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Don't worry about joint pain and broken bones

Ubqari Magazine - December 2014

Arthralgia and fracture affectees, be attentive!
She asked someone to prepare grated samblu at once as if it was a powder. She made pills like wheat grains after adding Desi ghee and then gave one pill to my father with a cup of Desi ghee. There was no sign of pain after 3rd pill.

( Aqeel Nawaz Khan , huripoor)

Respected hakeem sahib, Assalam o alaikum!  First of all, I pray to Allah that may you and your team be blessed with helping the mankind like this forever. I am a reader of Ubqari since july 2012. As I live I a village I have an interest in herbal medicine. There is a special herb available in our village, it’s not a herb, rather it is a man sized thorny self growing plant. It has such benefits that I wanted those to reach general public through you so that when it’s used, it benefits people and us.

The name of this herb is “sumblu”. I am writing it a herb again and again as it is its root that is mostly used. This plant is excavated long its root in autumn, then its roots are washed and the covering is peeled, and then dried in shade. Its 2 types are available at our place; one is called black sumblu and the other yellow sumblu. Now I would like to tell you about its benefits. My father once climbed and was cutting branches of a tree when his foot slipped and fell over stones in supine position. He walked back home with very difficulty. May Allah forgive my late grandmother who asked someone to prepare grated samblu at once as if it was a powder. She made pills like wheat grains after adding Desi ghee and then gave one pill to my father with a cup of Desi ghee ( be carefull as only a person who is used to taking desi ghee in this amount can digest it). There was no sign of pain after 3rd pill.( he had severe internal injury of the back). There was an interval of one day after every tablet and he used to eat them at night before going to bed.

My late grandmother used to say that the same prescription was given in the above mentioned way to anyone with fracture. Since samblu is warm in efficacy, an interval of one day is practiced and the dose is not more than the size of wheat grain. If anyone had toothache, the peel of the root of sumblu was placed in mouth next to the aching tooth and the pain would be relieved instantly. Cough, whether dry or with expectoration, is instantly relieved by keeping sumblu in mouth. In case of an external injury/ulcer, be it of any type, powder of sumblu was sprinkled and few drops of mustard oil were dropped on it. It acts a perfect soothing application. Ulcer heals completely in a few days. These were my experiences.

Besides it, I have read an article by Abdul hakeem sulaimaani in a local magazine. He has written that sumblu belongs to the genus berberis. According to his experiences sumblu is an elixir for blood, liver, breast, and bony carcinomas. The method of its use as mentioned by him is to immerse 3 masha peel of simblu in a cup of water and drink it half an hour after taking food in the morning. Similarly immerse it in the morning and drink it in the evening. Besides this he has also stated it to be a treatment of diabetes.

He has also mentioned another way of using it for treatment of diabetes and carcinoma. Powder of submlu twice the amount of cumin


(space for Arabic text) :  Gum silk cotton tree, borage flower, butea monosperma, colchicum luteum, all of them in equal weight and crush them finely. Take half teaspoon with milk in morning (fasting). Start after the monthly cycle, result will be visible in a few days. I read this prescription in a magazine. A sister had given it. I pray a lot for the sister who gave it. I was cured by this remedy. If sister is cured by it, do remember me in your prayers. ( H- F), Lahore.

Freedom from termite after experiments
(Part 7)
Readers wrote experiences of relief from termite which we shall keep presenting trustworthily to you  in parts. I have a charm for relief from termite which is to fill the furniture and door affected by termite with iodex. It has been tried by me. My furniture got infested with termite, I tried it and do not need to repeat it to date. Alhumdulillah!

( Mrs moazzum, Faisalabad)

Honourable Hakeem sahib Assalam o alaikum! I am sending a tried tip for termite. It has been tried by me. Termite infested the door of my home. They changed the door frame before my marriage. Then termite infested the other side. I stuffed socks soaked in furnace oil in the door frame and plastered the area eaten by termite with cement. Now Alhumdulillah 15 years have passed and the door is fine. Similarly my furniture was infested with termite; it was treated the same way. It is a wonderful method. (Syeda Ayesha)

For unwanted facial hair
Readers sent excellent writings, inner secrets and experiments for termite control, vision and insomnia. We are returning it trustworthily through magazine and shall keep returning it. Now readers are requested to tell their medicinal experiences for unwanted facial hair. Editor will be waiting. Waiting, waiting, and waiting…. Hurry up; Allah’s creation is very worried…..! Only tested experiences!

 (Continued…. Those blessed by spiritual gathering)
domestic conditions were deteriorating day by day. One day I was reading Ubqari magazine, while reading those blessed by spiritual gathering I had a thought that why not I practice spiritual gathering for my problem. I am practicing spiritual gathering regularly since that month and working at the same place continuously. I am completely satisfied and there is a lot of burkut in my means of sustenance.      ( Mohammad Riaz, Lahore)

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