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Born Friend of Jinnat

Ubqari Magazine - September 2019

Wedding invitations after Holy month of Ramazan 

Many weddings taking place after holy month of Ramazan, practice has always been in place and there are lot of preparations for it amongst Jinnat, some Jinnat are such who spend a lot of money on weddings, but this is not very common, majority is of such Jinnat who incur minimum expenses on weddings and they maintain austerity even if these Jinnat are Muslims or non Muslims, they do not spend a lot. This has been their custom and tradition since beginning. Now I have invitations of weddings, so I tried to go to as many as I can manage, naturally I cannot go to every wedding, but in whichever weddings I went to, I saw strange things, strange happenings. 

Mostly their weddings break off!

Once, I went in the wedding of a Jin and I asked that why don’t you spend a lot on weddings. He was a Jin, doing business of wood and construction and he said to me that actually one thing is quite famous amongst us and this is a fact too, that the expense on wedding which will be ghair shariah (not allowed in Islamic Law) and there will be music, singing, dancing and expense on flowers, small flags or there, will be such expenses which are not necessary, but are incurred due to one’s own desire or as per the trend of the prevailing time, then such weddings often break off and even if are not broken, then continuously there are problems, difficulties, worries and all sorts of troubles in it, such weddings often end up in divorces or they suffer from some problem or difficulty in their lives and often in their generations, children are crippled, disabled or disobedient and there are problems of children, one does not have sons, childlessness is a lot, anyhow, such people always have some problems or troubles. 

These Jinnat take a lot of care in weddings

The ones who marry as per their desire and do weddings as per their temperament. I heard this conversation of his and realized that he is quite wise and he has a lot of sensitivity in his heart regarding taking care of the customs and traditions of his elders. This thing surprised me that they have the temperament of submitting to the customs of the elders and the way they left, meaning not to overspend upon weddings or to play music, singing, dancing and such style in weddings in which gents and ladies participate together, these are the things which have been prohibited by their elders and so they also avoid it and avoid it strictly and take extra precautions in this regard.


Very few Jinnat do so in weddings

Amongst us, there are very few weddings which are carried out with simplicity, most weddings are such in which there is artificiality, show off, functions are held, one function after that the second one and the third function is arranged, due to this, money is wasted and often they take loan or are in debt after wedding, but there is lot of show off in society. Very few Jinnat do so and most amongst us do like this and very few humans are such who adopt simplicity and are inclined towards simplicity. Amongst us, there is majority of such people who have artificiality in their temperament and they do a lot, to show off on their weddings. When I thought about it, I immediately realized that whatever this Jin is saying, is absolutely true and he is telling a fact.

Wedding invitation from the Jailer of the jail of Jinnat

Few days back I got an invitation from the jailer of Thatha (a city) jail and it was his son’s wedding, you must come, I accepted his invitation, the basic reason was, that I had not gone to Thatha jail for quite some time and the circumstances of this jail I had stated in my last episodes, but I wanted to know more about the situation over there and to get more knowledge about it, therefore, I accepted the Thatha jail invitation immediately, it was decided that I would go on Friday night upon the ride of Jinnat, and would stay overnight and will take rest and will spend the whole day of Friday with him. A thought crossed my mind that I would meet certain prisoners over there also and would ask about their circumstances and that due to which sin or crime they were arrested?

And I accepted the Jinnat wedding invitation

Due to this, it will so happen that I will be able to tell my readers that how and where the Jinnat cause us harm? Where should we take care to stay safe from this harm. Thus these were the things considering which I accepted this invitation immediately, whereas, there were many more to invite me, but I only accepted his invitation. I went to Thatha jail on Friday night. A ride came which was in the shape of big cheel (bird) a vulture and cheel look similar, and it came and sat on the roof of my house, whenever I go to 

meet Jinnat or in their presence or upon their invitation or in the gathering of their Khatam-e-Quran, I use a lot of perfume, whereas fragrance is the food of angels, it is food of pious Jinnat also and Jinnat are really fond of this food, I applied perfume and then I sat on the ride of Jinnat.

