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Announcement!!! New Packing with new Name while formulation, effectiveness and healing power is same like previous. Please recite "Ha Meem Layunsaroon" in large numbers for the protection and help of Hazrat Hakeem Sb, his generations, and Ubqari organization. Recite and spread. Important Change: Earlier, the Halqa e Kashaf ul Mahjoob (The Circle of Revelation of Veiled) used to held every month after Salat Maghrib. Now it has be rescheduled to morning soon after the spiritual glow of the Great Name of Allah, so that the travelers can go back to their homes conveniently.

Bone Ach

Ubqari Magazine - October 2018

Many itbah ikram has links with such patients who complain about bone ach, many ladies and gents complain that they have pain in their shinbone, pain in the lower part of their foot. Pain in the finger bone, many patients come with back bone pain, they also feel pain in the neck. Pain in the arm bone, some patients also come to the medicine practitioners that while walking they feel lot of pain in their shinbone as if its broken. Its difficult to even move, one can only move after taking rest. Foot fingers ach from inside. In other words we face many patients with bone ach issues. Why the patient is getting this pain at a specific place or bone this can be diagnosed and the doctor can treat this but sometimes the patients do not get cure after getting these medicines. This increase the doctor’s worries, the doctor should be very careful at that time and consider the situation carefully. He should observe which organ is closer to the problematic bone. What is the apparent condition of the patient? If the swelling is also with the pain than treating the swelling will decrease the pain as well. If the patient has swelling with the pain than you should give these medicines first- ھو الشافی: Arkai makwah pure one bottle, kalmi shora 20 Grms, Noshadar Thaikari 20 Grams, Jokhar 20 Grams grind and sieve all medicines and mix them with Arkai Makwah. Give 1 tea spoon to the patient in the morning and evening by mixing it in water. After the swelling is over use this medicine for one month in case of severe pain or for fifteen days in normal condition. Hua Shafi: Asgandh Nagori 50 Grams, Tukh 50 Grams, Ginger 10 Grams, Fulfil Black 10 Grams grind all the medicines like powder and save it by mixing in Kushta Marjan 20 Grams. Dose: 3 Grams in the morning and evening with hot milk or water. It is also very beneficial for those patients who feel as if their bones are fractured. Cannot stand up after sitting for some time, it is a very effective medicine for them. You should pay

Attention towards leucorrhoea;it is such a disease that destroys and weakens the women health from inside the body like termite. Some females only complain about the pain in their shin but ignore leucorrhoea. Hazik practitioners should pay attention towards this, ask such females to use this medicine-

ھوالشافی: Kushta Baiz Murg 10 Grams, Kushta Sadaf 10 Grams, Kushta Halzun 10 Grams, sage herb 50 Grams, acacia gum 50 Grams, Ginger 10 Grams, Mian Khurd 50 Grams grind and sieve all the medicines keep them in a safe place. Doze: 5 grams with milk in the morning and evening be careful about the constipation issue.

Benefits: Those females who complain about pain in their shin and during the diagnostic they find that they have leucorrhoea, for them it is a very useful remedy. Sometimes the patients who are getting treatment of diabetes since long time or surviving by taking English medicine, they often complain about pain in the foot fingers, shinbone or arm bone pain. Very old diabetes patients who have pain in their bones, feel difficulty when walking, some patients are so worried that they ask Hakeem Sahib to do the checkup again to find out if their bone is not broken when that is not the case. In fact they feel as if their legs are not supporting them when they walk. For such patients below is the remedy.

ھو الشافی:Taal Makhana 30 Gram, Tajj 30 Gram, black seeds 50 Grams, Tukh Babuna 20 Grams, Kushta iron 20 Grams, kushta marjan special 20 grams grind all medicines and save them. Dose: 3+3 gram in the morning and evening with water or one cup simple hot milk. In the end one remedy for every person who is having bone disease

ھو الشافی: Kushta godanti 20 grams, kushta karjan 20 grams, acacia gum 30 grams, pipla moll 20 grams, sat gulu 20 grams, black seeds 30 grams grind and mix all the medicines and save them, 1 gram in the morning and 1 gram in the evening with hot milk or water. In case of pain you can use it 3 times. In normal condition use 1 dose daily it will keep you active. (Hakeem Shujah Ahmad Tahir, Daira Gazi Khan).

Appearance of two fierce unseen dogs: I was doing a government job in Karachi that’s why I got a flat on installment. I got retirement from my service after 25 years with my own will. After that I came back to my ancestral home in Lahore and told a property agent to sell my flat in Karachi. I had paid all the installments for that flat

Suddenly two men rushed towards me with a pistol in their hand, these were the same men who traveled with me from Karachi, and somehow they found out that I was traveling with a briefcase full of money. One of them put the gun on my head and grabbed the bag from my hand.

And now after ALLAH I was the owner of this flat in this world. The property dealer called me and told me that there is a very good buyer for this flat and you should come to Karachi at once.

I signed the flat papers, it took long time and It was late in the night, all the banks were closed till that time. I did not find it suitable to stay in the hotel with this huge amount with me I decided to leave for Lahore there and then. The train was late as usual, it was winter, I was living in township in those days. The train stopped at kot lakhpat and I disembarked from it. With me two other men also disembarked who were traveling with me. After the train left the station there was darkness, I remembered ALLAH and started to walk towards Peko road by Itfaq Factory. I thought of getting a rikshaw from there to my home. Suddenly two men rushed towards me with a pistol in their hand, these were the same men who traveled with me from Karachi, and somehow they found out that I was traveling with a briefcase full of money. One of them put the gun on my head and grabbed the bag from my hand. I handed over the bag to them to save my life and did not resist. They started to search me, they found out a gold taweez of Surah Yaseen in my neck (Gold is forbidden for men). They tried to grab it as well but I tried to resist as much as I could with my power to protect the Kalam ALLAH. They broke the gold chain in this struggle, suddenly a fierce dog came from nowhere and it bit his foot. Pistol fell from his hand his other companion was looking at this and asked me “Bao Ji you did not resist while handing over huge amount of money to us and for a gold chain why did you resist so hard? From where did you get this power?” I told him that I could not bear the disrespect of Surah Yaseen, look ALLAH HIMSELF protected Surah Yaseen. He heard this answer and fell in my feet, gave back my bag and went away with his friend. (Tasneem Khalid Sadique, Lahore)

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