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Really The Eyesight Can Become Powerful And The Glasses Can Get Off

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore, Health and life, Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai Editor of Ubqari (PhD America), The meeting with patients everyday become a source of new, new experiences. The doctor thinks this that I am spreading the cure in patients but the experiences have proved this thing that sometimes patients tell such surprising things, precious advices and tips about whom the doctor himself do not knows. It is a story about some time before that one patient brought his any relative for the purpose of treatment. When I was done giving him the medicine so, he said that I may give one tip in your service which me and my three brothers used and gained benefit with the hidden advantages of it. I said that write that tip and all the details of it and give it to me. He said that there is no need of writing it. The medicines are short and the benefits of it are also very much. I wrote that time and the weird thing happened this that before this one lady was sitting for taking the medicine from me for the weakness of her eyesight. I quickly refused to give those medicines which I decided to give before and made that woman understand this same tip. Then it became my routine of everyday because I receive many countless letters and in those letters, the patients of weakness of eyesight also use to be attentive. I started telling this same tip to all of them. Just like this I receive countless phone calls of the patients. The patients in them the eyesight of whom was weak, I started telling them the ingredients of this same tip. Actually, this thing happened that the tip and the ingredients of the tip used to appeal the mind and this thing used to come in heart again and again that this tip can in real make one get rid of glasses and can make the weak eyesight as strong and one thing more even became the source of consolation that the short results of it started coming in the observation. To whomever, people I told this tip and they used it because the ingredients were short, very much cheap and were very much easy in use. That is why all of them used it with attention. The spectacles of thick glasses got off: One teacher who used to teach in the Islamic School told that my eyesight of far away distance was weak and I had the spectacles of thick glasses. From when I started using this tip, the first benefit happened this that it became easy to read because before this I used to have difficulty in doing the reading, the water used to start flowing from the eyes, some of the times the eyes used to become red, become small. Most of the time it used to happen like this also that with a little bit of reading and pondering only, yawning used to start happening, the mind used to become tired and laziness used to overcome. The heart used to feel like sleeping quickly but from when I have started using this tip, most of these signs have become finished and few of them are becoming very less. After few months, I got the letter of that lady that I have got rid of the spectacles of thick glasses but I have not left the tip up till now because with this tip many other more changes have come in my body in which the obesity and tiredness of body worth writing. Strength of mind, strength of muscles and sharpness of eyesight: There was one man whose age was nearly more than fifty years. He said that I am a teacher of school. Before this, I was the headmaster of a primary school. The political people removed me and made a person who was junior from me as headmaster. This sadness hit my heart in such a way that my eyesight started becoming weak slowly and gradually. You told one tip to the son of my mother’s sister on telephone. When he used it so he got very much benefit. First he used to use the spectacles of more numbers. Now he uses the spectacles of very much less numbers and it is his trust that from how much speed he is getting health this spectacle will also get off very much quickly. So I started using this tip by taking it from my cousin. In real it is a very much good and effective treatment. With this tip my memory got better very much, in strength of mind, in strength of thighs and in eyesight there was increase very quickly. He said that it is my experience that if someone may use this tip with consistency so his eyesight can become better again and the spectacles can also get off. Readers, these experiences were already present. One best thing happened this that my one good friend and the sincere doctor made me attentive towards his one student to the reference of Hindi medical which is said as Auoro Yedek that his student has made countless people use this tip and the eyesight of all of them have become completely better. That tip was also that which I have made many people use. This tip is written on the page number seven hundred and forty two of Auro Yedek pharma copiya in this way that if any person may use it with consistency so in few months he will get surprising results. Procedure: The healing: Skin of hareer to which oust call as yellow haleela. Skin of behry aamla, milthi, kashta folaad. Take 50 grams of all of these. Grind all of them very much finely and then stain with any thin cloth, this is very much important. Do not stain it with any stainer. Now keep it safe in any jar of glass. Take the medicine equal to the one forth spoon of tea, one fourth spoon of local ghee and one small spoon of pure honey. Mix all these three together and use along with the milk. Just like this before the breakfast and after the Asr prayer. More benefits of it are written in this book this that the damage of blood, acne, itching, tumor, and swelling of eye, burning, to not be able to see continuously whether it is a day or night, pain of tooth, pain of ear or throat, instead with the regular usage the white hair start becoming black and the strength of memory becomes worth of example. Readers, the usage of few months with regularity of this harmless tip of which there are no side effects you can get a new life.