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Hazrat Hakeem Sahib Daamat Barkaataham in Interior Sindh

Ubqari Magazine - May 2015

 Maulana Muhammad Waleed ar-Rasheedi (Ustaad al-Hadith jaamia Madina qadeem, Lahore)

 This journey of hakeem sahib daamat barkaataham in the interior Sindh given the present circumstances of our country was of an ambassador of peace, guide, as a spiritual and physical practitioner, due to which the creation of Allah benefited a lot. Note: In every sermon a large number of women participated. And this must also be mentioned that in this stay of interior Sindh all the devotees who had come form all over the country were also with hazrat Hakeem sahib.


Hazrat hakeem sahib daamat barkaataham went to Sukkhar and interior Sindh on 27th February 2015. During this three day journey sermons and lessons were delivered in various cities. Many academic, spiritual, political, social personalities met as well. Shrines of people of Allah, aulia and truthful people were visited as well. Fatiha was said over there. Many schools were also visited. On the 27th February on 4 pm we reached the house of jenab Ali Baksh Khan Mehar in Rohri, Sukkhur. Ali Bakh Mehar is the mutually agreed upon chief of a tribe comprised of millions of people. He is the maternal uncle of MNA Ali Muhammad Khan Mehar, who is the past chief minister of Sindh. Two other nephews of sardar sahib, Ali Nawaz Mehar, agriculture minister, Ali Gohar Mehar is the member of national assembly. Here many dignitaries of the area and prominent personalities and common people had gathered. In front of the entire people hazrat hakeem sahib daamat barkaataham delivered a brief but comprehensive and effective sermon about the virtues of durood shareef based on books of dignified pious people. After leaving here, in the evening he reached barrage colony Sukkur. Here in a large mosque and in an adjacent area a separate arrangement was made for men and women. After the Isha prayers, a sermon of around quarter to three hours was delivered. After that upon the insistence of attendees bait was also done. On the day of Saturday, after the fajar prayers. Dars, zikar and meditation and after getting free from breakfast and other needs we went to condole the renowned personality of Sakkhur, Qari Khaleel sahib, we met his son Qari Jameel Ahmad. After that we went to Ashrafiyya Sakhhur for this purpose, where we met Naazim Dr. Haqnawaz and various other responsibles for this purpose. We went to the Usmania academic institute which is being constructed in Sakkhur society. A prayer for blessings was said the construction and prosperity of the institution.