Deputed Jinnat for Protection

Two servants of them were present, I sat on the front seat of the ride and at the rare, there were two servants who were for protection as when the ride flies at a very high attitude in the atmosphere, there are a lot of Jinnat in the air right and left, so two powerful Jinnat are deputed for protection who protect the guest so that any Dev (huge powerful Jin) Jin or some similar thing should not cause any harm and there is protection from right and left.

Acts for protection

I myself also do the masnoon spiritual acts which are for protection and this is my routine since many years, till today, no harm has been caused on such ride and never has been there any attack, I see the scenes right and left during the ride, Jinnat do naughty things a lot and at times I happen to see saints, pious and good deeds of Jinnat too, all sorts of things are witnessed and I keep on looking at them, just like this, sitting on the ride and in a little while, we went to the inhabited and far away graveyard of Thatha and descendant over there, there was a huge crowd over there which had gathered to welcome and the jailor himself had also come, he took me with him and there was crowd in a nearby ground, but he made me sit in a room comfortably, I took rest for some time.

Unusual but graceful wedding ceremony of Jinnat

After breakfast in the morning ceremony was to be held over there, the ceremony was that many people got together, and all of them were reciting Surah Rehman and Surah Yaseen. Remember, that whenever I participated in a wedding of Jinnat, I experienced that they recite Surah Rehman and Surah Yaseen a lot. I inquired about this from them once, that why do you people do so? They said that the basic reason that we do so, is because these Holy Surahs give a lot of protection from naughty Jinnat, Satanic, magic, evil effects, bad doings and evil eye and these Surahs protect a lot, therefore, we make it a point to recite them a lot.

Successful wedding and healthy way of life

Sometimes the family members and at times the relatives who come for wedding, all of them are put upon some service and every Jin takes this service as an honour and every Jin wants to do this service and its blessings and Barakat is such that we do not have divorces, either no quarrels or very little, peace, harmony and pleasure is there in life and those people who does such weddings, their children are obedient, healthy and children of people arranging such weddings always lead a respectable life and they do not come across business problems, difficulties, irritants, failures or ways being closed. Furthermore, the wedding in which special arrangement is done for recitation of Surah Rehman and Surah Yaseen and overspending is not done on the rituals, such weddings are always successful and due to such weddings, the generations to come do not face poverty, shortage of means and childlessness.

The particular song of Jinnat and acceptance of marital relationship

A lot of Surah Rehman and Surah Yaseen was recited in this wedding also, and after this, there was a particular song which few Jinnat sung together, it had a strange composition and singing by all in one voice. Actually, in this song, there was a tremendous pray for the new couple and it was in their own Jinnati language, that song was sung which is sung in most of the weddings and the pray is that you stay happy, prosperous, stay blessed, never ever even the wind of autumn or atmosphere touch you, always springs are around you and happiness and prosperity always touch you and you stay happy and settled in your life.

Pleasurable particular song

Such a song and it takes quite a while to perform it, but still even though it is lengthy, Jinnat neither are bored nor their attention is diverted elsewhere, there is no instrument of music in this song, just few people sing it in their melodious voice and there are many such Jinnat who shed tears and many Jinnat appreciate by saying Subhan Allah etc. and many are amazed and listen quietly. The language of Jinnat is a particular one which does not has any similarity to human languages, it has a particular style, particular way, which they have in their voices and which they speak, Jinnat are restless to hear this melodious voice and some Jinnat amongst them are such who come only to listen to this voice, meaning they come just to listen, even though at times they are not even invited in these weddings, but they sit at a distance and listen to this wedding song and then go away and before Jinnat, their coming is not unpleasant as they do not interfere in any other things of the occasion and just come to listen to this song as there is sincerity, concern and pain and then the ritual of acceptance of marital relationship, and then Nikah was carried out and then food was served.

Happens due to wedding and just after one such wedding, they come across so many problems and they get so much trouble and worry that their life becomes miserable, they desire death but even don’t get death as the time of death is predetermined and it is related with the will of Allah Almighty.

Tricks of Evil things

I was hearing the talk of the naughty Jin who was imprisoned in the Thatha (a city) Jaildue to his evil deeds. I was feeling sorrowful that in the name of weddings, we give gifts of problems, pains, troubles and sorrows to our generations and pick up troubles and problems for ourselves also in such a way that we don’t realize it ourselves that what tricks the evil Jinnati things played with us and where did they deceive us, we do not get to know it and stay in this ignorance and take it as our honour and respect and think that this is our glory and we feel proud and go further and further in our ignorance.

