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Announcement!!! New Packing with new Name while formulation, effectiveness and healing power is same like previous. Please recite "Ha Meem Layunsaroon" in large numbers for the protection and help of Hazrat Hakeem Sb, his generations, and Ubqari organization. Recite and spread. Important Change: Earlier, the Halqa e Kashaf ul Mahjoob (The Circle of Revelation of Veiled) used to held every month after Salat Maghrib. Now it has be rescheduled to morning soon after the spiritual glow of the Great Name of Allah, so that the travelers can go back to their homes conveniently.

First Time My Old Thousand years old formulas in front of you

Ubqari Magazine - Ubqari Magazine January 2019

…After taking these capsules, many people had stopped taking medicine for diabetes.

Curing asthma: There lives a man in suburbs of Attock who knows a very potent tonic for curing asthma. I visited him many times and tried to convince him to share recipe of the tonic with me. In last three months I gifted him three issues of Ubqari, one booklet of Do Anmol Khazana and one book written by Hazrat Hakeem Sahib to win his favour. Very reluctantly he agreed to share the recipe of the tonic. His only apprehension was that if somebody happened to use it for commercial gains. I assured him that this would not be the case. The old man’s apprehension was justified as hundreds of people visit him daily and get benefited free of cost. During my visits to him, I myself witnessed many miserable patients breathing with their mouths open and waiting for their turn. Besides curing asthma, this tonic also cures inflammation and cough.

Following is the recipe of the tonic. Take aloe-vera extract and mix with honey taken in equal quantity. (That old man endorsed using pure honey sold by Ubqari.) Preserve this mixture in an earthen pot and airtight by sealing with kneaded flour to prevent air inflow. Keep the jar buried in dung heap for twenty-two days. This would brew the tonic. Taking one teaspoon of this mixture twice a day cures inflammation and completely heals asthma. Many patients there also endorsed the efficacy of this tonic and reviewed it a best cure for the treatment of asthma.

For vigour and potency: I myself thought upon this spiritual practice. By the grace of Almighty Allah many have benefitted from it. This spiritual practice specifically cures male impotency. Not a single man has complained of not getting the desired results. Following is the said spiritual practice.

Recite the following verse of Surah Muzammil, ان لک فی النھار سبحا طویلا for seven hundred and eighty-six times with Darood Shareef recited in the beginning and end and blow on a miswak. Use this miswak before every prayer at your own convenience. Either recite this verse for two hundred times with every prayer or for one thousand times once a day. Please note that utmost caution be observed not to place the miswak in washroom. This spiritual practice unfolds wonders by the subtle will of Almighty Allah.

(Dr Zafar Hameed Malik, Attock City)

My diary for the readership of Ubqari

I have shared some home remedies, tonic and my experiences for the benefit of the readership of Ubqari, I hope this would benefit them.

The thousands of tested gimmicks of my medical center

Respected Hazrat Hakeem sahib Asslam o Alikum!I am a certified quacks and surgeon. By the special grace of God and run a well-known medical center. By the grace of God thousands of patients have recovered from my prescriptions. There was a time when I used to tell not a soul about my gimmicks.  But since I have started to read Ubqari magazine all the idol of miser has been crushed. Today my prescription diaries which I had secretly hidden wrapped in a cloth in my cupboard so that no one will find it. And all those prescriptions through which I have earned millions and still I am earning it.  I am presenting them all to readers of Ubqari with the intention of charity.

Akseer azam tablets


Heat of bladder, JARYAN, LAKORIA heat of stomach and lever. Bad constipation, gas and piles, pains of knees. Belly pain and for weakness of nerves and is very beneficial. ھو الشافی


Usage All medicines should be crushed together in same quantity and mix in honey to make medicines.

Dosage 2 tablets along with milk. it is very beneficial. It finishes all types of gases. Benefits appendix in 5 minutes only. Beneficial and tested drug. It should be kept in all medical centers and houses. 

