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Have you passion for dining out? This article is for you!!

Ubqari Magazine - March 2016

Being a nation we are destroying our health. Soft drinks, spicy and fat food, over eating particularly in marriage functions and dining out are overwhelming affecting our life.

I had wanted to writing my observations about health related topic but could not do so due my official activities. Neither I am a professional writer nor have control on medical science. However, I have interest in reading the articles and material relating to medical science. I have read several articles in my student life, but could not pay enough attention due lack of knowledge and sense. Before coming to the topic, I would like to talk about some experiments and observations.

Health is one of the valuable rewards from almighty Allah. Being a nation, we are pretty careless about the health. We pay attention to our health only when we get sick and then turn to the doctors and hakeems. The situation becomes worst as most of the so called medics recommend the medicines, produced by the companies from which they have to get incentives and privileges. These companies loot the innocent patients very brutally. Some of the medics recommend even steroid to multiple their wealth.

Electronic media in playing a vital role to uncover the dirty game of these cruel and greedy people, who are playing with the lives of the people. We can see on the TV channels that how people are making cooking oil from the bones of animal regardless they are halal or haram. This poisoned and hazardous oil is packed in the containers showing famous brands. Another report reveals how textile colors are using in sweats to make them more attractive for the customers.

Health Disaster:

Being a nation we are destroying our health. Soft drinks, spicy and fat food, over eating particularly in marriage functions and dining out are overwhelming affecting our life.

 Let’s come to the topic. Here I am sharing some personal experience about my health so that readers can get benefit.

Flue, cough and mucus:

Mostly in the winters I am attacked by the flue and cough and then chest infection or mucus. Although get recover after using medicines but I realize that certain foods also cause raising such diseases. For example, whenever I take cold milk or cream then my chest gets occupied by mucus. Cough starts and mucus extracts in the morning. However, when I take hot milk following by cardamom it does not harm me. Secondly, if I take banana when I am under flue then mucus occupies my chest and as a result my treatment became longer. Last year in the month of August, when I conducted an allergy test in Allergy Center Islamabad, it was found that my treatment was going to wrong direction. This led me to consult with the doctor and thanks to almighty Allah that proper treatment put me on the right track.


Certain meals cause constipation to me. These are inclusive mixed flour, liver rice and mint etc. I prefer to prevent with these meals but if I have to take them forcefully, for example when I am a guest somewhere then I always take the digestive tablet after having these food. All of our family members have noticed them away since we have started eating fate flour. This is a kind of flour that is obtained by grinding wheat in mill. In accordance with the golden rules of Islam, I eat the meal by chewing them thoroughly. Moreover, I also control constipation by eating less bread (roti) when I eat fruits. I have observed that our nation ignores the golden rules and guidelines for eating as described in Islam.


My wife is the patient of asthma since her childhood. She feels growth and intensity in her asthma when she eats certain foods such as guava, apple, grapes, rice, strawberry, green leaves and lassi (the yogurt milk) etc. in the light of my wife’s experience I would strongly recommend the asthma patients to strictly prevent strawberry.    

Above examples require us to prevent certain foods while having cure, as such foods have side effects. In my view, these foods are harmful because of the pesticides drugs as are sprayed on their trees.

Lack of exercise:

We find many people who rarely exercise or sometimes don’t do it ever. Revolutionary changes in the ways of entertainment such as TV, internet, mobile phones have left no more time for exercise. In addition to that modern ways of rooming have also negative impact on the daily life. I believe a mere walk for two kilometers makes difference.

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