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Reward on association-an event, a lesson --Talk on Peace & Spirituality

Ubqari Magazine - April 2012

Reward on an association - an event, a lesson
My friends! The toilet gave up its identity so that it could be associated to Baitullah. It said we do not want to remain as a bathroom. They were then told that you will have to give up yourself; forget your identity. Then you have to give up your standing; be it Chowhdry, Khan, Mulk or Wadhera. You will have to quit this attitude. The toilet said I give up all. The places where there was filth, today they are clean and sajdas are being made on them.
My friends! Change your associations; change the world of your heart. Otherwise we might get associated with the toilets. Our association might get with such a place which we may regret while dying and on the Day of Judgment. Change your associations.
Reward on an association - an event, a lesson: While Hazrat Yousuf AS was in Egypt, drought began. And it was very severe. Allah gave him a position & made him the king. He started distributing grain. Everyone was coming and taking grains on their turn. One man took the grain once and asked whether he knew who he was. Hazrat Yousuf AS replied in negation. The man told him, “I am the boy who gave clarification for you when King of Egypt, Aziz’s wife held you responsible. I used to drink my mother’s milk and I gave clarification in your favor” Hazrat Yousuf AS asked him to wait and then he gave him more wheat. Suddenly a revelation came from ALLAH asking why such behavior towards him? He replied that “O ALLAH! He gave clarification for me. Zulekha blamed me but this boy said, No. Yousuf is innocent. It’s not his fault. Allah’s Prophets are innocent and chaste. It is Zulekha’s mistake. He is the child who gave my clarification. O ALLAH! He spoke of my honesty; about my purity.”
ALLAH replied, “O Yousuf, he expressed your innocence and you awarded him this much, and those who sit daily and express my greatness to men and bring the mislead people to me, I will award him so much on the Day of Judgment which his eye cant see, ears cant hear, tongue cant say and heart/mind cant imagine. If I tell him about it in this world, his chest will burst and he will die of happiness”. May we be associated with ALLAH. One child gave clarification for Yousuf, did vindication, disenthralled, and expressed his innocence that he is not the culprit; he is Allah’s friend. So, such awards for him; such affection and adoration. And those who will make little effort and bring Allah’s men close to HIM, bring them near Prophet Muhammad PBUH’s bondage; what will Allah’s award be on the Day of Judgment? Think about it…
Justify your association with the monk: O People! Analyze your associations; with whose associations are we spending the days & nights of our life? If we have formed an association, are we justifying them? First, we did not had an association. Now if we have built an association with a chaste person or with his servant, then are we justifying it? Hazrat Qari Muhammad Tayab RA was a great chaste person. Once a person got baeat with him. He dint visited him much; stayed mostly out of contact. After around twenty years, at his time of passing away, while in agony, he suddenly opened his eyes and said, “My hazrat is coming. Now he is here. Now he is sitting with me. Now he is teaching me something & you also listen to what he is reciting: ASHADUN LA ILLAHA ILLALLAH….” He recited till here and passed away. His end was on faith. These associations really help.
Develop firm association with Prophet Muhammad PBUH: Develop strong associations with Prophet Muhammad PBUH and with his servants. A person once said that as the government changed, so did the associations, relationships and everything else. My friends! It’s just a component for a temporary gain, for the betterment of few moments of life and that also with an uncertainty that whether it will benefit or not. Remember! Those who move ahead keeping in mind their associations with the hereafter; Allah blesses them with a lot.
Impact of Prophet Muhammad PBUH on date’s trunk: Opposite to Prophet Muhammad PBUH’s Roza-e-Athar is ‘Mawaja Sharif’. A man was standing there and was weeping poorly. Another man went up to him & asked him harshly that is this a place to cry? The man came to me and told me. I replied, “In my Prophet PBUH’s separation, even the date’s trunk cried. He took himself to a level even below the trunk.” Prophet Muhammad PBUH gave sermons while sitting on a date’s bark. There used to be a big mob therefore he used to sit at an elevated position and gave sermons. Then a man built a mimbar (raised area) so the Prophet PBUH kept the date trunk aside. Now it’s a Friday and sobbing could be heard. On looking, it was found that the moaning was coming from the trunk. It was crying so much that it led to hiccups. At last, Prophet Muhammad PBUH hugged him and asked him that did not it wanted to be one of the trees in heaven. (To be continued…)
Respected Hakeem Sahab!
What should I say about you. In today’s world where people like me are away from religion and lost in their lives of ignorance, you made us ponder about our hereafter otherwise we might have passed away busy with our worldly affairs. It is true what you say that people come to you and you lead them on the way to Allah. Don’t know how many people have started praying, how many homes which had become hell due to fights have become peaceful now. Hakeem Sahab! We take peace of our home from the dars. Hakeem Sahab! By the grace of Allah, due to some supplication of our elders or due to some good deed, we have come across you and then acquiring blessings such as the zikr and dars. I prayed to Allah to make me such that He would like me and make me do such deeds which He likes. [Uzma Ijaz; LAHORE]

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