The Jin in agony might die

We were doing such talk that suddenly a servant of the jail superintendent came and informed that sir in the third barrack nearby in which we tortured the Jin, he is in quite a lot of agony and might die. Hearing this I got up and the superintendent jail also came along and we went there and saw that the Jin is stuck in the pointed steel wires which were stuck in his body, blood was coming out and he was in agony.

These are the ones who mislead in the name of weddings

Superintendent Jin saw and after looking at him kicked him with his foot and said: He is absolutely fine and is faking it. I have spent all my life in jail and I am a Jin too and he is also a Jin, he has no problem. Standing over there, I asked the superintendent Jin that tell me, what was the crime of this Jin?

He said: Allama Sir, all of these are the ones who use to misled people in the name of weddings and to make the weddings better and better, put ideas and thoughts in their hearts, give secret advises and their thoughts and secret advices were so much that people would come into their trap and would lose everything in their life and they would get happy to see the people becoming poor and disturbed.

Generations ruined, worrisome and in sickness

Putting of their negative thoughts in the human beings would ruin the generations of human beings and making them worrisome, suffering from illnesses, pain, troubles and they would get pleased by looking at them in difficulties, these are such Jinnat whose tricks were successful on human beings and their job was only to mislead human beings and to increase their pain and worries, problems and difficulties after misleading them and this is their best hobby that people should suffer from problems and pain and sorrows and that too, in the name of wedding, day and night this is their occupation and day and night this is their way.

The Jinnat who do such things are not considered to be good

It is considered to be extremely bad in the world of us Jinnat to do such things, the Jinnat who do such things are not considered to be good, as they mislead the creation of God so much and put such misleading, feelings in their hearts that they lose everything of their’s and ruin everything of themselves, in the end neither they are left towards the religion nor towards the world. I asked a question from the Superintendent Jin that can I ask some question? He said: absolutely you can ask, as you are our respected and honoured guest and whenever you come, it is an honour for us. Before I got the reply from the Jin who seems to be critical before, but now after the kick of Superintendent jail had gathered himself and was sitting in a corner with his head down. I said I was talking with some other Jin and am going back to him, you tell me some story.

A poor but! Story of a pious family

He took some breaths and narrated a story which was about a pious family, he said: I know this family since centuries and they were poor people and had a temporary built room, and would put lie in it. They did not have even this much money that they could make a wall around it. They had made a wall of leafs around the room and they had poverty, limited means and were poor, but Darood Sharif was recited over there. Salam was recited, recitations and Tasbihaat were recited. Their ladies would recite Holy Quran, would do the household work also, but would do Zikr of Allahu and would recite Darood Sharif. Their gents would go out to do labour and ladies use to grind flour for themselves and from houses of other people also and like this, they were managing themselves.

The revenge of Jinnat is very famous

A system of generations was going on and then in their next generation, some money and some things came, but not a lot of it, then in the next generation, some more money came, some wealth, some prosperity and they arranged the wedding of their son, but they did this wedding with a lot of simplicity. I tried a lot to put doubts in their minds, but as they use to read Holy Quran and do Zikr and Tasbih was recited in their house and there was no music in their house, therefore, I could not succeed in my attempt. Then finally, the wedding took place and they started living with prosperity, I was very angry and revengeful too, revenge of us Jinnat is very famous.

I would definitely take revenge from their generations!

Pious Jinnat never take a revenge, but naughty and evil  jinns always take revenge through generations to come. Then I decided to take revenge. I waited until a boy born in their family.

A Stubborn Youth

I started misguiding the young guy that you must marry as per the fashion of time. When he heard his parents talking about his marriage he flared up and yelled at them. He warned them that he would never do marriage as per the way they are planning otherwise he would run away from the ceremony. He told them that he had plan to do all what is fashion of the days e.g. musical party, photo-shoot, movie making, fireworks, prostitutes dance and other traditional events.