A prescription which never misses any targeted pain of kidney.

It is the way of my center for last 25 years that whoever got was benefited.

  ھو الشافیRavand khatai  5 TOLA and a lot of medicines

All medicines should be mixed together and prepare a powder. In a day from 3 to 5 table spoons should be taken with water and churned milk.

Powder of medicine.

Those who have different types of tensions, victim of depression and miles away from sleep then all these people should make tablets  and eat them. And live peaceful lives. 

ھو الشافی Dahnia bareen and a lot of medicines

 Should be eaten 2 MASHA every day. By the will of God you will get peaceful sleep. 

For getting pregnancy

This is the best prescription for getting pregnancy۔ I am naming it to readers of Ubqari and this hasn’t been tested once but million times.

ھو الشافی  Satwar arhai tola and a lot of medicines

Should be taken early in morning on an empty stomach along with milk. Other than that take each cloves and recite on each 41 times (space for Arabic text). Every day one should be eaten by the woman and by the will of God pregnancy would happen. After benefiting pray from me and Ubqari organization.


Constipation and obesity removed. For gas, constipation and obesity, for all that this medicine has been tested millions of times. By the will of God whenever you will try it you will benefit it.  It is in routine use for last 25 years.

Less expense and benefits a lot.

ھو الشافی

Mibsar 2 tola   5 tola and a lot of medicines

 All medicines should be mixed together after powdering them all.


Along with SHARBAT E CHEENI one tablet should be taken in size of a rice  every day 3 times .


For non-pregnancy

ھو الشافی  Ravand khatai  5 tola and a lot of medicines


All medicines should be mixed together and in form of a tablet of capsule in morning and evening which is beneficial. Along with that use spiritual treatment

In morning and evening recite (یا اللہ) 500 times. By the blessing of God the disease of non-pregnancy will be crushed and destroyed. All above mention prescriptions have been tested and are very beneficial (Hakeem Muhamamd Arshad Zubair Sargodha)


Will benefit fully. I and Ubqari have a 4 year old relation. I think there was no way that God brought me to righteous path but I guess it was the good deeds of my older folks. I was connected to Ubqari and also received courtship from you. HAZRAT sahib 4 years from now I was on correct way, but by the grace of God, He has connected me with the pious persons. I have been connected with a lot of Gods pious persons. This is the great bless s of  God  that in spite of being so sinful,  God has not taken away the company of  HIMSELF and HIS people. Since I have joined the courtship of Ubqari and Tasbeeh Khana and my mentor, my life has totally been changes. My name is (b-1) I am working as vice principle and in a big and famous school. It was the order of Hazrat Hakeem Sahib to write whatever I had benefited from for the Ubqari magazine readers.

I picked up a diary and started writing in the diary. I can’t understand what to write in the diary. From Ubqari not only me but everyone connected to me in the house or outside everyone is getting a lot. Rather it would be right to say that they are accumulating blessings. Since I have been connected to Ubqari and I started to read it, God has entirely changed my life. Hazrat gee first of all so much respect, so much that it cannot be narrated then along with God people who are my partner in wazaif. This is all of great luck to me. This keeps you in continuous struggle.  Many people were connected to me due to these deeds. And a lot of these people, I have not even heard their voices nor have I seen them. But it is all due to God’s blessing that they are doing good deeds with full belief and I understand that it is not because of me this is due to monthly Ubqari magazine and prayers of sheikh al wazaif so that people respect me so much.

Hazrat gee meditation, deeds and spiritual baths and while in writing I might not be able to explain fully and write them completely. I am collecting a lot of blessings, we are 6 sisters and one brother and our father passed away 11 years back. My mother is a patient of sugar and heart patient.  My three sisters and one brother are married due to God’s blessings and virtue of deeds by the grace of God is spending a very happy marital life.

