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State of the Heart

Ubqari Magazine - October 2019

From the Pen of the Editor

State of the Heart

What I saw, Heard and Thought

A Weird Play in the Elevator of Pilgrimage


I Saw This a Lot During the Journey of the Pilgrimage

When I travel, using a building’s elevator is a part of the journey of the pilgrimage. I do not say anything about rest of the countries, these affairs happen over there seldom. But during the journey of the pilgrimage I have seen this thing plenty of times that on every floor a few people are waiting for the elevator. When the door of the elevator opens, they enter in it very abruptly. And sometimes they do not even care that they will step over the feet of another person, they will push their knee into someone’s body, or push with the shoulder, if they are bringing a wheel chair or luggage, the someone might get injured. They just want to enter the elevator somehow. And the same people are quite content upon entering the elevator because during the crowded days of the hajj. On every elevator, the capacity of the elevator is written as in 11 people, 19 people, or on bigger elevators it is written 40 people. When the same elevator stops on the next floor, the same person (who hurriedly entered the elevator on the previous floor) says that there is no place in the elevator. Even though, yet even the half of the people have not entered the elevator. There is plenty of space in the elevator yet. And voices start that there is no place! (People get upset while standing outside). 

Our Temperament, Plight and State 

 The same plight is of our trains. We have the same state on the railway station. That as soon as the train stops, the door should open. We shall find a berth or at least a seat. Then there is the same person who closes the door of the bogie and sits on the seat with pleasure. And the people are breaking the door from outside. Severe cold or severe heat, a few minutes of stop and the same voice coming from inside, that go in the next bogie. Even though it is the same person who was considering it a blessing while the door of the bogie opened. He had a right to acquire his seat and berth. He became quite content and happy on getting it. He pushed his back against the seat and saw the scenery outside. And when he found space inside, now he says to the people coming from outside to go to the next bogie, there is no space inside. I felt the same plight during the hajj in the elevator. 

Considering Everyone’s Pain as Ones Own Pain, I wonder When Are We Going to Understand

Years of experiences has instilled it in our temperament and personality (except for a few people) that we are in reality those people who are moving alone with ourselves. Considering the pain of humanity as one’s own, I wonder when is it going to instill in our temperaments? I am personally involved in this and seek correction every moment. Numerous times a few people started fighting with me that there is no place and you say it in on every floor to the arriving people that yes there is space. Make space. I say it to them repeatedly that look the space for people is written inside the elevator. The elevator has the capacity to carry more people than that. Perhaps not more than that, but whatever is written, at least that many people should be allowed to get in. But they do not understand this thing because now they have themselves boarded the elevator.

Elevator and Train Always Test Us!

An Interesting Thing: I found an interesting thing this year during the journey of the pilgrimage. A person from Dubai came to Hajj. He said, I came before as well. Every time after entering the elevator I said that there is no space in the elevator, I said the same this time too. But one person forcefully entered the elevator even though there was ample space. Incidentally the elevator stopped functioning at once and stopped below in the basement. Now we were calling the helpline using our mobile phones but there were no signals in the basement. Nobody was ready to listen to our voice. The intercom of the elevator was also disordered. We were knocking the door heavily but nobody listened to us, who would come in the basement? The person who entered the elevator at the end despite our stopping him, that person was an Egyptian indeed and he knew how to repair the elevator. He took out the key and he started turning it in the elevator. A small slit appeared. Then he shouted loudly and a janitor appeared. He asked him to bring a knife. Somehow that knife came in. He turned the knife in his own style. And slowly the door started opening. And we came out. There were two young men with us, who were constantly making noise in the elevator. They made the most noise as if they died. They were the same people who were saying this about the people coming inside the elevator that there is no space inside, and the people are entering it needlessly. When the Egyptian came even then they made the most noise. Now they were thanking the Egyptian. The Egyptian was an engineer in reality. Readers! Become a source of peace and serenity for the humanity in this life, what do you think? The elevator and the train test us. 

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