Helpless Parents

Parents shocked while hearing such things from their son. But he was stiff and warned that functions will be occurred as he had just described. Parents and one of his teacher convinced him but all efforts in vain.

He Will Commit Suicide

On other hand, I misguided his parents that he might commit suicide if you didn’t meet his desires or may leave the home. You may face difficulty and disgrace in the society. Time is changed now. There is a big difference in the society of your time and today’s world. Therefore join the society with your son otherwise he might be no more. You might be mourning for him.

Set An Example for Others in This Marriage

The chained Djinn further revealed. I misguided both parents and young man. I misled him that marriage happens only once in the life so make it memorable and set an example for others. Surprise others with your extravagance. Show off people, feed them. Organize fireworks, musical party and other things to impress others. I made him completely blind. I would put a new thing every day in his heart.

Simple Marriage is Talks of Stone Age

Djinn further added then I prepared his friends. His friends would tell him that your parents are inept and illiterate and talk about something stone age. People have touched the Moon and your parents are talking so silly. Therefore, ignore what your parents ask and do what we say.

A Marriage Full of Traditions

His friend would taunt him so that he might be more determined in his plan to arrange a colorful marriage ceremony. A ceremony which may have co-gathering, dances, spend lavishly. Do a marriage which may remember for years. Eventually you are their elder son, if they don’t spend for your pleasure then what’s the purpose of such wealth.

Parents Confusion

Jinn would make his parents always confused on this matter. He made them fear that if they didn’t accept what he was asking for then they might lose him. And that they would have left nothing except for regret if he caused loss to himself. I gradually enhance this confusion in their minds.

A Veiled Home

Parents with gradually getting older were broken with this problem. His mother fell in arthritis and blood pressure problems and father became patient of dizzying, sleeplessness, and diabetes. This was modes family whose ladies were never mixed-up with unknown men. And their son wanted to invite strangers in the home and wanted to bring eunuchs and prostitutes under the cover of musical gathering.

A Black Patient of Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Honorable Hakeem Sahib! Assalam Alaikum! I am fond of Ubqari Magazine and listen to the weekly sermon on Thursday evening. I found the advantages of turmeric in Ubqari magazine and also heard its advantages in your Thursday’s sermon. One of my friend fell in pulmonary tuberculosis. His family was very upset and talked about his disease. I found that guy blackish like a coal and very week. He was already getting treatment from some hospital. I recommended them to get the whole turmeric and feed the patient. They bought whole turmeric, ground it and make its capsules. They fed him one capsule each in the morning and evening. He continued for a few weeks and got healed with the grace of Almighty Allah. Now he has a healthy and fair guy and offers Salat regularly at the mosque.

A Strange Benefit of Turmeric:

You advised in sermon that married man should take turmeric with warm milk in the evening of winter. I used it in the winter and found it amazing. It relieves from expensive power strengthening medicines and abso

lutely free. The turmeric must be pure.  (J.Z Hyderabad)

Satanic Misleads 

Some family elders tried to convince the young son, but much they convinced him much I misguided him. Even I shown him satanic dreams that he was getting married, riding on a horse, leading his marriage procession accompanying with musical band and prostitutes and he was sitting arrogant, showering banknotes, everyone is walking and only he is riding on the horse. I showed him that his father had held the reign of horse along with his mother. Both are happy and doing exactly what he was wanted. 

It’s House of Marriage, Don’t make it Graveyard.

I deluded him showing such dreams. I made him convinced. Then he created chaos at his home so that neighbors also made known about what was going on in the house. Some of neighbors felt it that whatever the young man wanted was not appropriate. Then I misguided those neighbors and managed to misguide two of them. However, a few of them who used to offer Salat and recite Quran and Zikr etc and who were connected with Allah, weren’t deluded. Then I pushed those misguided neighbors to that family that they started convincing those parents. They argued as this was going to be first marriage in their home so don’t make this first event of happy which may give this home looking like a graveyard. They persuaded the parents to enjoy this pleasant event as neighbors would also happy with it. 

Let’s Enjoy Now, We Will Repent Later

They recommended the parents to don’t accept one demand of their son as he wanted to arrange music and dance for consequent seven days. They said that they would persuade the son to not spread this music and dance for seven days and let him do whatever he was asking for e.g. music, dance, movie shoot, prostitutes, eunuchs dance etc as we would repent later. 

