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Get rid of the silent killer that dominates your thoughts

Ubqari Magazine - March 2016

(Muhammad Akmal Farooq Advocate, Sargodha)

While we live the day to day, there is always something on our minds that worries us. Most researchers claim that persistent stress can be truly damaging but that is not always true because a little amount of stress actually improves our performance. For instance, in sports a little pressure helps to improve the performance of the player. And many successful people owe their success to this very pressure too. However, continuous amount of stress can be a problem. 50 to 80 percent of the illnesses can be attributed to this mental stress which lowers our immunity against diseases. Higher stress levels lead to a wound not healing quickly and not only adults but children also feel stress too which makes them more prone to being injured.

The most significant diseases caused by stress: Heart diseases, Cancer, pain in the joints, asthma, stomach related problems, jaundice, ulcer, high blood pressure, depression, headache, suspicion, seizures and hallucinations, sugar, backache, sleeplessness, gas, weight loss, some skin illnesses, increase in cholesterol, fear without reason before mensuration, allergy, exhaustion and muscle pain etc.

Symptoms: People who are stressed are often absent minded. They may get in an accident while walking or driving. They may get lost and forget their route too. Under stress, a person's memory decreases and his concentration and focus is negatively affected too. Appetite lessens too, the person angers quickly, clenches fists and bites nails. The person under stress also suffers from indigestion and his metabolism decreases. Along with this headache, backaches and exhaustion continue to plague the person. Heartbeat quickens too and urine is passed a lot many times. Sex life is also affected. The person feels sad, bored and dejected. Life lacks purpose and suicide seems plausible. Nervousness becomes more pronounced and the complexion becomes yellowed too. Suspicion and fears are rampant too. Decision making power decreases too and smokers start to smoke more too.

The most significant reason for mental stress:

Failure, insecurities, irritation, mental distress, Failure in love, disrespectful behavior, dejection, feeling of guiltiness, death of a loved one, sadness, loneliness, sleeplessness, religious extremism, employment and financial pressures, fights in the family, academic pressures of children, dissatisfaction in sex life and pressure from in laws. Along with this natural disasters, uncomfortable weather conditions, decreased income and security threats etc.

Solutions for mental stress:  Some people look for solace to mental pressures in drugs, medicines and alcohol. But all of these are detrimental to health. The following should be considered to counter stress: 

  1. 1.      should be recited for cure to stress.
  2. 2.      Meditation should be done and one should imagine that Allah is sending down a rain of blessings and the heart is saying Allah Allah.
  3. 3.      Drinks like coffee, cola and tea should be used to an extent and salt should be reduced too.

More Use of the following:

  1. 4.      Juice of Oranges and tangerines, tomatoes, peas, peanuts, eggs, fresh vegetables, liver meat, kidney and fish meat etc.
  2. 5.      Exercise, jogging, walk and playing a favourite sport.
  3. 6.      A good friend with whom you can discuss everything.
  4. 7.       Making an effort to change conditions but if they are beyond control then accepting them as Allah's will. “If there is something that you like, make an effort to achieve it but if that’s not possible then like what you have instead ".
  5. 8.      Get the anger out of your system: shout in a closed room or open space, discuss it with a friend, write about your anger, or instead play squash, football or try jogging or boxing or any other sport that gets the anger out of your system.
  6. 9.      Get away from the place that angers you.
  7. 10.  Try and laugh more.
  8. 11.  Discuss your feelings with a friend.
  9. 12.  Helping others get over their distress.
  10. 13.   Avoid yellow and red and go for blue since blue is a soothing colour.
  11. 14.  Do not procrastinate by delaying today's work to tomorrow.
  12. 15.  Divide your workload amongst others and do not take the entire burden yourself.
  13. 16.   Try to decide the course of actions for each routine problem at the same time but sometimes try something new too.
  14. 17.  Predict problem areas and try to solve them beforehand for instance leave early if getting late is an issue.
  15. 18.  Allah's decisions are always for the best. Believe in that.
  16. 19.  Peace of the heart and soul can only be attained if we are attuned to the spirituality of our soul which again is only possible if we pay attention in salat and Dua.
  17. 20.  Catch up on your sleep.
  18. 21.  Forgive yourself and others.
  19. 22.  Getting rid of suspicions.
  20. 23.  Stretch your body and inhale exhale deeply to get rid of any tension.
  21. 24.  Sit in your chair in a way that your legs and back are parallel.
  22. 25.  Challenge yourself with difficult tasks first.
  23. 26.  Exercise daily to get rid of mental stress.
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