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Using radish to replace expensive treatments for diseases

Ubqari Magazine - October 2013

This vegetable is very efficacious for the patients of hepatitis and digests quickly if eaten with molasses (gurr). It is an effective treatment for liver and spleen diseases. Urinary irritation and disturbances are relieved by eating radish.

Radish is mostly eaten raw but it is more delicious when cooked. It has two popular types i.e. white clutched radish and green clutched radish, its shape is long or round like a turnip, Chinese radish is called Horsy radish. It is found from September till November in the plains and from October till January in the hills.

Treatments and medicinal properties of radish:

Radish is a great elixir for stones and sand in kidney or bladder. Its continuous use is a healing treatment for these diseases. It takes time to digest but helps other foods to digest quickly. Radish and its leaves’ juice is very useful for the treatment of piles, it also eliminates irritation and itching and very effective for treatment of liver troubles.

This vegetable is very efficacious for the patients of hepatitis and digests quickly if eaten with molasses. It is an effective treatment for liver and spleen diseases. Urinary irritation and disturbances are relieved by eating radish. To recover from hepatitis, the patients should drink radish juice mixed with coarse sugar (khand).

It is harmful to eat radish with empty stomach. Applying radish juice on teeth helps to treat Peoria and other dental diseases. Mix radish juice with sesame oil and heat it until the juice burns and oil is left, keep this oil in a bottle, it’s a royal treatment for ears.

Rise in spleen is cured by drinking ten tola radish juice with salt. Scorpio dies if radish juice is dropped on it and if a Scorpio stings, applying radish juice with cotton on the affected area removes the effect of poison. Scorpio cannot sting if radish water is rubbed on hands. Rubbing radish juice on bald head helps hair growth. Applying radish seed juice mixed with goat milk removes glandular swellings in the neck, continuous eating removes bladder stones. Radish pickle is also very useful. To make nice and delicious pickle, cut the radish into pieces and put in a jar. Eating this pickle removes the ailments of spleen, piles and urinary disturbances. Take some radish juice and heat it on fire when it becomes thick, place it in the sun to let it get dry, Radish essence is ready! Eating this essence relieves severe kidney pain and urinary disturbances.

Radish salt is a treatment for many diseases. Take some hard and large radishes, cut in thin slices and dry in the sun. Burn the dried slices and when it turns into ash, put into water, leave it for three to four days until salt appears in the water and the ash would go in the bottom. Draw off this water and boil till it dries, the left over is radish salt. Scratch it and preserve it in a bottle.

Following are the benefits of radish salt:  Eating honey mixed with one tola radish salt removes asthma. Eating one masha (a weight consisting of eight rattis) radish salt with butter milk every day is a treatment for all liver diseases and jaundice. Eating one masha radish salt with warm water gives relief in flu and cold. Add radish salt in four times more honey and apply in the eyes for the treatment of inflammation. Sniff a pinch of radish salt to remove brain worms and flu.

Eating radish salt from half to one masha, mixed with sugar gives relief in old cough. Take one masha radish salt with warm water to treat indigestion, for burning and obstruction in urine, take radish salt with cool water. This salt works as an elixir for the treatment of bladder stone, kidney pain or sand. Take some radish salt and callyrium (extracted from the roots of the Amomum); boil it adding two times more water in it on moderate heat, now make small tablets of the size of gram. Piles will be removed by eating two to three tablets in the morning and evening.

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