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In the Countries Who Have Oil There is a Abundance of Wealth But No Beatitude

Every day Justice Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai (Phd America) Editor of Ubqari During the conversation I asked one old experienced person that after the observations and experiences of many times one thing has come in front that 80 percent of such people who went to the countries who produce oil for doing business or jobs or employment, after the duration of 20 years, 30 years also they were not able to come out from financial prices. The second meaning of it is this that apparently there was the abundance of wealth but they did not get the beatitude. This is not the one but in my every day experiences there are many countless incidents. At last why there is no beatitude in the income which is earned? That experienced man gave the answer that I am myself living in Saudi Arab from the duration of more than twenty five years. This question was in my heart also. I asked the answer of this from one old experienced man so he said that just like the petrol do not remained but its evaporates in air and one do not gets to know about it becoming less or finished. Just like this the income which is earned over here also gets finished. Why is there no beatitude in the income of foreign countries? Why is happens like this at last? This is one such question which rises in every heart and irritates in every mind. It is my habit that I think everything till its depth and to reach on its hundren percent results I do investigation and research. When I did the question with someone else so the answer which she gave hit my heart. That answer is this that actually any foregner who comes to the countries who have oil for earning so his only and only goal is wealth. For earning money most of the people forgets the difference between halaal and haraam, prohibited and legal, lie and truth. How many people are such which use to offer prayer 100 percent in their country and were safe from great sins. But after coming here they moved so far from act, prayers etc as if they have never ever offered any prayer and they start getting involved in the life of sins in very much surprising way. They use to earn money by making their night and day one and did not do any care for their act. The money comes and comes in abundance (to which we say abundance) and the one who earns is satisfied that I am becoming a rich person. His eye sight moved away from the entity of almighty Allah SWT and from the treasures of nature. He does not know that whether there is beatitude or not. Then he use to send that money to his country and as there was no beatitude so it evaporated in the air and the needs of his family members do not get fulfill till 100 percent. Then whether the money gets finished in his life and it happened like this also that the money came in his life but its remained till his children and then finished. Instead he took the other pure money with it also. Readers! You may look around yourself that how many people were there who went to earn to the countries who produce oil and now how much people are there from them who have got their money safe or it remained safe for their generation and how many are there who have come back to their country with completely empty hand or else they are doing employment in those countries that with what face now they may return to their countries. Even I have listened to few people while saying this that now we do not have the money to return. It is a question from you people who are reading that what thing is the beatitude because we will not get the definition of beatitude in science instead we will not get it in any dictionary of any language or culture. If we will find it in the meaning of abundance. Although beatitude is purely one such blessing which is gained on the basis of belief, acts and taqwa. Are you in the search of abundance or in the search of beatitude? Do examine yourself.