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Apply Mustard Oil on Nails and Get Rid of 6 Horrible Diseases

Ubqari Magazine - May 2015

Reader I brought expensive pearls for you and I am not hiding, so you will also become generous and do write.

(Editor: Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzobi Chugtai)


It is an old story, I saw an old man after clipping his nail, rubbing his nails on his head, like someone scratches his head then he used to see his nails and say no it is little bit, and then he used to apply the same oil on his toes nails. I was observing this and I enjoyed a curious nature from birth. I asked him what are you doing baba? He replied it is quite beneficial; I did not satisfied by this.

I asked what benefits? He said it strengthens heart and brain, eyesight does not get weak, memory remains smooth and a person does not get mad.

 I enquired how you know. He said my grandfather lost his eyesight in early we did a lot of medications, at that time India Pakistan was not separated. Mithra is a place in India, there was an eye specialist. We did a long journey to reach there, he cured but in vain. Someone said do 2 things soak 21 almonds at night along with 1 table spoon of saunf (Aniseed) and eat it early in the morning chew it properly, second thing clip hand and toe nails after every third day and apply mustard oil, as we were tired of so many medication and this medication was cheap. We started but we had not observed any change we met him, he said do not worry you will see the benefits and 100% will be evaluated and told many experiences, after hearing this we started using almond and aniseed and oil on nails. We did 7 months, one day my grandfather (Nana) said, see buffaloes (one was lame) then said see lame buffalo if going, we thought that he is saying by estimating. I asked right or left, he told the direction and told me the number of the buffaloes my grandfather’s father was shocked. Alhamdolillah my son is fine now, he continued that remedy for 3 years, my nano died at 80 years, enjoying good memory, strong will power, he used to cut woods by own, he brought mud on donkey and fetch water for building purpose. My grandmother used to grind wheat and when guest arrived my grandfather used to grind. In 80 years of his age they used to work hard, can read in moonlight, memory safe, good health, knee strong and body like Tarzan. Baba ji added that I took this from my grandfather. I am also 70 years old and I am 100% fit and my health is in front of you, and really he was famous among people due to health. He was enjoying and they use to say that it is due to Desi pure ghee but the secret was disclosed when he scratched his head with his nails.

Reader! This is a small tip but valuable and effective. I am doing for years and telling others as well and I saw miracles of this because this will prevent early aging. Whether you are a man or woman you do not like aging getting old is a natural thing but before age it is miserable, life gets horrible man loses its value and respect.

Come on let’s start this and make it our generation practice because person by overlooking small remedies faces big horrible problems.

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