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Divine Miracle by Quranic Introduction

Ubqari Magazine - October 2018

(Preacher of Islam Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Kaleem Siddiqui, Phalat)

Hazrat Maulana is the great preacher of Islam as has entered around five hundred thousand people into Islam. He is writer of a precious book “Naseem e Hidayat Key Jhonkey”

Some Muslims deliberately join Anti Muslims Political Parties for the sake of unity of nation. But he was habitually member and minister of BJP Government. He married to a non-Muslim woman who developed a temple in the house and also named her children as per faith. Once a few Muslims from old Delhi visited his house for some communal needs then he replied rudely as “I think you got a mistake as you have come to me considering me a Muslim”.

He fell in stroke three years earlier his death. This made him paralyzed and thrown him on bed. The extreme pain of this disease was regretful. There are worldly religious scholars found who visit the funeral of a prominent celebrity for the sake of financial gains. One of them visited him and started reciting Quran Kareem. Quran Kareem is surely graceful word of Allah Almighty and miracle of Last Prophet ﷺ . Therefore, this recitation regardless of wring intention of that scholar influenced his heart. Human takes all steps to achieve his aims. Despite having distance with religion and faith he would invite that scholar to recite Quran Kareem in order to get relief from pain. He would relieve pain as long as recitation was continued and fell in pain when recitation was finished. Such worldly scholars could how long recite for him. Therefore that recommended him to listen the recorded recitation from Harmain Sharifain. Therefore, he started listening recorded recitation through tape recorder. Someone would turn it off when he would sleep. When he would wake up he turned it on again. He would cry while listening the Quranic recitation. One of his visited him to enquire after his health one hour before his death and started talks on politics. Then he stopped him very humbly as he said that he was hearing the words of Allah Almighty so why was he talking about dirty politics and let him die while listening to the Quran. Even he passed away while listening to Surah Yaseen. He was buried near to graves of Khanwada Waliullah in Mahndiyan cemetery. I wondered on such an desirable death. And I wanted to know the fact behind it. Then I came across his paternal cuisine. He told me that long time ago he accompanied his mother for buying dory for his sister. He purchased an expensive cloth for the bridal at Rs 500 / meter. Then his mother asked the salesman that she wanted to buy the fabric to cover the Quran Kareem. The shopkeeper showed him the cheap quality fabric at mere rate of Rs. 20 / meter. He became angry and shouted at shopkeeper that how it was possible that his sister may wear and expensive cloth at Rs 500 / meter while the Holy Book may cover with just Rs 20 / meter. He asked the shopkeeper to show him the most expensive available cloth. The shopkeeper showed him an expensive cloth at Rs 700 / meter which he liked and purchased. He purchased 4 meters to cover the Quran Kareem. Then I realized the reason behind the divinely decision of letting the irreligious man like him to listening the Quran Kareem with all due respect in his last moments. His words showing due respect to Quran Kareem that why the cover of Quran Kareem may prepare with cheap cloth but my sister would wear an expensive one. The decision of giving him admirable death was written for him when he thrown away the cheap cloth’s bundle. Surely Allah Almighty love to His Kalaam that even minor worker having respect and honor in their hearts for Quran Kareem were not deprived and were rewarded with blessing by Allah.

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