Eventually The Parents Surrendered

Everybody was busy in persuading those parents and on other hand I was there who kept deluding them that be careful, do whatever he was asking otherwise you would bear a huge irrecoverable loss. You would face such difficulties and problems and would regret for whole life. And I don’t want you to mourn your son for whole life, so don’t deny him. I kept doing this delusion. Eventually his parents gave up. They were already ill but gave up in front of their son. 

Prostitutes Were Dancing in The Home Where Always Voices of Tasbeeh, Durood and Recitation Were Raised.

Then people saw that the house which had always raised the Recitation and Durood and the family which always recommended others to conduct marriages as per Allah’s command and don’t forget the Tasbeeh of Allah, the prostitutes were dancing in that house. This family got labelled of shamelessness only because of that young guy, who caused defame for his family. People criticized that family as that family would always invited others towards the pious deeds and always kept modest and would avoid immodest and see what is happening in their home now. The father quit home and moved to a nearer mosque. 

Unconscious Mother

Mother left alone having diseases, but had compromised for the sake of her son’s pleasures. She observed in her home which she had never thought. Then the moviemakers enter the house along with his son’s friends while some family ladies were in the house. The mother could not sustain it, headed towards her room and fell unconscious. 

Satanic Tricks Made Him Ignoring His Mother

The irrelevance was as high as nobody didn’t notice that mother was not there until the time of marriage procession departure. Searched on and found her in her room unconscious. Some members brought her to hospital where she recovered but she seemed senseless. The son was witnessing all what was happening but I had griped his thinking abilities so tight that he ignored his mother’s illness.

Groom Leads Marriage Procession without His Parents

He forgot his parents and led his marriage procession with them. Then he got busy in the colourful marriage ceremony forgetting the absence of his mother. The mother who born him for nine months and grown him up sustaining all difficulties during his childhood. The mother who had dream of her son’s pleasant life had never thought that her son would go away from her very far widening the difference of living style. 

Parents Were on Bed but Son Was Busy in Enjoyment

Sometime, when the son’s conscious would jolt him then I must came forward and deluded him that his mother would recover soon and there was nothing to be worried about.

You must ask your wife to server your mother so that she may forget all unpleasant things. I would convince and delude him. Then mother came back from the hospital and he also brought the new bride. After a few days, the father also came back but both parents were fallen ill. They kept watching disappointedly but their son was busy enjoying his newly began married life. He had no feeling about his parents. I kept growing my web of delusion. Then I deluded the newly wed bride that this was the home of patients so are you here to just serve them ? were you previously informed that this house has so many patients. Your parents told you that they are healthy but here the situation was absolutely changed. 

These Were the People Who Would Counsel to Others

Those people were really healthy but one disobedient son had ruined their home and had turned the home which was known for being spreading pleasures, health and smiles into a hell which was looking symbol of several diseases, problems, difficulties and focus of criticism of several people. People would taunting them that you were those who always asked other to make their marriages very simple and avoid overspending, and you were those who would not attend the marriage ceremonies where the music and prostitutes were dancing. 

They Seem Looser

The pain caused by their son and people negative criticism had ruined them and made them looser. They didn’t want to live anymore but could not prefer to die. When they think about living again but the society and diseases make it difficult for them. They were living in such confusing state. After three weeks of marriage their daughter in law scuffled with their son. She denied to make food for the family and urged the son to bring the ready meal from restaurants as she is very modern, studied in modern institutions and had nothing to do with cooking etc. otherwise, she would call her mother would provide her meal for two times. 

The Daughter in Law Was Callous

The son urged her to serve his parents as he had made them displeased just to bring her. But she was so callous. Misunderstandings, differences were getting widen day by day. The parents on other hand were also upset over the unpleasant result of their sacrifices which they made to make their son happy. 

Domestic Problems & Illness

Their health was deteriorating even doctors recommended them to change their living place and shift somewhere having good environment. It was a good advice but nobody was there to heed it. They were living a miserable life where nobody was there to take care of them. They had everything in their home but had lost their son after compromising his wrong decision. Domestic problems were swelling gradually. The scuffle between their son and daughter in law had turned their life to a hell. The main reason was that their son didn’t heed to advice of his parents while making decision of his life partner and the way of marriage ceremony conducted. The parents were not agree on that proposal but they compromised with their son and agreed on that marriage.

