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Obesity! The second largest reason of death worldwide

Ubqari Magazine - January 2016

Almighty Allah has designed several functions in human body to keep it functioning well. One function is to produce fat, out of these several functions. If one develops even 1 kilogram of fat more than that is required, number of small arteries carrying blood, which may extend up to the length of three miles, increases in body. This negatively affects working of body because heart has to work hard to pump blood to all body parts. And when heart gets tired of pumping it cries and this is the moment when one starts feeling cardiac pain, epilepsy, diabetes, gastric and chest cancer, stone in spleen, general disorders of spleen, gasping specially when one is asleep, backbone pain, joint pain, hypertension, psychological disorders, and heamorhoidds (of all types). Fats are required in a body to live a normal life but its increase is a road to abnormal life. Hunger basically is a signal from our body that the fuel that was provided to keep it running has been consumed…

To fulfill its deficiency one must give food and water immediately, where are over eating has nothing to do with power of body or eliminating starvation infect it is related to taste. To fulfill their desires not only adults but kids are also eating chicken food without any schedule, they eat so much that there is no place of another piece of food or gas. This is how they become slave of their desires and in return obesity captures them as a punishment. Obesity is of two kinds (1) weight of muscles (2) weight of fats.  Muscular weight is increased in those people who do a lot exercise or are players and start resting, fat weight is more in those people who eat and drink a lot. Nowadays obesity has become headache for people due to this you become unfit everywhere. Bathroom mirror doesn’t tell you that you are fat, for this you need weight machine. Sometime weight of fat or healthy people is below danger line and sometime weight of slim person is far beyond average healthy person ringing alarming bell of danger. Male person having lean body with height of 5 feet should weigh between 53 Kg, similarly female of all three physic (slim, fat and normal) having height of 5 feet should weigh between 46-50 Kg. To know weight of people with 2inch more or 2inch less height add or subtract 3Kg from average weight of 5feet person. People suffering from obesity before 40 year of die 3 year before people who are not suffering from obesity. Nowadays you will find women everywhere next to men whether it is construction or corrective measures, in this pious act they are one step ahead of men. Women of 40 year die 7 year before of their age fellows. It is considered second most unnatural biggest reason of death after smoking in this world, increase of obesity in kids is considered to be increased by 50 yo 100%. 

Few Important points of relief: (1) you should lifts of whole city are for ill people, you should use stairs. (2) park your car far from office and walk fast towards office thinking that debtor is behind you. (3) there is no hurdle in getting off  1 stop before of your stop, for this you have wake up little bit early this will definitely disturb your  sleep but it is not much considerable it is just matter of your mentality. (4) get rid of habbit of not doing work, do hard work and also ask your children to do so. (5) cook food in oil. (6) there is no danger in eating less and working more whereas eating more and working less is more dangerous. (7) during eating read table of 11 on every bite of food, chew every bite 11- 33 times. (8) drink water as much as you can, during summer 14-22 glass and during other seasons 10-14 glass of water daily. (9) less sugar, less salt and less oil not only keep you safe from disease but also prevent you from making doctors rich.  (10) use more fresh fruit, uncooked vegetables, and salad. (11) during meal don’t eat anything and also don’t make children habitual of without time eating chocolate, sweets, sweet dishes or drinks. (12) daily have different food in meal. During 21 meals of week 6 times different pulses, 6 times different vegetables and 5 time different meat, fish or egg, 4 time different seasonal food such as Dahi Bhalle, Khashash’s Khagina, noodles or rice etc. (13) tuning of human body is not possible without exercise, best time for it is morning and evening before meal. (14) push laziness away and move your body with alacrity, small disease will be cured on their own. No one has time but who doesn’t want to be called good and feel better “Do More For Health”. (Mantha Yousaf)

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