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Announcement!!! New Packing with new Name while formulation, effectiveness and healing power is same like previous. Please recite "Ha Meem Layunsaroon" in large numbers for the protection and help of Hazrat Hakeem Sb, his generations, and Ubqari organization. Recite and spread. Important Change: Earlier, the Halqa e Kashaf ul Mahjoob (The Circle of Revelation of Veiled) used to held every month after Salat Maghrib. Now it has be rescheduled to morning soon after the spiritual glow of the Great Name of Allah, so that the travelers can go back to their homes conveniently.

Do not worry about examinations.

Ubqari Magazine - March 2019

Protection from Viral diseases. If a girl not agree for her marriage then recite this. Do not worry about examinations. Get rid from In laws and want separate accommodation.
Increase shine of skin and hairs Differentiate to eat from finger and spoon. Increase in wealth by reciting Surah Kosar. Best tip to increase the beauty.

Protection from Viral diseases.-

Readers! Eggs are the best source of proteins and vitamins. In addition to it eggs also provide such things to our body which you cannot imagine. Eggs are enriched of Amino acid, Anti oxide and proteins. Its yolk restrain body from fat. Eggs has so many good effects on body which forces you to eat it on daily basis.

Improve the immune system in human body: -

If you want protection from infectional viral disease , you should take o1 egg on daily basis. According to American latest research, Egg consist sufficient quantity of proteins which fulfill human body requirement and it support immune system to regulate thyroid hormone due to which human body remain in protect from different viral diseases.

Improves the Cholesterol Level:-  Eggs are enriched in cholesterol i.e 212 milligram. But is does not mean that it increase the level of cholesterol in human body. According to research eggs improves the cholesterol profile in human body and it increase it level.

Reduce the risk of heart disease: - In human body, increased damaged cholesterol level effected the veins. Due to high damaged cholesterol LDL articles gather in the heart veins which causes heart attack. Number of research shown that though eggs increases the cholesterol level in human body, but causes such changes in cholesterol level, which reduces the heart attack. 

Increase the efficiency of Human Body: -   Eggs consist  a type of of Vitamin B-2 known as Rebulafin which converts human food in to healthy food. That is why eggs are called the source of best vitamins for human body.

Increase the shine of skin and hairs: - Vitamin B is very essential for healthy skin and hairs, eyes and levers. Eggs are enriched in Vitamin B-5 and B-12, which helps strong muscular system in human body.

Protection to Brain:-  Eggs are also called as food for human brain. According to a research, Jackeline are present in eggs and very fruitful for human brain. 


 Respected Hazrat Hakeem Sb. Aslamu Alikum. I was engaged my son with the daughter of my brother in their child hood. We all were very happy. Later on my brother went to England and settled their with his wife and daughter. With the passage of time, children were grown up and we thought now they should married. Accordingly, they plan to come in Pakistan for their daughter marriage. All were set for their marriage. However, suddenly her daughter refused to get marry with my son. She like someone outside her family. When my brother came to know he told us about the situation. We also got too much worried.

I told you all the situation in a letter. You instructed us to recite “حم لا ینصرون ”. We all family members started to recite “حم لا ینصرون”. My brother inquired about that boy, came to know that he is not a good human, and involved in many bad character hobbies.  Brother told me that he did not want to marry her daughter with that guy. However, he could not do anything as the law of this country permits the girls to marry with own choice. My brother was also too much worried. We all recite this wazifa for one month and a girl came to Pakistan and agree for marry with my son. In November, they wed each other and lived happily. Our problem solved due to recitation of “حم لا ینصرون”. I am very thankful to you Hazrat sahib.

Best Tip to increase the beauty.

Hazrat Hakeem Sahib, Allah always shows prosperity on you and your race. (Ameen). We all family are very found of Ubqari Magazine. If we praise it, a whole book can be written on its appraisal. We always got too much satisfaction after reciting different Wazaifs told in Ubqari magazine. Due to recite of یا مصور یا جمیل , my pimples have vanished for forever. I still use this wazifa and always pray for you from the core of my heart. My uncle daily recited Surah Ikhlas 100 time and got too much benefit from it. He also got promotion from in job. After Surah Kausar 129 times daily, our wealth increases a lot and get too much benefit from it. (Muhammad Aziz Siddiqui Khushab).


Only those women read which have a desire of separation in Laws:-

Respected Hakeem Sahib, Assalamo Alikum! there was a topic published in Ubqari Magazine “Clue of Need worries and difficulties” It was written in Magazine this process is very effective when ever some tried this process got positive result. My granddaughter was to appear in BA exams and both of them worried then they did this process. It’s a Darood Pak it will be written on three separate page of papers and take it in to the bank of canal or lake. Take 01 part of this paper and read Darood Pak 07 times and in the mid of it pray for your worries. Then throw this paper in the water, Read it three times separately. Do this process 07 days or 11 days. My both of kids do this process and got very good result. My younger daughter also adopted this process. There was a quarrel in her laws. My daughter want separate kitchen from her in laws but her husband did not agree this. She did the same process for 03 days and her husband got separate home for her. Another woman did this process for the arrival of her husband from abroad and Allah made some possibilities of her husband to come back in Pakistan. In short it is a very successful process.

“Space for Arabic verse”

If problem of serious nature and time is short then write the verse of 03 separtae pages Then on bank of canal take 01 paper in your hand read darood pak in the mid pray for your problem for worries and then read Darood pak and throw this paper in the canal water. Likewise throw the other 02 papers. Its most expected tht the problem will be solved in 01 days other in 2 or 3 days. You can do this process for 07 0r 11 days maximum. InshAllah Success will be yours. Note: Never throw this paper on dump dirty water. Always throw in clean running water.

It is allowed from editor Ubqari to all readers to adopt this process.

Difference of eating from Spoon or the hand

Readers!  I study this column on the website and I want to share it with ubqari readers. Eating with hands is a part of our religious education and social tradition. But with the passage of time we are inspired by Europeans and stared eat with fork and knife. Have you ever though what’s the logic behind eating with hands. Here I want to tell you about a medical advantage of it. According to medical research human health depends upon 05 things. All these parts are similarity of 05 things. Thumb with fire. First finger with air, 2nd finger with sky, 3rd finger with earth, small finger with water. And if anything is short from these five similarities human life is in danger. When we eat with hands all these fingers get together and make a food or diet more energetic and save from many diseases.

Improvement of Digestion system:

 In human body feeling of touching have powerful effects. When over our fingers touch the food it sends signal to the brain that we are going to eat something and brain send a signal to stomach and in this way stomach get ready for digestion.

Focus on Food:-

When we eat with hand we are fully concentrated on food. In this way you will eat in a proper portion and can discard harm thing from your food easily.

Burning of Mouth:

 There are temperature senses in your body. When you touch the food if it is hot you will not eat it and your mouth will be safe from burning. Otherwise with the spoon you cannot get the ideas of temperature or hotness of food. It may cause burning of your mouth. Readers you may read the other benefits of eating food with hand. But keep 01 thing in your mind that it is sunnah of our Holy Prophet ﷺ. Nothing is better than His Sunnah. Keep alive the sunnah of Prophet ﷺ and live healthy.

Remove of Pimples and wonderful tip:

Respected Hazrat Jee Assalamo Alikum! May Allah give you a long life we all family members read Ubqri Magazine Zealously. All its wazaif and Tips written in it are very effective. I am going to write a tip for reader here. If you have pimple on your face then put your first finger in your ear and press it for some time and immediately put this finger on pimple. Do this process many times a day for week. InshAllah Pimples will be removed.   

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