 A Marriage Without Prays of Parents

The marriage which does not have support from parents ever become successful. Those couple mostly not live a happy life. Their life is filled with defeats, problems, scuffles and complications. Circumstances are always against them. This incompatibility prevails for long as such marriages were limited to just the love between those couples. In this particular case, their love gradually turned into hate with each other. The parents could not tolerate this situation so long as they were very uncomfortable. One day the father was attacked by stroke. It was so severe that he used to pass stool and urine on his bed and he entered in to the state of drowsiness. 

The jinn was Crying But He Was Ruthless

The jinn was crying while telling all this but he was ruthless. Then he deluded the son about his parents that they had live their life and enjoyed it but when the time of his enjoyment has come then they have got ill. 

Broken my spinal cord from three places in an accident

Not only he was himself misled but he spread it in other people’s marriages as well, spread disasters and due to those many people’s businesses were ruined. Their comfort and peace vanished, lives were badly affected by this but he was not willing to stop his evil deeds. At last he himself started to face the problems in his business and his investment was lost in one business, he got an accident and three parts of his spine were broken. He was not even able to walk, spent eleven months on bed than only started to walk with the help of “Walking sticks” and belt. Even then he did not realize from where he was punished. He had a dream at one night the reason of this was his wife who had an inspiration and was inclined towards perform tahajud salah and repenting for the sins. In the dream he saw that all his relatives who had passed away have come to pay a visit to him due to his disease, his father was also among those relatives but he is standing away from him and not talking to him, he could sense that his father is angry at him, he went to his father in the dream and asked for forgiveness. All the relatives asked his father to forgive him, his father told his relatives that he prays to ALLAH for his son’s disaster and ruins every day, he will never get peace and comfort, he can never get comfort in his entire life and his life will be spent without peace and comfort.

Humiliation in this world and the hereafter

He was unsuccessful in his life and was very worried. He saw the dream, at last his father forgave him in the dream that used to pray for his disaster “you gave me pain and humiliated me in this world and in the hereafter, I will never forgive you”, and with the request of his relatives his father forgave him. When he woke up from his sleep he was crying and was weeping. There was one pious act that came closer to him, he did not follow my paranoia, and he stood up and grabbed his mother’s feet. Today he was repenting with a true heart and was accepting that he has destroyed the homes of many on the name of marriages, happiness, movie or music, immorality and unethical acts, short cloths, open hairs, dancing prostitutes and Middlesex.   

Mother had died since long!

Please forgive me mother, please forgive me, but to his surprise the mother who’s feet he was grabbing and asking for forgiveness had long been dead. He was dead since many hours, he realized it and hugged his mother’s face and realized his mother has turned into a dead body. Now he and his wife realized their mistakes but it was now a repentance, sorrow for the rest of their lives and sadness for the rest of their lives.

Today he is begging from door to door

Even today his kids are crippled, he is begging from door to door. He had a glorious business, a show room for luxury cars. He used to have millions of rupees, everything was lost. Those who had to give him money did not come close to him, those from whom he borrowed money are after him, he had been to prison many times, had faced punishments. The officers who used to attend his parties now avoid him completely.

Everyone have left him and turned away from him, today he is a symbol of regret fullness. That evil gin said it while crying and weeping: to the jail in charge to please forgive him and free him, many people were destroyed because of me and I have misguided many, I ask forgiveness from you, please forgive me. He was crying and I was looking at him thinking how someone like this gin deserves forgiveness.

People get married for happiness

Gin further said: people get married for happiness and especially mothers start to wish for their son’s marriage from the time the child is in the swing. When my some will grow up and I will bring one daughter in law then there will be my household and small kids with love and affection. Kids will play and run inside my house, things will break. Ok no problem, the destruction of my things I will bear sometimes but there will be my kids after all.

