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Jinnat took my cousin

Ubqari Magazine - September 2014

Respected Hakeem Sahib Assalam O Alikum! I am reader of Ubqari since two years, I read “Natal friend of Jinns” with interest and seriousness. May ALLAH continue your Faiz till death and may ALLAH bless you long life with health and may generations of generations of your be pious, may ALLAH grant heart like you to everyone, I am thankful to ALLAH that HE grant me company of person like you.

Respected Hakeem Sahib! There live pious Jinns in house where my uncle is residing and they like cleanliness very much. Proof is that the lady who sold this house said that money from my cupboard never decreased and I am regretting after selling this house please give it back to me. That lady used to keep her home clean very much. But!!! Family of my uncle made it dirty. I am telling you because these things became reason of two deaths. Daughter of my uncle who was perfectly healthy, she grew up with me, we were good friends. But when she shifted in this house she started saying strange things she used to tell us that I have beautiful house, it has red carpet on its stairs and when I move on those stairs my hair swings, we said she is saying rubbish. Then suddenly she got ill after test we came to know that she is suffering from blood cancer. One day in front of her father she told her mother that mom I am pregnant, her father beat her a lot, but she kept on insisting to her mother. At last her mother took her to lady doctor and she said there is nothing. She brought her back to home.

Till hours she used to write letter in bath room to don’t know who….??? She started eating coal, burned match stick and dust from wall. Then she got more ill, she knew about cancer.  She got on bed and at last she left us crying. After hear death her brother died in road accident, no part of his body was damaged except part between both legs was completely damaged.

Few days before his death he used to talk strange things such as mother I want to go far, he used to tell his cousin that I saw fairy in my dream and she said that I came to take you, come with me. The day he died his younger brother saw a dream that his brother is groom and he is riding horse on his wedding day and he is very happy. He woke up and told her mother that mom brother is groom.

Respected Hakeem Sahib! Reason of telling all these things is that is really my cousin taken by Jinns?

One special thing:

My aunty has a student; Jinns come on her and beat her a lot. One Jinn came on her who is now Muslim. Before he was Christian, that Jinn tells his name Abdur Rehman. Abdur Rehman told his family that Jinns have taken your cousin. Family members got astonished after listening this. (because this girl was friend of my cousin). They told everything that I have told you before. Respected Hakeem Sahib! This is strange incident for us?

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