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Ubqari Magazine - Feburary 2013

Rosiness of the Skin during Winter
Farah Liaqat, Karachi
For care of the skin during winter, apply a moisturizer on the skin. This will retain moisture on the skin and heat will not harm the skin. While going to bed apply cold cream and rub the face with wool after ten minutes.

Safety of the Skin During Winter
For the skin the winter season is like spring is for the flowers. But still care of the skin is difficult during winters.
For a Healthy Skin What Should be Eaten During Winter:
During this season the color of the skin often changes. Or red spots develop on the skin. The reason for this is that during winter women spend most of the time by sitting in front of a heater or a fire place. During the winter season, for the safety of the skin, apply any moisturizer on the face during the day. This would retain moisture on the face. And heat will not harm the face. While going to bed apply any cold cream and after 10 minutes rub it off with wool. There are many methods to remove dryness during winter. But the most important method is to change the diet. Increase the usage of fish in your diet. Fish has a higher content of protein in it. Milk has plenty of vitamin A. During winter milk should be taken more than usual. Otherwise one teaspoon of cod liver oil or shark hore oil (fish oil) should be drunk daily. This is effective for the skin. These days its capsules are available in the market. During winter use less soap. This decreases the rosiness of the skin. Wash face with cold water. During extreme winter, use luke warm water.
You Can Do Facial At Home Too:
During winter the color of the skin becomes red. That’s why instead of using pink powder use biscuit colored/beige powder. This will hide redness to a certain extent. You should never use a makeup that has bluishness in it. At the same time take facial twice in a month. If you cannot contact a beauty center, you can do this easily in the house too.
For this, apply any cleansing cream on the face and clean with wool. So that any dust on the face may get removed. After this massage the face with a good cold cream. The procedure for massage is that it should be started from the chin. And after the massage clean the face with the pores of the fingers. And then give steam to the face. If a machine for producing steam is unavailable, wet a towel in warm water and wrap it around the face. Put bandages of water dipped wool on the eyes. After doing this for 2–3 times the pores of the face will open up. And the pimples on the face will become soft. (The women who have pimples on their face should not do this procedure at home). Pick the pimples by slowly pressing them. After this apply a mask for ten minutes and leave it. After ten minutes, clean the mask with wool.
Such Foods That Enhance The Human Health and Beauty
Milk: Milk is a complete and fulfilling diet. It has many vitamins in it. Other than this it has calcium and phosphorus in it too which is very important for the nourishments of bones. Phosphorus helps in digesting carbohydrates and fats. In one cup of milk there are 90 calories.
Chicken: Three ounces of chicken has 115 calories in it. Due to this, the essential minerals proteins required by the body are fulfilled. The usage of chicken does not increase the fat content in the body. And cholesterol also remains under control; whereas in beef and lamb meat, both fat and cholesterol are present.
Liver: The use of liver is very beneficial. It has vitamin B complex and all the nutritious elements. It has iron which enhances blood’s ability to obtain oxygen. Liver has many minerals in it. Preparing liver with onion and green chili has many benefits.
Wheat: Flour of wheat and things made from it are full of nutrition. By eating wheat, the human body becomes beautiful and healthy. In one cup of wheat noodles, there are 130 calories.
Carrots: Carrot has vitamin A and beta carotene. This softens the hair and beautifies the skin. It enhances the eye sight. It’s one Cup has 50 calories.
Peanuts: It has vitamin B, manganese, phosphorus, iron, sulphur, copper, chromium and aluminum. This should definitely be eaten once or twice in a week.
Spinach: Spinach has vitamins A, B and B-2, folic acid, pisothankAcid, bioteen, potassium, and calcium. All of these things are very important for human health.
Almonds: Almonds strengthen the brain; it contracts the skin and removes circles below the eyes. It makes the skin martoob? It is used in many creams.
Rose: Rose petals are used since ancient times as a cure. Its extract makes the skin powerful & softens the skin. It is used in lotions and creams. Its smell is blissful.
Cinnamon: Cinnamon oil is very useful for massage. It is very beneficial for a sun-burnt skin. Its oil is very beneficial for the teeth.
Fennel seeds (saunf): Fennel seeds keep the pores of the skin clean & remove swelling. It is often used in products for washing hair.
Diets that are Enemies of a Good Skin: Usage of pickle and things that closed in a box, over-cooking the food, use of red meat and meat with high fat content. Excessive use of sweet-meat (mithai) and chocolates, things that are made of white flour, excessive use of cosmetics, and use of tobacco is also a source of wrinkles on the skin, tea, excessive use of coffee.
Travelers of the Afterlife
The aunt of sincere working colleague of Ubqari, Muhammad Sajid Khan, has passed away. Readers are requested for isaal-e-sawab.

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