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I was drunk that the call to prayer (azaan) gave me shivers

Ubqari Magazine - November 2014

It was evening, everybody was enjoying, I was at my camp, from somewhere far I was hearing Allahu Akbar Allah Akbar, اللہ اکبر اللہ اکبر and oh I was shocked what was it?

I got so messed up, I started shivering, it was the voice of azaan, I heard it after 10 years, it was connected to my soul, I started running towards it.


Respected Hakeem sahib, may Allah bless you with his special blessings, for he has chosen you to help His Creatures. It is his blessing on you that you don’t hide any helpful tip from anyone, you are just not fighting against jealousy and envy with words but with actions too, this generosity is given to only lucky ones. Today the saddened humanity is benefiting from your generosity and in return giving you their best wishes and prayers. Sir, I owe to Ubqari that it introduced me to you, my generous leader. Now I am going to tell my readers the story of my life, and it hopefully freshens the Iman of many of you.

Respected readers, after serving Pakistan for some years on a very important post, with honesty, I resigned and moved to America and settled there. I got more education there, worked really hard, Allah blessed me and I got really good reward of all the hard work and got an excellent job. I had a beautiful house, an American wife with whom I had my family. In fact I had everything but there was something missing in my soul that always made me uncomfortable. I lived in American state Ohio Cleveland, under my supervision 40 men and women used to work, they were all happy with me and my good nature. When it was the time of Christmas holidays, they all forced me to send holidays in Las Vegas to avoid the extreme snowfall in Cleveland, and I had to agree with them.

This small group of people along with my family travelled in 20 cars to our destination meanwhile enjoyed all the passing by cities, in seven days we reached Las Vegas. We did every possible sightseeing of that city, at night it was like day there, the city is populated with all rich mercantile princes. One of my friend planned a desert night for all of us, we camped outside the city and gave it all a desert look. It was evening, everybody was enjoying, I was at my camp, from somewhere far I was hearing اللہ اکبر اللہ اکبر  Allahu Akbar Allah Akbar, oh I was shocked what was it?I got so messed up, I started shivering, it was the voice of azaan, I heard it after 10 years, it was connected to my soul, I started running towards it from the voices were coming. My wife and staff started to follow my lead thinking that I might have gotten too drunk. After running fro like half an hour I found myself on the doorstep of a small masjid. One muslim brother from Egypt had that masjid made in that desert, I listened to maghrib’s azaan there too, that uncomfortable feeling of my soul since last ten years just went away. Desire was found by the desirer. After some days we returned to workplace, but it was the magic of that azaan of the Egyptian muslim caller, that it produced a dilemma infact forced something in my heart and mind. My heart told me to return to the place from I had come, and that these music and this city is just a mirage, think about that mother who nurtured you all the way, how is she now and your old father would be walking with sticks by now. Tomorrow you will be in some old village home and your children will be here in some hotel dancing around, but will surely courier me bouquets of flowers because that’s what American tradition is. My mind was saying there’s no way you will get such luxurious life in your own country, these blessings and favors, American nationality, excellent place to live, best medical treatments, cars and dollars…but my heart won the fight. I kicked every worldly luxury, left everything to my American wife, even left American nationality and returned to Pakistan. I married here again, settled here, Allah blessed me dsughters and sons both. I bought a flat in front of a masjid here, listening to azaan five times a day gave such relaxation and peach, opened up dairy and bird farms at the outskirts of Karachi. Now my soul is in peace.

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