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conecting with Internet and i Perverted

Ubqari Magazine - October 2018

This story is real and true. All characters have been changed carefully deliberately and any kind of resemblance would be only coincidental. Respected Hazrat Hakeem sahib Asslam O Alikum may God always keep you in His mercy for always. Amin 

I am a regular reader of Ubqari since year 2012. My life is a house of tensions and issues. It has been 4 years since my marriage but I am miles away from happiness. I do not have children and my husband does not make marital relations with me for months. I don’t know where is the issue that after all these years, we have not been able to develop love between us.  After getting all these tensions I ruined my world and hereafter. That happened in his way that my sister in law arranged a net connection at home. I was mentally disturbed and I did not already have marital happiness.  I already had a laptop so as soon as net got on I got distracted. After completing house chores, it was me and the filthy world of net. I don’t know the extent that I went to. Then I made an account on Facebook and started to get friends with boys. We used to talk a lot with them. How mad I was, that I was drinking fire considering it water that may be my thirst will quench.  But it didn’t happen and I started to get drown in quick sand of sins. Now if my husband called me or didn’t, if he fulfilled his marital responsibility, it did not matter to me at all. I was involved in new world.  I got friends with a lot of boys and while seeking peace I used to talk below the belt talks. It was only temporary and then when I used to get tired them ask myself that (Alif) what you were and what you have become? There were days when you did not even take salaam with non-acquaintance. Now you have fallen to such a standard that you do such bad talks with who knows what kind of people and then you are proud of this fact. But as soon as I did my breakfast and it was morning I used to sit with a laptop. 

By the grace of God my in-laws are very nice. My mother in law recites Quran and says prayers 5 times a day. Other than that she reads Ubqari magazine with great fondness and does the Wazaif given in them. Once I was sitting with my mother in law and there I saw Ubqari magazine. I picked it up and started to read. When I read it then God’s fear was born in my heart. I opened the website of Ubqari and started to listen to seminars of Hazrat Hakeem Sahib. I returned back to prayer and Quran.  Now the thing is that I have made my God angry by my own hands. And I also deceived my husband. I cried a lot and repented it. I put laptop in cupboard and locked it.  Now I am away from the world of internet and I had spent last one and half year in this dirt. Now the after effects are that I have developed STDs I have used a lot of medicine but to no avail. I am a victim of strange dirty diseases. Sometimes I hate myself. All the time I ask for forgiveness from my God along with that I thank my God that I did not cross the foot step of the house. Now I ask for physical intimacy of my husband. And ask for his love so that may be God please make my husband capable that I can spend a happy marital life. I read Ubqari with a lot of devotion and recite the Wazaif of Ubqari. I ask Wazaif from mother in law. My mother in law loves the way I have changed. We say all 5 prayers together. And listen to all the seminars of Hazrat Hakeem sahib which are many in memory card of mobile of my mother in law. Now days I am reciting wazaif of Hazrat Hakeem sahib and in those I recite یا قھار in mooring and evening 11 times. Other than that 313 times (space for Arabic text) and also (ولسوف یعطیک ربک فترضی (والضحی 5) ) 500 time also (یحببکم اللہ)  (سلم قولا من رب رحیم (یس 58)500 times. I don’t get tired praying for Hzarat Hakeem  and Organization of Ubqari whose one glimpse and some words of seminar brought such a huge change that I stand before my God and say his prayers. I some time think and while doing this I get goose bumps that if I had not listen to Hazrat hakim sahib and Ubqari then on what bad routes I would have adopted . Who knows what limits I would have crossed?  Then I just get rid of those feelings and think God that you brought me back from those ill ways where it is only doom of world and hereafter.  (Seen, J)

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