The benefits of Afhasabtum and azan deed

This is such an amazing deed I had no idea but gradually as I started to recite then I found it that it is a huge deed which I easily do in 90 days. The first advantage is that there is a lot of peace in hearts, homely quarrels have ended. Love for others and seeing the positive side of every aspect. When someone gets sick then he recovers with the deed of azan.

Readers my brother lives in England and he has a son. Two years back when he was here then his son got sick. And he was crying a lot. As soon as I did the deed of azan and his belly pain ended completely and he also stopped crying.  Now the case is that whenever his son gets sick, he calls from England that (b) please recite and blow on him. By the grace of God it is the blessing of name of God that he fully recovers. Similarly my sisters child had headache and we recited and bowed on him the deed of azan and he fully recovered. Even in school when someone is sick in school then I blow on him and he recovers.  Hazarat gee it is the benefit of Tasbeeh Khana . 

Tumor of teeths

My sister’s son had tumor in teeth doctors said that they will do operation and get it out. My sister and her parents were tense about it. And I told her to recite the last verses of surah momenoon in nawafil. By the grace of God my nephew’s surgery was done for 2 hours and when the matter was sent to lab for testing after surgery then just because of name of God the test were all cleared . May God recover him soon?

Afhasabtum and deed of azan

 Due to the deed of azan not only me but also the problems of my fellow teachers were solved. They also say that since the have started to recite them the wealth doors have opened. There is abundance of wealth. The enmity and quarrels of homes have ended. In their house cats often used to create a mess . They tried a lot of gimmicks but they still did it in the house. Since they have done deed of azan it is the blessing of God that cats stopped coming in the house.

Benefits of spiritual bath

 There have been so many benefits of spiritual benefits that I can’t tell. Whenever there is issue or someone is ill then I do spiritual bath. the more technical the issue  in the same way  I increase the number of verses  and god does HIS blessing.

Another benefit of spiritual bath is that Hazarat gee  I fell miserably and was injured badly . I did massage a lot. The spot was very sensitive. Everyone was saying get x ray done. But I did not feel like it. I took a lot of medicines but to no avail. So I did intention of that place and did spiritual bath and as soon as I did it my pain diapered as it never was. All my folks were surprised that I who couldn’t even walk properly in evening how could she recovered in morning from one bath. Similarly 3 years back my brother in law quarreled and sent my sister back and she was living with us for last 2 years. My mother was very tense as circumstances were moving in direction of divorce.

They had 3 children.   One day he came to our house and fought so much that my mother’s situation was disturbed. And heart pain started. My brother in law fought and left the house we were sitting depressed and helpless. Then we fought a saint he told us that ask your sister should recite  last 6 surah’s and do spiritual bath. As soon as she did it and she came out of wash room then my brother in law returned and asked for forgiveness from my mother.


 In one month with guarantee get rid of bulging belly. My tested gimmick

Respected Hazrart Hakeem sahib Asslam Alaikum . My tested gimmick is presented for those people with bulging belly.  Early in morning on an empty stomach take yogurt one PAO or half a kilo   and mix CHATANK pure mustard oil this will remove bulging belly in a month. Note do this in winter only. With guarantee lose bulging belly. (Master alui muhaamd shah khembrori)


And after two years took my sister from Faisalabad. Since that day till today although there are some little fights but it is the blessing of God that my sister has never returned to our house.

By the grace of God now she comes with our brother in law smiling and happy and returns in same state.

Similarly on the face of fellow female colleague grew a mole and when he showed it to doctor he said that it will have to be burned. If you say we can operate on it. I told her that before you go to doctor you should do a spiritual bath. As soon as the teacher did it her acne vanished completely, even the doctors were amazed that how did that happen? Similarly in the house of a female teacher there used to be a lot of insect.  When he also did spiritual bath then all kind of insect disappeared.

The benefits of Surah kausar and Surah Quresh:

Few days back the batteries of our UPS malfunctioned. The monetary position of or house were not so good so we could not change the batteries. My sister put water in batteries and started to recite surah kausar and surah quresh unlimited numbers. And we prayed that O God do your blessings and till we have the power of buying batteries.  Please keep them running till we have the power to buy new batteries.

