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“Go now bring by begging and make us eat” and I became beggar

Ubqari Magazine - April 2017

One man used to come to me for taking charity whose name was (M). I used to give him charity and on Eid-ul-Adha, the skin of animals etc and time to time I used to give him charity and Zakat and he used to take mostly 500 to 700 rupees things from my shop after 15 to 20 days and used to make his money keep with me as depository. I asked him many times that old man, what do you do of so many things. This much is not even the spending of my house. He used to say that I used to live in interior sindh. The kidnappers kidnapped my wife and children. One daughter got safe, which lives in nearby colony. She is married. I used to take all these things for her. Approximately 4 years have passed; I didn’t see any truth in story of that gentleman. I slowly stopped giving him charity. Sometimes I used to help it some. Before 1 week, that old beggar was standing in front of my shop at early morning. I came to market for opening the shop. The covering (lower) of that man was opened. Some naughty children and neighbors were making fun of him by gathering. I stopped them and after opening the shutter brought the old man in shop and I tied his covering properly and said him that gentleman, you have become very weak. Don’t come to take grocery or charity in market. Now it is the last part of age, remain in house and do zikr of Allah. But after 2 days, I saw him again begging. Today morning, as routine, I opened the shop and got busy in Allah’s zikr. The daughter of that old man came who used to come on shop sometimes along with her father and she said to me that brother my house-keeper (meaning her husband) is very sick, he is admitted in hospital. Give us some money from zakat because you have relations with people. I said that what is the disease to your house-keeper? She said he has much high sugar; nearly 500 and liver also don’t works. Someone has kept amulets on my husband. His whole body remains burning. Few days before, we have taken out amulets from some scholar gentleman. Now he is much better. But now we don’t have money for his treatment. I made her explain that sister, say to your father to not ask for charity. She started crying as she listened to me and cried so much that protection of Allah! And then started telling the story that my father is spending punishment of his own acts. The story which she told is this how: There was 60acre land of my grand-father in interior Sindh. From which in my father’s property 12 1/2 acre land would come. My father did one marriage before which remained for 3 years nearly. No children were born in that. The in-laws of my father tool divorce. He did second marriage with my mother. Who was in family and from whom we 3 sisters and one brother is alive. After that my father contacted to one another family for marriage. My elder sister who wasn’t adult even, he gave her to one boy in that family for his own marriage. He said that we will make our daughter marry to you who is young right now, on becoming adult. Nearly after 2 months, they left my sister in some house in darkness of night and went after selling their house. My father married forth time with (S) named woman, who is very cruel. My father married her and brought to our house. My real mother beards her. My father used to hit my mother a lot. My mother used to say that I won’t go after leaving your house. My father sold 10acre land for luxuries and of my new mother. 2.5acre land remained. One day my grand-mother brought Quran and kept it in lap of my father and said that don’t sell remaining land but my father didn’t listen at all and sold that land also, sold the house also. My mother went to her parents (meaning my maternal grand-father and grand-mother) house. My paternal grand-mother died. We both sisters got married. My brother is employ in mill. New mother robbed my father with both hands. When the money got finished, she started changing the house. There are children from her also. Now she says that goes, bring by begging and make us eat. But he became beggar. That wife is now in nearby city. Now he is on death-bed. Last days I was giving bath to my father so he was crying a lot. He said that apply soap slowly. There is pain in my body. I said that which pain? He said that your step-mother has hit me with stick and has taken me out of the house. She says that bring by begging. No doubt, that our father is guilty. But I can’t push him because he is my father. It Is the thing before one month that my father went to his old friends and said to them that my wife who is young and beautiful and my daughter who is from her take them after picking up. I will help you in this because now my wife and daughter don’t listen to me. When my brother got to know this so he said to my father that if you did this so I will kill you and throw in river. After this my father got away from this. My brother said that now ever is she, at last she is our step-mother and her daughter is our sister. What people will say?

Dogs ate the sheep:

The vice-officer of our area took 4 sheep’s on loan and promised to give money after 3 months. The officer sent those 4 sheep’s to the house of land record officer. When the officer got posted somewhere else so land record officer sent those sheep’s at my house that now you may give food etc to them. But didn’t give money to the one whose right it was. I kept on feeding those sheep’s for 2 years. After 2 years, those sheep’s gave 2 children. It was the month of Ramadan. We came home after offering taraweeh. In the last hours of night the wild dogs ate all 4 sheep’s. Only the children which officer took, they also didn’t remain. May Allah keep all our wealth and animals in his protection and safety. Respected Hazrat Hakeem Sir! Don’t publish me and my city name at all.

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