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My mother-in-law's diary filled with used methods and tips

Ubqari Magazine - April 2019

Aam Taimoor, Karachi

Today I am married. My son is playing in my lap. I thought that for a long time I have been taking advantage from the advice offered by the Ubqari readers, now it is my turn. Readers! All of the following techniques have been taken from my mother-in-law's diary.

Respected Hazrat Hakeem Sahab, Aslam-o-Alaikum! I have been consistently reading the Ubqari magazine since 2015. My college friend as a gift gave me this wonderful magazine. At that time when I took the magazine from her hand, I made fun of her about how she was trapped in the web of hakeems and aamils. I told her these things were insignificant. But she said that this magazine is not like that. For a long time, we argued over this magazine. In the end, I lost and she won. I took the magazine home after promising to read it. At night, when I went to my room to sleep, I suddenly thought about 'Ubqari'. I swiftly took the magazine out of my bag and started reading it. That night I kept reading until 2am. How the time passed, I had no idea. I was shocked that in today's time such a beneficial magazine could exist. Now I just impatiently waited for morning to arrive. When the sun finally rose, I got into my brother's car to go to college. Once I reached there, I immediate started searching for my friend. Upon finding her, I hugged her and screamed that you were one hundred percent correct and you have given me such an incredible treasure. At first, she was surprised about what treasure she had given me. When I took the Ubqari magazine out of my bag, she started laughing hard and reminded me about how she had told me that this magazine was not like I thought it to be. From that time to now, whenever I was faced with any problem, difficulty or worry I would consult the Ubqari magazine for a solution and always find it in there. Today I am married. My son is playing in my lap. I thought that for a long time I have been taking advantage from the advice offered by the Ubqari readers, now it is my turn. Readers! All of the following techniques have been taken from my mother-in-law's diary. She gathered all these tips from several places and wrote them in her diary for safekeeping. Time after time, she would use them and also tell others about them. She handed over this diary to me quite happily. There you go readers. You can read my mother-in-law's tried methods.
How to fry a fish safely: Before frying a fish, put some corn flour on it so that it does not break easily.

How to get rid of the smell of spices from hands: To remove the smell of garlic, coriander, onion and spices, immediately put toothpaste on your hands.

How to turn sour yoghurt sweet: If yoghurt is sour, add two cups of water in it and place it in the fridge for 10 minutes. The yoghurt will settle down and the water will come on top. By thoroughly filtering the mixture, the yoghurt will become completely dry. Now add a little amount of milk to it and place it in the fridge for a further 10 minutes. After that, take the yoghurt out of the fridge and taste it. It will taste sweet.

Get rid of the unpleasant smell of the oven: If an unpleasant smell starts emitting from the microwave oven then squeeze a lemon in a cup of water and boil it in the oven. The smell will go away.

Get rid of centipede:
If, God forbid, a centipede gets attached to someone's body or gets inside their ear then pour some white sugar on top of it. It will immediately loosen its hold on the skin. If you pour onion sap on it, not only will it release its hold but will also tremble and die.

If dried whole milk (Khoya) is not available: Add two tablespoons of Dalda Banaspati Ghee and two tablespoons of yoghurt in one carton of full cream condensed milk and put it in the microwave oven for 6 minutes. The milk will become khoya.

Increase the tastiness of Nihari: While making Nihari, if finely cut broiled chickpeas are added instead of flour then the colour of the dish becomes better and the taste also increases.

Cleaning a toothbrush: To clean a dirty toothbrush, put two to three teaspoons of salt in shimmering water and leave the toothbrush in it. After a while, wash the toothbrush, it will be sparkling.

Indigestion occurring from baisun: While whipping baisun, adding ajwain and sounf not only erases the danger of getting indigestion but also pakoras smell good when cooked in this baisun.

Keeping tomatoes fresh: Putting some wax on the tomato’s heads can keep them fresh for several days. Besides this, putting the tomatoes in salt water can also keep them hard and fresh for a long time.

Find relief from tooth pain: Take a small teaspoon of sounf made of cloves and squeeze one lemon in it. Apply this mixture on the affected tooth. This will feel good quickly.

Erasing freckles from face: Take black seed (kalwanji), white radish and iliaichi 1g each and mix it in grape vinegar after cutting it. Put this on your face. Continuous usage for one month will get rid of all the freckles.

Advantages of banana: If anyone suffers from constipation, they should eat 6 to 8 bananas at once which will ease their condition.

Sharpening old knives: To sharpen a rusty and blunt knife take one spoon of sand and spread it on a clean area of the floor. Squeeze half a lemon on top of it. After 30 seconds have passed, rub both sides of the knife on this mixture thoroughly. Not only will the knife turn sharp but it will also become clean as if it was bought brand new from the marker.

Corn Roti will not break: Make a dough out of corn flour mixed with boiled mashed potatoes. The roti will neither break with a rolling pin nor while cooking it and it will also become more delicious.

For subdued voice and clean throat: Take one red seed pomegranate and take out all the seeds. Pour three cups of water in a pan, put 1/4th part of the peels of pomegranate in it and boil it as much as you can. After that, stain it and pour it in a cup and drink it like tea. Just by drinking it once your voice will become normal and your throat will feel much better.

Tomato peel: Many people do not appreciate tomato peels in their food. The easy way to remove the peel is to place the tomato on the tip of the knife and heat it at low heat over the stove. In a few seconds, the peel will start to rip open. You can easily take it off with your fingers.

For children: In winters, to protect the children from the cold, take required amount of mustard oil and add half teaspoon of ajwain, four pieces of garlic and cloves in it and cook it totally that the seeds become black. Store this oil in a bottle and whenever there is a complaint of feeling cold rub it on the chest and stomach. It will bring a lot of relief swiftly.



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