My God really did HIS blessing so much so that same batteries regarding which mechanic had said that they need to be changed otherwise batteries will explode. They kept on running for two or three months till we were able to buy new ones. Similarly by God’s blessing I recite surah kousar and keep my money and in that there is so much blessing that I never had to keep huge amounts in the bank. I just keep them in the bag and it is the special blessing of God not a single penny had ever been stolen.

The secret to keep weight under control:

 My fellow female sisters often ask me that what gimmick you are trying because my weight is being reduced. I tell them that whenever I eat a supper then after surah Alhumdulilah I recite surah Quresh 3 times. Due to reciting surah Quresh my weight is decreasing day by day and now I am completely healthy and fit. Similarly whenever I get stuck in any traffic I recite Surah Alam Nashrah and there is so much blessing that I get instantly out of traffic. Since I am reciting alam nashrah there is complete peace in heart and relaxation. Heart never allows me to do any bad thing, Shows me positive aspect of everything. I stay away from all kinds of mistakes or bad deeds.  I have been given the gift of doing repent.

None of teachers get married here.  It was famous in our school that none of the teachers get married but since they have started to recite   (حم لا ینصرون) there has been so much blessing of God that from 11 to 12 of our teachers got married. 

One of blood pressure of one of my colleague‘s mother became high doctor refused to treat them.  And said that the brain vein has exploded, also her eye sight was affected. . I told them to recite (حم لا ینصرون) as well and by the grace of God she recovered completely.

The arrival of new teacher and brain tumour:

In our school came a new teacher 6 or 7 months before she had left previous school because she could not take much work load. She was sitting with me and with tears in her eyes and she was telling me her story. I motivated her and introduced her to Ubqari. I told her to recite (حم لا ینصرون) with full belief. She had done it for only a month and got her tests done from the doctor then God did HIS blessing a lot and reports were quite positive. . Her monthly budget of medicines was of 40000. Due to recitation of (حم لا ینصرون) God has arranged such a source that every month medicines come for free and doesn’t coast a penny.

How the tumour of back was cured

Few days back one of teacher (s) there grew a pimple due to which she was in a lot of pain. All the signs were that it was tumour. Doctor said it is at initial stage so get its operation done.   When she talked with me I told her to do spiritual bath and also increase the number of reciting (حم لا ینصرون) . I said that you should do spiritual bath with the intention that your tumour is finishing.  She started to do with full devotion  and it was such a blessing of God that when doctors saw the reports they said there is no need for operation. We will take out the blood through injection. When this blood was taken out and sent to lab for tests then all reports were normal.  She was so happy that as soon as she came she kissed my face. What have you told me I had lost all hopes and if I would not have recovered I would have argued (نعوذ باللہ) a lot? . I had left reciting it all but this spiritual bath and wazifa has done some magic.  

Bad works are corrected:

In my school there was a teacher (Ain) her mother had passed away and father had also not kept her with him.  She was living with her sister and brother in law for last 7 years. And she was trying to get married for marriage but it was not happening.   When she came to our school I asked her to recite (حم لا ینصرون) by the grace of god a proposal came for her and she was married in a week. For marriage hall and clothes, she had no money but she said that she started to recite (حم لا ینصرون) and begged from God. And God knows from where all the arrangements were done. And after a while her husband called her to England. For this case when she had to go for making passport she kept on reciting it and within an hour passport was made. . She says whenever there is a problem she recites it and my work gets done in minutes.

in our school there was  a colleague female (B) in her sister’s belly there formed a  bag of  size of a baby I told her to recite (یا قھار) doctors also  told her to do operation but her folks recited (space for Arabic text) with full devotion and after sometime the bag was finished. Doctors thought she got her operation done. But it was the blessings of name of God.

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