Fashion and Hindu traditions on the name of happiness

Then there are the same mothers and fathers when the time of marriage comes they bring all the traditions and Hindu culture inside their house on the name of happiness, fashion, relatives and competitors, heart desires and wishes, gin further said: these all are the result of our devilish powers that we put in their hearts. Our desire is that they should be destroyed, must not be prosperous, they should remain unsettled, always remain unsuccessful in their lives, remain in difficulty and worries, they should never get peace and comfort in their lives, their problems must not resolve and they remain worried and when their children are born they should come as crippled or have an internal disorder that they spent their entire life solving it.

Loud Laugh of Gins and making the marriage a dreadful event

Gin laughed and said that they have their eyes, heart, thoughts, emotions shut at that time. We elevate the act of exposing body parts, open face, open hairs and short dresses. Dresses are unique an uncivilized, women walk with sway, there is a hidden conspiracy in the way the walk. We fill their hearts with such evil thoughts and with such thoughts we make them grow severe, we attract their every moment towards fashion and showoff.  

Females and the naughty jinn’s evil desires

It is our desire that we jinns should play with female’s hairs, with their chests and their body parts and we do play with them and bring forth their evil and lustrous desires and emotions. Then we jinns mix the same lustrous thoughts in their genes so that their next generations are also effected with the evil, lust, disrespect. Their generations are so badly affected with this lustrous that they become saddened for the rest of their lives.

After the lustrous of marriage

Poverty, miserliness, diseases, household tensions, fighting between each other, hatred and deceiving is born in every moment of their lives. They are deprived to seeing each other even if they meet each other, they do not stand each other. Their hatred for each other always keeps on growing. Hatred, proud, shamelessness is so much grown between them that their blood relations are broken. Ties of kinship are broken; they fight with each other so much so that they even decide not to visit other relatives even at the occasion of their demise. They will not participate in their marriage ceremonies, not even like to see each other. That Jinn had a huge laugh and said after the shamelessness during those marriages we make both mother and son to fight each other. Make the brother and sisters to fight each other, make them to put court cases against each other and drag them in the courts.

Mother prays for death of her offspring

Then the same mother who has brought up her offspring with labor and hardships, same mother start to pray for their death. Same mother speaks bad or evil against her offspring. Then they hire lawyers and in the police stations they file FIRs against their own daughter, sons and against their own brothers. When the parents are dead we the jinns (made of smoke and fire) put flames of hatred in their hearts. Then there is firry storm such that it destroys the lives, eyes are deserted, it becomes so deserted that even the graves start to shiver from its effects. Even we teach them to hate each other from their graves and teach them to hate even after they are dead.

This all is the wonder and charisma of evil beings

That jinn stopped for a while and start to speak seriously, we make this base when they are getting married and when they are busy in their marriages, during the traditions, fashions and making movies of their event. When all this is taking place they walk with their heads up in front of the people. This proud attitude and raised head is the special wonder and charisma of the evil beings.

Miracles of the evil powers

Evil beings provide bases to hate, one black jinn said while telling the story of a marriage that on that marriage we made them to follow all the bad traditions and trends, its only few years before we also made some young boys in order to make movies, thus brought fire to their houses. Now their children are born crippled, lame and unfit. Another brother’s children have such sickness that they have to visit the hospital every week. 

Life of helplessness

All the doctors are helpless against his disease, the doctors are tired and the baffled with his treatment. Even so that his own family has become tired of them and say that there is delay in their demise even thought these are the same children that were being asked during the prayers and after a lot of begging and prayers.

Poison of dance, music and fashion on marriages

The same house today has become a hospital; every doctor has become helpless and ineffective. Every person is tired now but their treatment is not stopping and it will never stop. From the first day of their marriage, the disaster we put them in, music, dance and the poison we gave them on the name of making movies, male and female combined gatherings will keep on stinging their generations. Their next generations will keep on sobbing and in trouble, they will be torn into pieces and in every piece there will be siblings, worries, mental illnesses and difficulties. Until they do not repent honestly and till they do not save their generations from this disease. If they do not do anything to save them nothing will happen and all type of difficulties, worries and failures would be tied to them.

Come! Let’s make a promise!

Come! Let’s all of us make a promise that before we get married next time we will thing about many other things, so that we may not become a bad example for others. (Continue)

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