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Pakistan’s Lion! Martyred of Captain Colonel Shair Khan

Ubqari Magazine - October 2018

(A.B. Rauf)

It was May 1999. In North Asia this is month is the hottest season however in Pakistan and India border on Himalayan heights there is snow all around. In these circumstances war erupted between the two countries on the highest peak. This was not a normal condition as this was a war between two nuclear weapon possessing countries. He wanted to reach Gargil under all circumstances and voluntarily offered his services for the same which was accepted. While bading farewell to his son, Khurshid Khan encouraged his son and called him you are ‘Pakistan’s lion’. On a height of 17,000 feet there was huge bombardment by the Indians. On 4 July 1999, he was asked to leave for tigerhill. Here Pakistan has three posts. Caption was full of devotion for the love of his country and his will was to die as a shaheed. Captain took note of all its surroundings.  Captain decided to begin his attack in the morning. He had just started thinking on this point with Major Hashim when on this post the enemy’s eight Sikh regiment attacked. Pak army soldiers took their positions and confronted the enemy with full force. The use of heavy artillery was being used on both sides.

Major Hashim ordered his company to take maximum use of the weaponry so that enemy can be tackled. The firing on both sides was going in full swing. On one side the bombs were falling while in front was the enemy. Pak army soldiers were embracing shahdat one after another. Captain was also injured. One sikh solider bullied and shouted “have all died”. Captain lifted his head and saw that the Indian army solider was hitting the pak solider with his foot. Captain looked around at his Pak soldier’s dead bodies. He took a rifle of one of solider and aimed at the Indian army soldier who was doing the despicable act. Captain was good in shooting so he was successful in targeting the Indian soldier. The Indians took it as if some fresh force has arrived and ran away. Captain chased them in their post and took aim on Indian soldiers. He killed many Indians. Now the Indian army realized that he is single person and not a fresh force. Whoso ever appeared before him was given a deadly treatment. This was nerve shaking movements. Meanwhile an Indian army officer came forward and asked Captain to surrender. Captain was not going to stop he targeted a nearby Indian soldier with Gun although now his rifle was empty. The Indian officer ordered his soldier to fire. Many bullets pierced through his body however he didn’t give up. Captain tried to reach for ammunition. The Indians now started firing more aggressively. Captain has thought in mind that when his time for Shahdat will come he will not bow his head and chest before the enemy as told by Gulab khan .Some more bullets were fired at Captain and his progress was stopped. The time of Shahdat had arrived so he immediately shifted his position to kneel down with the support of an empty machine Gun.  Thanks Allah and recited Kalma and breathed his last. His head was lying straight with the help of machine gun. The Indian army soldiers were looking amazing at the sight of such bravery. Suddenly some Indian soldiers tried to dishonor the Captain’s body. On this the commanding officer scolded them. Nobody should come near it. He came in front of captain’s body. He was so surprised to see a smile on the Captain’s face. What a brave solider he remarked. He has won my heart. The commanding officer handed over the body to his superiors and conveyed to them the whole incident. The Commanding officer then handed the captain’s body to Pakistan army. Captain’s bravery was commendable. The Pakistan army handed the body to its legal heirs. The brave officer was an asset of the Pakistan army it cannot be forgotten.

 On 18 July at mid night a flight landed at Karachi Cantt along with the Captain’s body. The brave solider has done his job. Bulloch regiment laid him to rest with full dignity. People were excited to see the sight of Captain’s body. The nation’s son had set an example which will be remembered for times to come.  The body was flown to his native village. Captain sher khan was awarded Nishan e Haider. He is still alive in our hearts. Pakistan Zindabad! Pak fauj Zindabad

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