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Ubqari Magazine - May 2015


By Shaikh-ul-Wazaif Hadhrat Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mahmood Majzoobi Chughtai (HafizahuLLAH Ta’ala) (Extract from the weekly sermon)


Once Hadhrat Malik Bin Dinarرحمت الله علیہ)) was travelling by sea, one of the fellow passenger lost one of his precious jewel. He searched through the whole boat but could not find it. He was so desperate that he pointed towards Hadhrat Malik رحمت الله علیہ)) and accused him for having stolen that jewel.

The Allah Almighty can grant His Awareness to whosoever He wills and I would like to quote here the golden words of my spiritual Shaikh Hadhrat Hajveri رحمت الله علیہ))that even a person in his youth can attain the knowledge of Allah. It all depends on the firmness of disciple’s faith in the Master’s status near Allah and even they get the spiritual place that others could not get even after 80 years. This has been observed and witnessed as well.

There was also a wise old person sitting there. When he learned about the whole matter, he suggested why we should not ask this noble looking man if he had committed this wrong instead of accusing him falsely. Then he proceeded forward and asked him to tell the truth. ‘Did you commit any such mistake?’ Hadhrat Malik was a true seeker of Allah’s Knowledge and Marifat and he had pledged that he would spend the whole of his life to seek knowledge of Allah Almighty and had befriended Him. He did not utter a single word. He just raised his gaze towards the sky… when love is at its peak, then the eyes speak while the tongue remains motionless and the whole conversation takes place through the heart.

Once I met one of my friend who was also serving there as a local councilor. He told me an interesting incident about the day he was elected. He was standing near the polling station as he did not have the permission to enter into the polling station and only voters were allowed in. He saw one of his voters coming who did not know about his electoral sign (which was bicycle). When they had eye contact, the councilor hinted to a bicycle that was parked nearby but did not say anything verbally to him. He told me later that it was just the eye contact that the voter stamped his electoral sign. The voter then told him that the rival candidates were also present and any conversation was not possible so the eyes conveyed the whole message.

Similarly, Hadhrat Malik Bin Dinar رحمت الله علیہ)) just raised his gaze towards the sky but did not utter a word. Allah Almighty fulfilled his friendship gesture in such a wonderful way that all around the boat there were fishes with each carrying a similar jewel in their mouths. Hadhrat Malik رحمت الله علیہ)) took one of the jewel and asked that complainant if it was his. Upon witnessing this, the actual thief could not withhold it and said it was enough for him. ‘You have indeed demonstrated how to love the Almighty. You are so close to Allah and here I am drowned in the bottom of ignorance and filthy sinful life. I had stolen his jewel and you were falsely accused. The jewel that is in your hand is not the one that he lost; rather it is this jewel that I am holding.’ When the matter was clear, Hadhrat Malik Bin Dinar رحمت الله علیہ)) threw that jewel back into the water and thanked the Almighty for His Favour in that stressful hour.

Dear readers! These are not just the tales. Even we have witnessed so many incidents like this at the blessed hands of my Shaikh Hadhrat Abdullah Majzoob رحمت الله علیہ)) whose real name was Abdul Hameed. To summarise, anyone who is a true seeker of Allah’s Love and His Pleasure can find the same thing even today. Our Lord Almighty is never changing. He is the same and would stay the same forever. His blessings are in constant flow now as they were always and he is always Kind enough and Loving. The only thing that has reduced now is our own love, desire and passion for Him.


Umm-e-Ayman (رضی الله عنہا ) , who was the servant of Hadhrat Bibi Amina (رضی الله عنہا ), said that Hadhrat Bibi Amina(رضی الله عنہا )was nineteen when she was married and she died when she was just twenty four. Her lap was blessed with the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) when she was just nineteen and our beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him) was just 6 years old when she gave a sad demise. His father Hadhrat Abdullah (رضی الله عنہ) had already died before his birth. Hadhrat Amina(رضی الله عنہا )along with the Holy Prophet(Peace be upon him) and Hadhrat Umm-e-Ayman, went to visit Hadhrat Abdullah’s(رضی الله عنہ )grave and when they reached on their return journey to Makkah near a place called Abwa, Hadhrat Bibi Amina (رضی الله عنہا ) breathed her last. Umm-e-Ayman went away and brought some local Bedouins and some women who bathed the deceased and performed the funeral rites and buried her. Umm-e-Ayman (رضی الله عنہا) said that when she came down a small hill she heard someone crying there. She thought who could be that. Then when she went further she saw a six years old kid just hugging to her mother’s grave and it was none other than the best of all creations (Our beloved Prophet(صلی الله علیہ وسلم ) who was crying in his mother’s memory and was asking why she left him as she was his guardian for the life. Now you are gone so who should I call as my mother? (To be concluded)

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