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A Healing Cure for Physical Illnesses.... Medical Suggestions

Ubqari Magazine - December 2013

Cures for Gleet, Diarrhoea, Urine Drops, Warmth or Slowing of Liver, A Childhood Mistake

For matters that demand attention send a self-addressed letter with your message. If you do not send this you will not receive a reply. While writing do not use additional glue or tape. Do not staple your letter. Secrecy would be valued. Write on one side of the page. Write the name and the name of the city at the end of the letter. Note: Only use the diet that has been prescribed for you.

Easy Cure for Gleet

For some time I was involved in bad activities. Due to which I used to have drops of gleet while urinating or after that. I am very upset because of this. My arms have become hollow shells. I do not have any power. A lot of pimples grow on the face. There is some fluid in them too. I have used many medicines and creams but there has been no effect. (Majid, Gujranwala)

Suggestion: The best and the cheapest cure is to firmly repent from bad deeds. Do not bring the thought of bad deeds in your mind in the future. Adopt good society and good atmosphere. Refrain from eggs, chicken, fish, chilies, and hot spices. Dip 11 almonds and 21 pieces of raisins in water at night. In the morning eat them piece by piece nicely by chewing them well. And drink the water of raisins after that. Eat vegetables and fruit. From the office of Ubqari buy thandi muraad and akseer-ul-badan and use them for some time. Use pure and good butter early in the breakfast. Use diet number 1

Face Full of Pimples

Since past five years, pimples are growing on my face. Sometimes they are less and sometimes they are more. The forehead becomes full of pimples at least once in a year. It is like this since the last year. They have grown this year too. That is why seeking a cure; it creates distress that the problem may actually further deteriorate. (S, Karachi).

Suggestion: You should use thandi muraad and khoon safa for some time persistently. InshaAllah you will have a lot of benefits. Write after one month. Use diet no. 1

20.3 Warmth in the Liver or Laziness?

I am 23 years old. My problem is that my liver and bladder are quite warm. This is so for the past 3 years. I often have drops after I urinate. I remain lazy most of the times. And wake up very late in the morning. I have sought a cure for a couple of times too. But after a few months, this problem reappears. The second problem is that my appetite is extremely low. I am very weak. I eat a lot, but the diet does not become show on the body. My wrists are very thin. I remain anxious often. (Aashiq Hussain, Lahore)

Suggestion: The states you have written are not descriptive of a liver problem. Do not use cold medicines without any reason. You should take akseer-ul-badan and johar shifaa-e-madina from the office of Ubqari and use them for some time with perseverance. Eat normal foods. Cook food in pure desi ghee. Reduce cold diets. Use powder of Sulemani-salt after lunch and dinner. You seem to be a victim of laziness. Use diet no. 2.

Old Diarrhoea

I suffer from diarrhea. Once upon a time I had severe fever. I took medicine from the doctor. Diarrhoea started. They would not stop with any medicine. If any treatment cures them, they restart after a few days. (Muhammad Zahid, Cheecha Watni)

Suggestion: Use peel of pomegranate. Dry it and grind it to make a powder. And in the morning and in the evening take two pinches with three drops of water. It is hoped that Allah Almighty Allah Almighty will help.

Dysfunctional Stomach

I am sixty years old. My stomach in dysfunctional for the past 8 years. Apart from a few things like turnip, pumpkin, zucchini, teenday, calabash, moong lentils and meat, I cannot eat anything. I cannot eat at all bitter gourd, ladyfingers, aubergine, potatoes and spinach, cabbage and peas at all. By eating these things the stomach becomes totally disorderly. I develop constipation. I start burping, the mouth starts smelling badly, the tongue becomes dirty, the taste of mouth remains sour, at the time of urination a little bit of bowl releases un-intentionally, Sometimes at the end of the bowl seldom a white and seldom a yellow liquid is released. In the above portion of the stomach warmth and laziness is felt. If I take diet having warm effects like fish, chicken, egg etc. I have burns in stomach and bladder. The urine comes with burning sensation. I feel thirsty, lose appetite. I used various herbal medicines but either there was no benefit, or it was temporary. On getting checked from the hospital, it was diagnosed that the prostate is normal. But the mouth of the bladder is tight. (Rizwan Ali, Abu Dhabi)

Suggestion: Take Islaah-e-Maihda course from the office of monthly Ubqari and use it with persistence. In the morning or the evening mix the sherbet of bail, mix it in half cup of water and drink it. Whatever diet that suits you, only eat that. It is hoped that by the grace of Allah Almighty you will have benefits. Use diet no. 1.

