stranger when we knew that his parents were had not had extra ordinary height. Nobody could find out the mystery behind this fact.

Contrary to that there are many people having too small height even sometime lesser than the young child. These dwarfs have to face very serious social and psychological challenges in the daily life. Sometimes, life becomes hell for them. The giants on other hand also don’t look happy as they too have to undergo complications in their life. Unfortunately our society has lack of education due to which the people don’t try to understand the real cause of such problems and approach so called palmists or shamans. Certainly, these ways are not proven useful. As a result the child remains dwarf and then they accept it will of Allah. However, in the light of latest researches such diseases are no more irrecoverable. Now, both diseases are traced well before time and the cure is also not impossible.

Every human carries a gland under the lower part of his neck, called the Gland Sheet. The nature has rewarded this tinny clot with the strength to control the growth of human body. It develops specific hormones which absolve into the human blood causing order and flaw in the activities of many organs. A healthy gland sheet releases hormones only to that extent which is required to let the body offer its activities in routine. During that course, the heart beats with proper pace, the pulse becomes normal, intestines perform very well and physical energy remains at an appropriate level. Sometimes, due to some unknown reasons gland sheet does not work well causing the hormones to be developed either too much or get very lesser. This variation brings disorder in the activities of human organs affecting on human growth. The excessive development of hormones by the gland sheet makes the physical growth faster. In contrast to that the lesser rate of hormones production make the organs activities slower make the physical growth either very slow or even stopped or let the human to become a dwarf.

The question arises here how we would know whether the gland sheet is working in order or not. Luckily the medics have found the answer. Now the root cause can be found on time as well as its prevention is also possible. There are many symptoms which alarm that gland sheet activity is getting faster. The key examples are inclusive muscular stress, hands tremor, fastness in heartbeat, fluent sweating, diarrhea, weight loss, insomnia, anxiety and sore eyes etc. though it is wisely recommended to consult with the medic rather decide you, as such symptoms may occur due to some other kind of illness. Most of the time, the disease is diagnosed by conducting medical checkup.

Fast running gland sheet usually get swells and become clearly visible, known as goiter.

Generally, there are three types of cure are implemented. 1. Anti-gland medicines, 2- Radioactive Iodine and 3- surgery. Which way is good? The answer depends on nature of the illness, age of the patient and his own preference as to which he likes to undergo. Moreover, the experience of medic is also not ignorable, as an experienced medic can suggest the most appropriate way that can help to heal in least possible time.

There are two disadvantages of anti-gland medicines. Firstly these are required to be taken for a longer period continuously such as two years. Secondly, the patient has to get his blood test during his treatment through anti-gland medicines as these medicines affect badly on bone marrow.

The notable advantage for getting healed through radioactive iodine is that only one or two doses are enough. The patient is given a liquid substance that carries radioactive iodine. This radioactive iodine makes a part of gland sheet paralyze by absolving in it deterring the production of gland sheet. However, this way of treatment is also not completely safe. Doctors don’t use it on the young patients under their twenties.

In surgery, a piece of gland sheet is cutoff. Reducing the size of gland sheet hinders the development of sheet hormones. This way of treatment is ideal in a sense that it is applied only at once and the chances of bringing order in the activities of gland sheet are stronger than other ways.

Let’s talk about the patients who get their gland sheet slower causing the production of gland hormones lesser. The key symptoms of this slow rate of heart beat, dry skin, hair fall, fall in the menstrual cycle of women, excessive sleep, weight gain, constipation, swelling in the hands, and memory loss etc. The gland sheet also gets swells in this type of disease. Right diagnose is possible only through blood test. If the goiter becomes swells to such extent that the patient looks ugly or cause hinder in breathing then the treatment is very simple. The simple treatment is to use the sheet hormones regardless of their shape. The people who are affected in their gland sheet by losing iodine are treated using iodine. Sometimes, due to excess of gland sheet one or many tumors are appeared.  In fact, these are thickets of gland sheet cells which grow exceptionally due to any known reason. These are left as these are, though are cutoff if are declared as deadly tumors by doctors.

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