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Women ask?

Ubqari Magazine - March 2016

This page is dedicated to the personal and family problems of ladies.Ladies must write their experiences and observations of daily life, additionally write on the one side of page clearly and complete either its disconnected.

Black spots on face:

last days pimples appeared on my mother's face, pimple finished but there are black spots now. They look very bad, tell something for that. I am 16 and pimples do appear on my faces mostly. (Samiyya, Lahore)

Suggestion: Samiyya! pimples do appear in this age do not disturb them, start taking any blood cleaning syrup, drink Safi of humdard 3 to 4 bottles , on pimples use the nigella seeds powder after mixing them in water. At night use the pulp of aloe Vera on face and sleep after it. Get Gul mandi and Ahnnab from market and sock the 5 pieces of Ahnaab and 10 to 11 pieces of gul mandi, and drink in morning after mixing and straining it. Do use some times the paste of banana after mixing it with yogurt, and wash face with basen, those girls who offer prayers and do ablution 5 times, and the whole dirt of their face is washed, pimples appear the most if the face is dirty.

Fast heart palpitation: I am 30 years old from last few months my heart beat becomes fast especially in morning palpitation becomes fast. I am taking the medicines of doctor but they are fruitless, if you have any tip then tell me. (Alia Begum, Multan)

Suggestion: there are many good Hakeem in Multan show them your pulse and get the medicine, there are medicines in Tib (herbal) which give strength to heart. The easy tip is that, take 21 pieces of raisins and half dip them into the rose water. Take one piece with fork in morning and eat it and drink the rose water. In earlier days it was suggested to take and eat the raisins pieces with long and fat needle which is used to stitch quilts. With this practice, after some days the heart palpitation used to be normal. The (jam) of Indian Gooseberry and apple were used in empty stomach in morning to have heart strength. These tips are experienced from last many years.

Bulk of diseases: I am 35 and married. first started abdominal problem then indigestion problem, less urine , joints pain , then flu came and by cough it feels that cheat is swelled , blood pressure remain uneven , if I take one medicine then another disease appears. And now the throat gland are creating problem. I am the older reader of ubqari, For Allah's sake suggest me something but do not suggest to go to any doctor or Hakeem I am tired of taking medicine. (Razzaq Ashraf)

Suggestion: you mentioned a lot of diseases but did not tell about your diet. The throat gland increases due to the deficiency of iodine salt, if iodine is proper then this problem comes to an end. Whenever I went for pilgrimage or Ummrah I felt a specific thing that the ladies of Malaysia and Turkey were keeping the packets of pineapple, and it was their breakfast. It may be the reason that they did not feel tired after the Tawaf of whole day, and there was no pain in their legs despite the fatness. I also purchased the packet of pineapple after watching them, after eating it my heart was very fresh, and I did not feel tired. I was amazed when I read about the pineapple after coming home. Pineapple is the combination of many traits, by eating it throat glands remains fine and it ends the deficiency of iodine. It helps in digestion and it let you feel hungry and wastage system also becomes good. Furthermore the flue also comes to an end; it is helpful for the joints pain and controls the blood pressure. Add pineapple in your diet it is usually available in packets. In some days you will come to know its benefits. Your digestive system will be fine and you feel hunger to a good extent. When food will be digested then the joint pain will be finished. Additionally the hotness of body will be ended and it is helpful for heat palpitation. By eating it the stones in Urinary finish and the patients of hepatitis can also eat. Eat for some weeks and the bulk of diseased decreases.

Benefits of Milk

I live in Jeddah, I read monthly Ubqari with interest, my eyesight is weak, and dark circle are appearing below the eyes, can I drink milk before sleeping. Must write about milk. (M. A Jeddah)

Suggestion: Son you are less than 20, why the dark circles are appearing do you use Vaseline? There is no harm in it. Wash you face in morning and sock the cotton in milk and then rub it slowly under your eyes. It will be very effective. Cow milk digest soon, it gives strength to brain and sharpens your eyesight. In the same way it increases the height. To keep the health stable it must be included in daily diet. You should drink two glasses of milk daily. Our Holy Prophet ﷺ liked the milk very much. Whenever He ﷺ drinks the milk Says, O Allah put Barakah in it and gives us more, He ﷺ liked the milk of female camel, goat and cow. There is health in cow's milk because it eats every type of plants. There is mentioning of the lakes of milk in Holy Quran. If you drink milk after mixing one teaspoon of honey in it, it gives strength in abundance; it becomes a type of power giving, nutritious drink, if you add the powder of cinnamon then the strength will be increased limitlessly.

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