Drops of Urine

Whenever I come out after urinating, two or three drops of urine spoil my clothes. I am punctual about prayers. I am 15 years old and by the grace of Allah Almighty I am fine in every respect. I have nothing apart from this disease, due to which I have doubts. (Ayaan, Lahore)

Suggestion: Use 5-6 packets of thandi mural and akseer-ul-badan continuously and then write again. InshaAllah you will have benefits.

Three Illnesses

I have three illnesses according to practitioners because the urine is extremely red and burnt. Whereas upon getting a urine test, there appears to be nothing. I had tuberculosis. I have had that course. By the grace of Allah Almighty all the results were normal. But I had dry cough. When I got myself tested again tuberculosis was diagnosed again. (Muhammad Anwar, Sahiwaal)

Suggestion: Buy herbaria extract from an old practitioner. In two ounces of extract mix one spoon of sugar and drink it early in the morning. Cook turnip, pumpkin, zucchini, carrots, salt, turmeric powder, coriander, white cumin with a little bit of onions and make a curry in pure desi ghee. Drink it with spoon and eat bread too. Eat special Kaabli melon after one hour of eating food. From the office of Ubqari take johar shifa-e-medina and 70 shifaaien and use for some time. Use diet no. 3

A Childhood Mistake

I am married. I have lost my energies due to childhood mistakes. My problem is that experience orgasm very quickly. Due to this I have become a psychological patient. Till one month after my marriage I was perfectly alright. But afterwards, this weakness has started. (Bashir Butt, Rawalpindi)

Suggestion: The real basis in this is the brain. The control of mind is everything. Fresh fruits and vegetables, and if there is no cholesterol, fresh butter, desi ghee, custard, rabri, firni, ras-malaai, ras-gulla, fresh cheese, and fresh fruit juices are useful. If you do have constipation, gul-qand, fennel, ispaghol and haazim-e-khaas should be taken.

Meat, egg, chicken, chili, spices, peas, sour things, and to refrain from all the sexual thoughts and actions till complete rehabilitation is also important. Playing, walking, change of atmosphere, and pious atmosphere is also important. Take care of the digestive system too. If you feel warmth in the blood then in pure rose extract, mix pure sherbet of rose, cool it with ice and drink it. Sugarcane is also useful. Bananas, garma, sarda, pears, water melons  can be eaten after food, alternately. If your heart is weak and you have this problem due to this, such as a few people have a problem that their hearts beat fast, in anger or other such emotional upheavals these problems aggravate, And along with that if the body is hot so such people should use 2–4 ounces of gaaozabaan extract in the evenings. If this problem is due to mental weakness then use roshan-dimaagh from Ubqari’s office. Along with this for some time use akseer-ul-badan continuously. Use diet no. 2.

Weakness of the Stomach and Liver

The belly is swollen. I cannot digest food. Due to Rheumatalgia I have used many pain killers. Due to which I have a lot of weakness. According to the diagnosis of practitioners I have stomach pain. The stomach and the liver are weak. But instead of having any benefit of their medicines, I have lost more. I suffer from loose motions.

Suggestion: Early in the morning use Arq Ma’ul-Lahm Makoh Kasni Wala. Use one cup of it with a teaspoon of sugar and drink it. Take johar-e-shafaa-e-madina for some time with persistence. Use diet no. 1.

After The Operation of the Back

I used to have pain in my back. I tried to have a lot of cures. But I did not have any benefits at all. Rather the pain spread in all the joints. I had an operation due to which the back ache worsened. And I had severe weakness. The back used to be like a board all the time. I cannot sit straight even for a short time. Even though I used to pray with a lot of difficulty too. And now this pain has spread till my kidneys. (Arshad Lodhi, Peshawar)

Suggestion: Ask for Majoon Shifayaabi from the office of Ubqari. Use it for some time with persistence. Along with apply massage with karaamaati oil for some time. By the will of Allah, health will be restored.

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