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High Blood Pressure And the Gift of Medicine of Magic Effect

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore: Health and life: High blood pressure and the gift of medicine of magic effect: Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai Editor of Ubqari (PhD America): Near Sargodha a man of pious character of Phagta niwala comes to meet me most of the time. That old man with white hairs used to write Baloch with his name. in reality he is the owner of interesting and matchless nature. I got to know him somehow like this that his letters came to me that I do read your essays and I make those tips and give them to the patients and the patients become healthy very much quickly. the Baloch sir once upon a time make some balls and brought them and said that in our area there is one Hakeem, he uses to give the medicine of high blood pressure. In reality these are the balls with effect of magic. Only in 2 minutes this medicine use to do effect and the patients use to become healthy but I have to bring these balls from that hakeem sir of Sargodha and I do not know about the tip. He said more that if you may write a note on your pad so due to your contact and introduction, he will write the tip. I wrote the note, in reality the hakeem sir did favor and gave the tip as it is. Before this tip may be presented, regarding to it some incidents are being present in the service. From where are these incidents found, the sources of it are 3. (One) To the patients whom I make these medicines use, they tell their benefits in a clear way. (2) I do tell my tips and formulas to other hakeems(Doctors) and doctors with an open heart without any increase and decrease so that there may be a common benefit, then they use to tell the countless experiences of the act. (3) I do write the tips in my essays so after reading those essays people use to make the medicines or they get them from me and then after the use of it they use to tell their result, experiences and observations. And all those experiences which I get through the telephone or through the mobile or through the letters in a clear way, I sent them all to you people. May the Almighty Allah SWT forgive the increase or decrease. First of all the people who told me this formula and experiences, some incidents of them are being presented in the service. Then I will tell my incidents, experiences and observations. All are the patients of food: Before these experiences it is requested that in this era of worry of today fisaar ul ladam qawi meaning high blood pressure is very much intensely spread. The reasons of it are in reality a life of tensions and discomforts. This era of machines have made every person worried from top till end. The financial crisis has worked like the burning matchstick on oil. Then along with it the carelessness of food has also done its work very much. In this regard one incident is being present in your service which I have seen myself. The vice chancellor of Gomel University of Dera Ismail khan went in the service of Hakeem Muhammad Saeed Shaheed along with one or two more people. Hakeem sir was looking at patients according to his routine. That man did a question that hakeem sir these are the patients of sir which disease? Hakeem Muhammad Saeed Shaheed (Humdard one) said after taking a cold breath that how many patients are these, how many were before them and the one who will come after them, they all are the patients of food. Meaning that by eating the food with no timing and by eating very much the situation happen that countless diseases gathered them and they got introduced to several kinds of colorful medicines. The artificial food life has affected the heart and stomach. What was that era that when people use to eat fresh and natural foods. They use to walk on foot, were the diseases of heart so much at that time? Well with you as right now I have to discuss the observations related to the tip of high blood pressure but along with the tip the prevention is also important and many care is to be done, that is why keep these preventions under consideration, there will be benefit in the medicine. The patient of blood pressure in young age: One patient got involved in high blood pressure from more than the duration of forty seven years. At first he did not know about the signs but then one day he showed to one doctor so he got to know that he has high blood pressure and the doctor suggested the medicine along with prevention and meal. By eating the medicine he got better but the benefit was temporary. The experience which he told is this that after that medicine the temporary benefit happened because he had to eat medicine everyday but three wrong effects also fell upon the body. The first effect is this that weakness of muscles, nose and not firm body, not having energy and not having any power. The other damage was this that the special energy got finished and the third damage is this that the forgetfulness meaning the disease of forgetting things got started. Hajji sir said that I had made these balls, I advice him to eat them with focus. Only in two days the blood pressure was controlled and the body became normal. The conditions became better and he started feeling energy in the body. Well the time in which there is the intensity of blood pressure so at that time only two tablets show the wonder. The children became safe from hitting: One master sir of school used to hit children very much. Many times the headmaster scolded him, made him understood, today that era has been passed away when while hitting the children the parents also used to be happy and the children also used to think it as their need. But the master sir was not able to understand this thing and when he used to become angry so he did not use to remain conscious of anything and he used to hit children very much. Sometimes the vein of nose of children used to get burst and sometimes the children used to become injured. At last one day the father of one child came to take one medicine from me. He said that I feel like that the master sir has the disease of high blood pressure. I got to know like this that the condition of my elder brother was also like this, with the balls of yours he got the benefit. After listening to him I said that the master sir has blood pressure, I gave him those balls and advice him to eat only till one week. The master sir ate the balls for few days and then left and did not eat after it but the father of child was telling that according to the master, the disease has become completely fine and now the children are not being made the victim. The real disease was blood pressure: One old man of our village became old, unblessed. He had the pain of breath. He kept on doing hard work and effort throughout his life, now he even became unable to walk. He got his treatment and medication done on many places according to his status but no benefit happened. At last one day he came to me for taking the medicine of breath that I am not even able to walk or roam, I have asthma and I get the shortness of breath. How many warm medicines I have eaten, I did not get any benefit at all. I did the diagnosis on the basis of my attention and experience that this patient has the problem of blood pressure actually due to which the heart has become week and that is why he has got the shortness of breath started. I did not tell him because in his heart this thing was confirmed that he has asthma and up till now he kept on having the treatment of asthma done. Therefore I gave him the medicine meaning the tablets of blood pressure to use and told him to prevent the spicy, hot, fried and salty oily things from your meal. Only with the use of 5 days the patient told that now for going to washroom he goes nearly 18 ecar far from his house, first it was even difficult to walk in the lawn of his house. I told him to eat the medicine more. Made my talent accepted in the foreign countries also: The hajji sir was telling that there was one marriage in our village, very much noise and the food got cooked. One guest of him used to live in the foreign country from very long time. (This word was used by hajji sir when I did research so it got to know that he use to live in Oslo, Norway from nearly past twenty seven years). The weather was some hot and then specially he had to eat the food with very much spices and sour things of marriage. He was the patient of sugar and high blood pressure already and he brought his medicines along with him and he came over here for three days. As he was a nearby neighbor, that is why it was important to him to attend the function over there. Hajji sir said that I asked about that guest of foreign country that where is he? It got to know that he has become sick and he is doing rest. I met him after the function. He met me with very much love, when I asked about the health so it got to know that he was the old patient of high blood pressure. As he was a guest over here and in hesitation whatever meal and food he used to get, he had to eat it due to which his health became improper. He had kept the medicines with him. He used them but did not get benefit. Then he increased the amount of that medicine but still no benefit happened. After sometime this decision was done that he has to be send beck to Lahore and the check-up has to be done by any doctor. I said to him that you are big people, I am one common man, I am not even any certified hakeem also. if I may give one medicine to you and after every three hours you take 2 tablets along with normal water, if you will become alright till morning so you may go after spending the wedding otherwise you may go back for sure. At first that man hesitated a little that may be any kushta or medicine which has poison is mixed in it. I made him do believe that there are no such kind of ingredients in it at all. I made him eat two tablets in front of me and gave more tablets to eat after three hours with water and came back after doing the advice. At morning after offering the prayer I went to ask about his health. (It is continued)