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Ubqari Magazine - Feburary 2013

Black pepper- queen of spices
Muhammad Usman

We can find black pepper in every kitchen, used as a spice. It is used everywhere from homes, hotels to the food sold on the carts. It is the case just in Pakistan, but all over the world as it increases the taste of food.  It’s very essential item in the kitchen that is why it’s called QUEEN OF SPICES.
It has been used since centuries. Its leaves are pointed and 5-6 inches long and 3 inches wide. It is used since the era of before Christ, to kill unpleasant odour of cooked food. It is also used as a medicine, it helps to excrete phlegm. It is still used for such purposes. Its uses are found from ancient Greek and roman civilizations. Its plant is cultivated in almost all the countries; Europe and Indo-Pak cultivate it on large scale.
Medical Uses:
It strengthens nervous system. It has a strong, bitter and, burning taste. It helps in digestion and excretion of phlegm. Oil extracted from black pepper is used in many medicines. It increases saliva and an excretion of the stomach, which helps in increasing appetite. Although, people suffering from stomach ulcers should avoid consuming black pepper.
Indigestion: A patient suffering from indigestion can use 1 chitank powdered black pepper added in syrup of sugar, but remember people having acidity problem cannot use it. Having 1/6 teaspoon of powdered black pepper in lassi is also very good for indigestion or heaviness in the stomach.
Muscular pains and oil of black pepper: A homemade oil can be very effective for muscular or joints pain. Prepare this oil by frying 1 tablespoon of black pepper in oil of sesame seeds until all the material becomes black then massage it on the affected area. One can also get rid of these pains for forever by its continuous use. It also widens veins and makes the blood flow easier.
For cold & flu: In ancient times, old people use to give almonds, black pepper and poppy seeds boiled in milk to the people suffering from cold. Another remedy for this is to boil 30 gram of powdered black pepper and a pinch of turmeric in milk and use it once a day; its three days treatment will cure cold.
Men weakness and wonders of black pepper: Black pepper is consists of components stimulating men sexual powers. Men who take a glass of milk daily with 4 almonds and 6 grains of black pepper can recover men weaknesses.
To increase ones memory: Black pepper improves the muscular and nervous system. For this purpose, one should take a pinch of black pepper in a spoon of honey to make the mental powers strong; it is also helpful for the people who are suffering from forgetfulness. (Nisyaan)

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