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Say “Thank you” And Make People Feel Happier and Loved

Ubqari Magazine - April 2019

For Increasing Knowledge: Peron who recites Ism-E-Azam “السلام” hundred times after every compulsory prayer. His knowledge will increase. In Shaa Allah.

People who clean your seats, place water at your table and the ones who get your papers photocopied at your office. People who operate lifts for you. Apparently, all of these jobs are a apart of their duty and they do get paid for it too but this doesn’t means that they don’t deserve to be thanked for what they do.

Being acknowledged for one’s effort is a part of human nature, even if that is performed when the person is going to get benefits for it or is doing it out of his feelings. Likewise, everyone wants that their work is praised. However, the degrees to which a person wishes this is differs from person to person. The word ‘thank you’ is one of the way to acknowledge and praise one’s efforts. Usually people do not say thank you very often even though it should be thought upon that what does a person loses if he says thank you to someone for their efforts? The act that only holds benefits and benefits, why do not we make it a part of our personality? We have no idea how we fail to give a good impression on others and also make deprived of real happiness and peace just by not using this word.

Say Thank you more and more often: You should try your best that you use the word ‘thank you’ very often every day. People who perform our common tasks. All of those people deserve to be thanked for. For example if you want to enter any office or any place and a person opens your door for you, then you should thank him for it. Likewise if someone offers you to eat along them, thank them too. If someone offers to drive, then they too are worthy of thank you. If you are invited on any banquet, then do not forget to say thank you while signing them off to the one who arranged the banquet. Likewise if someone calls you every week to ask for your wellbeing or if someone gifts you something, even if the gift is very ordinary, still say thank you to them in order to appreciate their love. It is usually seen that people who clean your seats, place water at your table and the ones who get your papers photocopied at your office. People who operate lifts for you. Apparently, all of these jobs are a apart of their duty and they do get paid for it too but this doesn’t means that they don’t deserve to be thanked for what they do. Do not forget them thank them. This act of yours will not only make you a well-mannered and happy personality in their sight but their productivity will also increase. The word ‘thank you’ will also give them encouragement and your being will definitely be benefited. Not only thank you but word like ‘I am sorry’, and ‘Please’ will not only place a goof effect on your personality but will also have a beneficial effect on the personality of other people. Being sorry on your wrong act or acknowledging that you did something wrong will act as a seal on the fact that you have an amazing and superior personality. It is free of the age factor. If you do not apologize due to the fact that the person you have wronged is either younger than you or is low in position to you, then this is just another mistake that you will be making. This will make you unpleasing in front of other people too. Apologizing of your mistakes in one of the way through which you can correct and remake for it. Do not feel any hesitation when using words like ‘please’ and kindly’  while asking someone for a task.

Effects of Thank you On Children: According to experts, children should be thanked for whatever they do just like we thank the elders. This act has incredibly pleasurable effects on children. Children also wish for their work to be praised and acknowledged just like elders have it. If any children brings you your shoes from the nearby room, even then that child is worthy of being thanked for and you should thank the child open heartedly. Your encouragement will eventually help to make him an obedient child. It is very satisfying for a child that his efforts are encouraged.

How to say Thank You? Whenever you thank someone, you should have a bright smile on your face and would be more better if your eyes should also be companying your smile. Even the other person also says thanking statements to you in return, then you should try that your side can end this pleasing conversation. Even though if it is just a very bright smile. The word thank you will hold more value if it is said in the mother language.

Gift as a source of thanking: If you are invited on some banquet, then you should take a gift for that person as a reply for his love. This will make you more personality more liked. Jewelry, flowers, watches, or any other type of gifts make both the inviter and the guest important in the sight of each other. If you are the inviter, then you should thank the guests for coming while they are leaving and likewise if you are the guest then you should thank the inviter for inviting you over. Even if that person is close to you, a friend or a stranger and receives a well said thanking from you or gets a phone call from you if any thing happens. These are the acts that say something that cannot be defined by words even if we try our best.

Write To Say Thanks: Even though it is very less customary to say thank you while putting it all down on a piece of paper. Besides this a thankyou note is considered to be of great importance in business trading terms. It is considered to play a very important part in relation to the guests and the inviter’s nature.

Increase your respect: If you want that people consider you to be a very happy, desirable person, good communicator, respected personality and if you want that people hold and increase dearness and respectfulness for you in their hearts. Then you should have say ‘sorry’ for your wrong acts and have speak softly and in an apologizing way. 


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