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The Hairs of Corn, The Countless Blessings of Nature

Every day justice Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai (Phd America) Editor of Ubqari: The creator of universe has produced all the things of this world only and only for the human being. The eyesight of a human being sees which thing as unworthy and of low status and known it like that but when that same eyesight looks upon the things of the whole world by becoming the eyesight of research and curiosity so then it sees everything in this world as a treasure and then all the hidden treasures becomes visible in front of the eyesight of research. Among these hidden treasures and secrets one of them is the plant of corn also. Whose grass is the favorite meal for the cattle animals. Whose fruit is roasted and eaten with great enjoyment and the oil is extracted from the seeds of it. But one such thing which has more importance and significance than all of these benefits are the hairs or fiber of corn, which is also said as the beard of corn. In the medical of Greek the hairs of corn are used in very much abundance for the diseases and treatments. The nature has kept very beneficial and effective ingredients inside it. for example sodium, potassium, nitrogen compounds, one kind of oil, magniciam, silicon, cobalt and some amount of calcium and phosphorus is also found in it. The hairs of corn are very beneficial and effective in the diseases of kidney. If there are stones or reegh in kidney so it is helpful and beneficial in taking them out with the urine. Just like this if there is infection or wound inside the kidney so it is beneficial for finishing it. Sometimes it happens that the size of kidney starts becoming short so the hairs of corn are beneficial for it. in present era, most of the important disease of kidney is the stones of kidney or the stones in gallbladder. In this regards if the hairs of corn are taken 20 grams and 10 grams of sal phooka (this medicine is commonly available from pinsaari shop. Soak them at night in two hundred and fifty grams of very much hot water. At morning rub these medicines and stain it. Make the patient drink it for some time in evening and at morning. If the weather is cold so make the patient drink it as slightly warm. If the weather is hot so make the patient drink it after cooling. If the fat of kidney are coming out or the puss is coming out in urine so the above mentioned tip proves to be very beneficial. In the case of stones in gallbladder if the hairs of corns are burned in the oil of olives and then this oil is used so much benefit is gained. Sometimes the blood gets clotted inside the gall bladder or there are stones inside the gall bladder or there is any wound or infection inside the gall bladder, in this condition if one uses the hairs of corn and sir phooka so cure happens in all of these diseases. If the stones get produced again and again inside the kidney so the usage of it stopped this act. They are found as very beneficial and effective for the diseases of heart. When the amount of cholesterol and lesetheen increases inside the blood so the hairs of corn do control the amount of it and brings them on the amount of their routine. Sometimes when any poison enters inside the body, the effects of that poison comes inside the body or if any snake stings any man and after sometime the skin gets torn or black colored stains became prominent on the skin so in this condition the usage of them is very beneficial. One man have pain in his ankle, so he used the hairs of corn after grinding them and many other people used them after boiling so the pain of ankle got finished. If one wants to store and keep safe all of its benefits till whole year so make it according to the following procedure and keep it safe. Take 1 kilo gram of hairs of corn and half kilo gram of sir phooka. Boil both of them very nicely in the water, then after staining at the appropriate amount of sugar and make the juice ready and bring it in your use. On this place I may tell one incident that one man of some village got the pain of kidney. At first he did not pay attention to it but when there was increase in the disease so he was taken to the dispenser of village. He hit the needles inside the urinary track and at last gave the answer that takes him to the hospital of city. When he was brought here, the blood started coming from his urinary track. The doctors tried a lot to stop the blood from flowing but there was no healing and the condition of patient became worse. At last he was brought home. When the patient became conscious so he said that make me drink the hairs of corn after boiling them. When he was made drink them, there was some difference felt in his health. Just like this he was made drink it with some gaps from which the blood stopped and after sometime the patient became completely healthy. Therefore if this is used in different diseases and sickness with thinking and concentration so it proves to be very beneficial. It is my request to the doctors and surgeons that they may do more research and investigation on it, that the common people could gain complete benefit from it. it is the common call for every person who do research.