Incident of Hazrat Sheikh: While leaving for Shikaar pur from Sakkhur , we stopped in the academic institution of Muhammad Sharif Barohi sahib Idaara Hamaadiyya Madina tul Uloom. We met Sheikh and various other people and offered prayers for the institution. After that we reached Raheem abad Khanpur, district Shikaarpur, located at a short distance. Here we met quite senile Maulana Muhammad Umar Sohro. Hazrat maulana received secial attention of and company of hazrat Almroti (RA) in a young age. After that he remained a disciple of the caliph of hazrat Hamaad ullah Baalchi and he received caliphood and permission from the other caliph of hazrat Baalchi, hazrat maulana Abdul Karim bair waale. Hazrat is quite senile now. But he stood up and met very warmly. He kept on talking to us about the past times, incidents and stories with other sagely people. And he prayed for a very long time.After leaving from here, we reached Daar-ul-qiraat, shikaar pur that has been established by Imaam-ul-Qura, Qari Muhammad Ali Madni. The beautiful and vast building of daar-ul-qiraat was a reflection of the taste and delicacy of Qari sahib. Hazrat Qari sahib learned the skill of recitation from the dignified reciters of the Harmain. Then he kept on teaching for a long time. That is why many scholars and a few aaima of Harmain are students of hazrat Qari sahib. Here we offered zuhr in the company of hazrat Qari sahib. Then after the prayers we met him. He felt very happy and prayed. And the next day the sermon of hazrat hakeem sahib that was due in Sukkhur on the occasion of nikah, he promised to come in that and recite the holy Quran. By continuing the journey we reached from Shikarpur to Norogoth. Here we met maulana saaien Abdul Jabbar sahib. Saaien Abdul Jabbar sahib is a disciple of the caliphs of hazrat maulana saaien Abdul Kareem of Bair and is appointed on the position of fanaa-fi-Allah. Hazrat adored all the participants of the caravan. He ordered a servant to recite with vigor the divine liturgical verses. It must be made clear that hazrat saaien Abdul Jabbar sahib also awarded hazrat Hakeem sahib with his caliphood and permission. After that he sat in solitude with hazrat hakeem sahib daamat barkaatahum and spiritual conversation was held. After that he prayed for him a lot and then sent him away. At the time of maghrib they reached the city of Kandoyaaro, district Noshehro Feroze. There after the asr prayers a sermon for women had already been decided and for this a large number of women had already gathered there. Due to their interest and emotions by overlooking the tiredness due to journey hazrat Hakeem sahib daamat barkaatahum gave a sermon after maghrib for an hour which was full of advice and valuable suggestions for women. After the Isha prayers a sermon happened in masjid Farooq-e-Azam for two and a half hours. Afte this baiyyah was done. After fajar sermon, zikar and meditation breakfast was held at the house of venerable member of the Islamic ideological council, Mufti Muhammad Idrees Sindhi. Over there he met with qari Syed Ihsan ullah sahib. He is a living encyclopedia of writings, artefacts and academic books. This gathering was very interesting. Qari sahib had certain precious antiques and writings which he showed, and presented to hazrat hakeem sahib. Upon getting free from there, they went to Qaasmiya library, which houses around 60,000 books. From there they went to Paryaalo city, district Sakkhur. Due to an abundance of oases of date palsm and gardens this territpry looks much like Arab as opposed to Sindh. The shrine of the renowned spiritual personality of Sindh, Makhdoom Muhammad Ismael sahib is located there. (It much be clear that Makhdoom Muhammad Ismael (RA) was the murshid of Makhdoom Muhammad Rashid Moras aala gaddi pir pagaara). Moreover, nearby two venerable teachers of hazrat makhddom sahid, hazrat pir Jamal Ullah and hazrat Sheikh pir Abu Hurairah Mian Abroo have their tombs there. Fatiha was recited on all of these shrines. Here, in the mosque and the adjacent area, there was a separate arrangement for men and women. Here, a very interesting and unique sermon was delivered about the benefits and virtues of dates. People listened to it very keenly. Upon returning from Sukkhur, hazrat sahib daamat barkaatahum appeared on the shrine of hazrat Amroti, Amrote shareef. He did meditation. And he met the sajaada nasheen, Syed Taj Mehmood Amroti sahib briefly and returned back to Sukkur. In Sakkhur at 10 pm at night the event was held in the big hall (Haalaar shadi hall), which was full of people. First hazrat Qari Muhammad Ali Madni sahib recited the holy Quran. After that for almost two hours a long sermon was delivered. Hazrat Qari sahib participated in the sermon despite his senility and journey. After the sermon, nikaah was held and prayers were said. In this whole journey, from the beginning till the end the renowned scholar of Sakkhur Jenab Sheikh ul Hadith, maulana Nazeer Ahmad sahib madzilla, remained with the caravan of hazrat hakeem sahib at every moment. And he kept on bestowing with his information and knowledge. In the whole journey people from different social circles of Sakkhur, nations, sects and religions benefited from Hazrat hakeem sahib and met him. Every sermon of hazrat hakeem sahib was composed of priceless pearls of well wishing, tolerance, elegant behavior, for the cure of spiritual and physical household problems. Special prayers were said for the internal and external problems of the country and for the security of the national borders. Every sermon was an interpretation of the desires and true longings of the people. An uncountable gathering listened to the hour long sermons with keen interest and attention. A wonderful, rather an encouraging thing is that in every sermon people from every caste, creed, and sect participated with full attention and interest. This is the thing desired by the Ummah at the moment. To gather every person of the ummah on a single platform. And this is the mission of hazrat sahib daamat barkaatahum.

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