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How a Wealthier Farmer become Poorer? Must Read

Ubqari Magazine - March 2019

Repent of Liars: - When someone penitence’s without intentions of get rid of sins is the repent of Liars. (Hazrat Fazeel رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)

Farmer’s everyday problems and the Tips of Ubqari.

“How a Wealthier Farmer become Poorer? Must Read”

Dear Hazrat Hakeem Sb, Aslamu Alikum! I am a Villager man and my profession was Cultivation. Today I want to share a tragic incident with my farmer brothers. I am sure that my farmer brothers will get a lesson from my incident and they will avoid such mistake which I done. Readers I was a happy farmer. My cultivation of crops was good. My mother died in my child hood. I took huge profit from my crops. My day and nights were going very well. People came to me for debt and I gave money to the people without doubt.

People of my village was very happy from me. When my wheat crop ready for cultivation, I gave wheat to every poor masses of my village. They eat whole year and gave prayers to me. Due to such acts, my crop were grown better than previous year. This was the story of my blossom period, now I come to present.

My father was affected with Asthma, and TB. I took him to the city for his treatment. I admitted him in a very good hospital of the city. I spent lot of money on his treatment. When my Economic condition started to decline, I took debts from my friends for cultivation of my lands. But to due to less attention, crop not grew better in this year. Due to this I became under more debt. Moreover I also admitted a heinous crime that I took money on Markup/interest for the cultivation of my crops. Due to this crime, my whole life became destroyed. My crops became destroyed due to this Markup money. I took debt from shops to pay the markup, where as principal amount stands at his place. Initially shop keeper paid me the debt due to my previous history. But later on they also avoided to pay money to me. Now I have Rs.25 Lack loan on me. My lands, house, all were sold. All this happens due to Markup loan. Alas I did not take loan from Markup. This Markup ruins whole my life. I ran away from my home and lived in the small city. All time I became worried and not to do work.

Today I am in such of serious trouble and I cannot do any work as I do not know about any other profession then cultivation. My farmer brothers please do not ever take Markup for your business. It will ruins your life forever. I don’t want that any my friend will suffer the situation as I suffer now. I read the Ubqari Magazine by taking from one of my friend. I always like to read Farmer column in Ubqari Magazine.  Dear Hakeem Sb please do not publish my name in your magazine. (Secret)   

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