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From birth hole in the heart

Ubqari Magazine - December 2018

Zahida, Lahore

Respected Hazrat Hakeem Sahib Asslam o Alikum  by the grace of God,  I am a reader of Ubqari magazine since year 2011 . I used to wait for it, from the start of month. I like the magazine a lot. I used to read with full devotion and fondness. Whatever I used to read I try my best to follow it.  I come in seminars and used to get peace. Whatever Wazaif I used to recite myself and tell to others.  I got a lot of benefits out of it.  Now I am going to tell Ubqari readers a spiritual gimmick and my personal experience.

My son is by the grace of God is married and has 3 kids and runs his own medical store.  In his child hood he had a hole in his heart from birth. We treated her for 10 to 12 years, got Dums, and didn’t leave a doctor. Child was getting weak with every passing day. Eyes were completely white, nails were white, it seemed as if there is not a drop of blood in his entire body.  He had a complete bonny structure. Whoever told us about any place, we took him there. But we only got disappointment. We got Dum from a lot of places. We hung a lot of amulets in neck but did not get health. Whenever we took him to a heart specialist,  he said that there will be surgery.

I used to get scared just by the name of surgery; I did not want to get operation done. I cried a lot. I used to sit on the prayer cloth throughout the night and cry and prayed to God that O God please save my kid. I got disappointment from every door. But YOUR door is the only place where there e is no disappointment or dissatisfaction. Undoubtedly you shall give health to my child. In those days   one of my friends gave me  a book of wazaif . I read a wazifa and started to follow it in morning and evening.

Wazifa is like this:

Recite in start and end 11 times Drood Shareef (فاوحی الی عبدہ ما اوحی – ما کذب الفؤاد ما رای (النجم 10، 11)) 11000 times.  This can be read in one sitting with a few members of family or may be one person. After completion of Wazifa you should recite on half kilogram of pure honey.  And then this honey should be given to patient in morning and evening and night.  Calculate the amount of food every day according to the age of patient. Young child should be given   with help of a finger. Children above age of 10 should be given 3 times in amount of small table spoon. The duration of treatment is 6 months. Give the treatment and do remember in prayers.  When honey used to finish then I recited again. I used to sit after Isha prayer and while reciting it used to be time of Fajar prayer in morning. By the grace of God my son is very healthy and very fine.  He has no health issue. His entire test is clear completely. Today he is living a full married life.  الحمد للہ

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